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  1. [EVENT] 1v1 Scoutzknivez Tournament

    Going to my sisters 15 birthday not going to make it.
  2. When you realize @theprodigy12 is a girl.


    1. Zer0virusx


      took u long enough to realize? lmao

    2. IItzFaithYT


      Her mind doesn't match her body ._. 

  3. Returning to 1.6

    #Admin #Senior Admin #Global Admin #Head Admin Lock it or not
  4. Por Que quero ser um administrador

    Se você fosse fazer um aplicativo de administração, meu voto seria não. Primeiro, você postou no tópico errado, o que prova claramente que você não é experiente nem responsável. Você mostra falta de pensamento para entrar nesta comunidade. Mas se você quiser tentar de qualquer forma, Here's o link. http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/128-accepted-applications/ ENGLISH VERSION: If you were going to make a admin app my vote would be no. First of all you posted in the wrong topic which clearly proves you're not experienced nor responsible. You show lack of thinking coming into this community. But if you want to try anyways here's the link.
  5. Returning to 1.6

    I don't think hes coming back. He hasn't came back since 6 days. Holding my vote
  6. Dragger/Licker Repellent

    Sent you the pm on what i was going to say on here.
  7. @Wrath Dude can you add a new zombie item called "Dragger/Licker Repellent". Because every time I licker comes out of no where and keep's hitting you till you use all of your stamina the when you want to run away another zombie comes out of nowhere and kills you. This happens a lot. Also when using rage mode the licker or dragger gets a hold of you comes to you and hits you multiple times. You use ultra smash 2 times witch waste alot of your stamina. And i'v seen new players having trouble with this too. There are 3 settings for the item if you agree with it. Only 2 times use in every round 300$ When the dragger or licker has a hold of you it takes damage. -5 hits. @Zer0virusx What do you think?
  8. Staff Update #12

    n i c e V E R Y N I C E

    @RIS` niBBa

    Even if you did try, its going to be impossible since we are one of the most strongest community's.
  11. Friends, I'm back!

    Nhuck those drawings are beautiful like you
  12. I need help picking one...

    ASSC It is!!! Thanks for your opinions guys .
  13. I need help picking one...

    I just thought of it because he has some things for sale for 100-135$.
  14. I need help picking one...

    The originals are about 200-350$. I thought this guy was a re-seller and made the price lower. Thanks for telling me!
  15. I need help picking one...

    I'm going to try to get a pic with the assc hoodie

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