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  1. Give me money in zombies and i wont hold my vote Just kidding welcome and good luck <3
  2. Welcome very nice player Good Luck
  3. Better?
  4. - What is your in-game name?- - How old are you?- 19 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Dust 24/7 Main1 - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) North America,California - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord) My YouTube channel- - Are you active in another community/clan? Yes - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info) -5563 I promise i will do my best in this clan and staying active.
  5. Welp Las Vegas was fun

    Is song better or stick with other?

    1. Ali


      smooth and slowly bamming my mind. dirrr din di din.....takes me to other planet. sleep mode on :)

    2. YouTubeIItzFaith
  6. nice profile song bambam bam bam bam bambambam 


    1. YouTubeIItzFaith


      Lol im not active but thx xD

    2. Ali


      you will be,,.trust me. diridid diridi diridid diridi like this.

  7. Guys don't be scared but im a satanist


    You Guys still like me?

  8. Your Awesome :3 And Give Me bottle Of Bleach plz :3 +1
  9. Back Boys Reinstalled Cs1.61!

    1. Nhuck


      era hora :D

  10. rejected

    Nothing more +1
  11. Bye Cs1.6 Im Uninstalling it ;_;

    1. Nhuck


      why? for what? no! :(

    2. Ali
  12. This song is lit !  ¯\_ᵔ ͜ʖᵔ_/¯ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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