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  1. Welp Las Vegas was fun

    Is song better or stick with other?

    1. Ali


      smooth and slowly bamming my mind. dirrr din di din.....takes me to other planet. sleep mode on :)

    2. YouTubeIItzFaith
  2. nice profile song bambam bam bam bam bambambam 


    1. YouTubeIItzFaith


      Lol im not active but thx xD

    2. Ali


      you will be,,.trust me. diridid diridi diridid diridi like this.

  3. Guys don't be scared but im a satanist


    You Guys still like me?

  4. Your Awesome :3 And Give Me bottle Of Bleach plz :3 +1
  5. Back Boys Reinstalled Cs1.61!

    1. Nhuck


      era hora :D

  6. rejected

    Nothing more +1
  7. Bye Cs1.6 Im Uninstalling it ;_;

    1. Nhuck


      why? for what? no! :(

    2. Ali
  8. This song is lit !  ¯\_ᵔ ͜ʖᵔ_/¯ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  9. Damn i love ur profile song ;)

  10. Warth ur a silly goose lol

  11. :3
  12. - What is your in-game name?: YouTube] IItzFaith - Where do you come from?: North America,California - How old are you?: 19 - What is your Steam ID? (NonSteam users, type "NonSteam"): "Non-Steam" - How can we contact you?(steam,msn,Skype...etc): YouTube IItzFaith And Twitter - What is your actual EXP on the Zombie server? MY XP NOW: 4155247 - What is your KeyID? (Say /account and choose "Account info". Post here the ID): 55632 - Why should we accept you to the clan?: When I first Started Playing this server i really got fun i even made some videos on them but months past and now i seen some really hardcore admins and members and maby i can become like them so this is why i want to join RZ. Also get the guns i keep seeing other people have. - Any additional information?: Nothing More im ready to join!!

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