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  1. I must be more rusty :/.

  2. Advances of drawings.

    18 years @Gotchu. Why?
  3. Advances of drawings.

    Nooooo true! I finish drawing a drawing and I start with yours. @Bam Bam, although I do not remember the name of the actor.
  4. Advances of drawings.

    They like? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which of all the drawings do you like the most?
  5. HELP

    Some players have been removed from their membership due to inactivity. The tags '' rZ, rA, rS '' have been removed to form a single tag '' rA ''. I talked with @Wrath, about your problem. Or you can post your problem here: Luck.
  6. Bye

    Bye viejo.
  7. This is It.

    Goodbye friend, thanks for being an excellent admin in zombie plague. I'm going to miss you too much and your presence, I hope to meet you some day and fight again together lol, good luck in life and in everything, see you soon @IItzFaithYT .
  8. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    Welcome again!
  9. Staff Update #13

    Congratulations guys!
  10. Happy birthday zero! I thought about you :pogchamp:, since we both celebrated the same day. Hugs! 


  11. Main 1 > /me

    This should solve your error: 1. Go to steam. click on library, click on games. 2. Right click on Counter Strike 1.6 3. Click on properties 4. Click on language, and select your language.
  12. I will try not to forget me, I'm In.
  13. Merry Christmas !

    Merry christmas guys!

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