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  1. Cooki3

    Wait a sec Lasse has 5 letters Renegade Army has 12 letters If you subtract 12-5 you get 7 Seven has 5 letters If you add 1 it equals 6 6 is the father of Renegade Coincident? I think not. 3x2= 6 add another 6 you get 12 - 6 you get 6 666 six has three letters 3x6=18-12=6 remember how Lasse has 5 letters? Subtract 6-5 you get 1 Illuminati has 1 Eye Renegade Army is Illuminati Confirmed!!!?????
  2. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Horses turtles bears rabbits hamster fox panda birds iguanas fish
  3. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Horses turtles bears rabbits hamster dogs cat birds iguanas fish
  4. Hes coming for you xxxddd

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    2. IItzFaithYT


      Its a hot dog xdxd

    3. Ali


      hahah i talked totally dude.

    4. Ali


      dirid dirid ddididididid didid ididid dididididididi  ching chin ching didiriidididiririidi didididi ching ....bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam  your profile song :)

  5. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    @Wrath @Wachi Can you add the "Thanatos- 9" To the zombie mod? A Mode: B Mode useful If surrounded by zombies Since its powerful Damage I think It will be for Members,VIP,UVIP,Donors etc or either UVIP And Donors. THESE DAMAGE REQUEST IS JUST WHAT I THINK SHOULD BE!!! Normal Damage Stab A Mode :100.0 DMGNormal Damage Slashes B Mode: 500.0 DMG (Each Stab) E.Bullets ON A Mode : 200.0 DMG E.Bullets ON B Mode: 550.0 DMG (Each Stab) Rage Mode Damage A Mode : 610.0 DMG Rage Mode Damage B Mode : 700.0 DMG (Each Stab) Rage Mode Damage A Mode (e.bullets) 730.0 DMG Rage Mode Damage B Mode (e.bullets) 1,100.0 DMG (Each Stab) If that doesn't make me crazy.... Here is the link: or Add Special M79: Pro: Can Make players and new players get exp while running around shooting this gun. High Damage Con: Slow reload Add Assault Rifle Gitar: K1ASES: Add Automatics Cart Bule: Remove Devil scout ( I forgot name) Reason: the fact that nobody even uses this weapon is just a waste. I now just because I'm high ranked doesn't mean you get to consider removing guns that do not suit you. But if you think about it this weapon is unbearably useless. Even to new players to experience this guns are a waste of time. They just throw it back to he ground. Yes we have other guns like this but this gun, THIS gun isn't going to make them experience much they see it go for other weapon like in 3 seconds. I tested this gun out almost 3 kills (because there were peeking). Thank You and I will really appreciate If you put these in game!!!

    I'm Talking about this Seif Read it and copy format correctly
  7. hello royal raptor . where I type topic for free admin ?                                                  SEIF AMR

  8. rAp bAttle

    @ MaGNuM I think I have to put you back on the leash Cuz your rhymes are to weak. I just woke to see some jokes from a bro who doesn't even know how to make proper flows.
  9. rAp bAttle

    @Artificial Intelligence MM mm Ok ok I thought You Couldn't rap But If Did You Will Sound Like A Dying Rat. Your Small Dong acute Matches the same length as Your IQ. Your An "AI" Are you supposed to be teaching kids how to rhyme When they get stuck in a Battle Of Pure Lies? ooooooooooooooooo
  10. rAp bAttle

    I won now fight me
  11. rAp bAttle

    England Is My City
  12. wuut

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      I know, but what do you mean by that lol?

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      I don't know lol

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      This conversation is meaningless..

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