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  1. rA Application

    - What is your in-game name?: Nhuck - How old are you?: 20 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most?: Zombie city / Dust24/7. - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City): Argentina, Buenos Aires - Las Flores - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord): My steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nisengs .And my discord: Nhuck#3157 - Are you active in another community/clan?: Not in any clan - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info): key ID: 52288
  2. Que paso papi como esta todo


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    2. Nhuck


      Habla con @Ira y explícale tu situación. Y sí tenes problemas de comunicación con el. Hablame en privado y yo mismo. Le consultaré 

    3. Wrath


      Lolwut, why was I mentionef?



      hello bro how are ?


  3. Hb boy i miss you

  4. lost

  5. Drawing.

    What do you think of my drawing? CARL / THE WALKING DEAD.
  6. Lost Progress

    You forgot about me hats @Wrath
  7. Lost Progress

    Thx @Wrath!
  8. Lost Progress

    I lost my skins and weapons @Wrath. Also my money that I had in the bank