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  1. nice profile song bambam bam bam bam bambambam 


  2. Guys don't be scared but im a satanist


    You Guys still like me?

  3. One of he best rappers :( 


  4. Your Awesome :3 And Give Me bottle Of Bleach plz :3 +1
  5. Back Boys Reinstalled Cs1.61!

    1. legiøN


      era hora :D

  6. rejected

    Nothing more +1
  7. Bye Cs1.6 Im Uninstalling it ;_;

  8. This song is lit !  ¯\_ᵔ ͜ʖᵔ_/¯ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  9. Damn i love ur profile song ;)

  10. Warth ur a silly goose lol

  11. :3
  12. - What is your in-game name?: YouTube] IItzFaith - Where do you come from?: North America,California - How old are you?: 19 - What is your Steam ID? (NonSteam users, type "NonSteam"): "Non-Steam" - How can we contact you?(steam,msn,Skype...etc): YouTube IItzFaith And Twitter - What is your actual EXP on the Zombie server? MY XP NOW: 4155247 - What is your KeyID? (Say /account and choose "Account info". Post here the ID): 55632 - Why should we accept you to the clan?: When I first Started Playing this server i really got fun i even made some videos on them but months past and now i seen some really hardcore admins and members and maby i can become like them so this is why i want to join RZ. Also get the guns i keep seeing other people have. - Any additional information?: Nothing More im ready to join!!

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