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  1. I am back my people!

    Hello again my dear Comrades, I haven't played CS for almost 2 years but I've been recently playing again in the GunGame server for the last two months or so. It is great to be back after dealing with so much stuff in my life (work, family, and work again). I see new names in the forum: Hello to you! I remember that a while ago (almost 2 years ago) we were to come up with ideas to get more traffic in the the GG server but I am glad to see that is no longer the case. We have nice traffic in that server. I am extremely happy for that. *We used to have music in our profiles, I guess that feature was removed to save space? *What happened to the guy from Pakistan (Admin in Zombie) who was going to run away with a girl because their families were opposed to their relationship? I need closure. See you in GG. Humpty
  2. Hi Everyone:D

    Welcome Ace! It's great to have you back. Have fun in the RZ but join the others as well. I'm mostly on GG and DM. See you there!
  3. Lawsuit Filed Over Horse Diapers

    The article mentions the city flagged this poop issue as a "health issue" but in reality is just an aesthetics issue. Who likes to step on horse manure? Who likes to see horse poop in here and there? We expect people to clean up after their dogs, shouldn't we expect the same for the Amish people? That is, to pick up the big pile of poop their horses leave on the streets? If they don't want to use diapers on their horses (because of religious freedom), then they should consider sticking a plug up their horses butt.
  4. Latest movie that you watched

    The last movie I watched was Life of Pi. Although watched this movie in the past, I watched again while exercising at the time. I was a good way to spend a almost two hours doing cardio without getting bored at the gym.
  5. What is your smartphone?

    I have an iphone 6 Plus, 120 GB memory. It's in good condition and I'll wait until next year (2018) to upgrade my phone to the Iphone 8.
  6. Humiliation Knife Sound

    I thought those sounds (I don't remember the name of that plug in): Humiliation, God like, Monster kill, etc, are for other servers besides "classic". If that plug-in is added, then would we still call it "classic"? However, there are no written rules on this topic and I suppose people could add a few plug ins and still call it "classic".

    Welcome Zombie. It's good to have more people joining the forum and the game! See you in game.
  8. $30.00 Steam, Any Item(s), Giveaway (end 12/22)

    I've been trying to analyze the numbers and I've come up with a theory. These numbers could represent something...perhaps the age of the people close to you. 82= Grandfather 69= Grandmother 66 = Their years of marriage. 19= Your soon to be age. 18= Your current age. 45= Dad 36= mom 11 & 3= siblings. So, my final answer is ..... 18! Your age, 18.
  9. Minion Masters Steam Gift!

    |::::::::::::::::::> 69 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::|

    I welcome the DEVIL! We should make a pact soon, I've got the chicken and the candles already. See you in game.
  11. <::: GG Suggestion :::>

    Hello amigos, After reviewing the 27 maps in our GunGame server, I have the following suggestion: Remove big maps and add small maps. We know the GG server has only a few players for a few hours. Additionally, for moments the GG server is completely empty and this could be detrimental if we want to increase its traffic and retain the current players. We all will benefit from an increase in traffic in our servers. I think this same concept should be applied to the Zombie server as well. Not much in DM beacuse we have bots and you are always shooting there. In my experience players leave when the map is big and and only a few people are playing. Players leave when they spend more time trying to find people than actually shooting them. For this reason, I believe we should focus on small and fun maps for now. Once the traffic increases, then we could add bigger maps once again. This is just a suggestion and it may or may not work but it's worth giving a shot. Maps to be removed for now: fy_new_pool_day2 , gg_aim_mahitto , gg_anthology , gg_era , gg_generic , gg_mink , gg_night_storm , gg_scoutzknivez2 . Repeated maps (we have at least two of the same): gg_fy_aztec_fire Map Additions: fy_snow_orange , fy_out , fy_dust , fy_iceworld , fy_iceworld2k ____________________________ Humpty
  12. Hey everyone!

    Hello Drawka! It's good to see you here too. Welcome to RA.
  13. Updates #3.

    Did you say multiple themes??? I thought this theme was good already. I guess I'll just have to wait to see the other themes. Well done everyone.
  14. Anime Vol 2 xD

    You could also watch "Parasytes" on Crunchyroll. 24 episodes. They even made a movie of it in Japan. I didn't like the movie after watching the anime. Edit: I also watched SAO and Log Horizon. You can never get enough of those two. BTW, There is an anime call "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?" almost similar to those two. I would definitively recommend it.
  15. Hello folks, I use the nick Humpty Dumpty in game (cs 1.6) and not because I have an egg-looking body or the like, simply because it came to my mind when I bought my steam account a couple years ago. I've been playing on RA's servers for a few years though I stopped playing CS when I was in college. However, I currently have a bit more time on my hands and decided to play cs 1.6 again (Gun-Game and Knife Arena). Two years ago, I was an admin for almost a year in another server but sadly the server couldn't survive due to the lack of $$$. Anyway, I had a great experience playing CS including RA's and I hope to become a RA member in the near future. May the FORCE be with you, boys!