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  1. Hi,,, really good to see you here. another help for adminship. very nice. if u wanna taste my bam bam shots join main 1. with respect and love Ali
  2. BaCk BoY.
  3. it doesn't work mate. i have changed my name to test that thing occurred again.
  4. yah.. an Error for connecting in UW3 server is : ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=- connected �Will_Smith has left the game �ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=- is joining the Terrorist force Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on For knife server : when its loading suddenly disconnect and an error in console is : only in console written *privilege set what is that?
  5. Empathy
  6. @Liquidbullets i have told @Wrath many times that we couldnt connect to UW3 and knife server not me most players cant. ik whats going on ,the only person who didnt notice to chatbox is you must shoot in the dark baby many times i have say that we cant connect to knife server and UW3 and gave the Error message about that Privilege thingi before. and @Wrath told me i`ll fix it. when we were playing in main1. bam bam boY
  7. i cant connect to UW3 server... idk why...but i think as @Lasse said developer is working on that problem. then you can save your skill in UW3. @Cooki3_Monst3r.
  8. This is the total explanation of your rank status: if you made a registration and have an account.when map changed or connected you have to login first then your frag will added to your skill and your rank, by saying /rank you can see your rank status. by saying /top15 or top/number you can see those guys who has good ranks and nice status. then you see your kills /death/ HS/ and your rank. another thing about rank and skill if you wanna see your rank status in your forum or profile you must get your forum key=first picture its in main page of Renegade army its a code. you must add the code in console when you are playing in cs game then you can see your rank status in your profile too in addition if you only do it just for one server when you connect to another servers it will automatically added to your profile. like this : second picture. first picture: second picture :
  9. hahah wrong one..@HB you make me confused of food. lol starting with O ===> Orchid flower
  10. Sandwich of Kebab
  11. @Godlike have to register and make an account then login. when you are logged in your frags saved automatically. in game say /account and register and make login. be careful of your password. dont give it to others and save it in your mind. have fun dude.

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