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  1. Staff Update #14

    lol pal.... theres no cheaters at all in the servers .. most of them are bots and servers are empty...and the last server that is belongs to LGK which is always full is not our server that we can moderate or observer the cheaters. @finesse .
  2. Staff Update #14

    @finesse .
  3. Drawing.

    its good but you have always forgotten it...
  4. ok i agree with you dust2 server its just belong to that map..but at least we can have public server with different maps that we can change every 1 hour , 30 mins or whatever time is not important...but maps with rescuing and bomb planting like those nice maps is my goal..if you and others think about it...its good idea most of my friends like inferno , nuke , italy , office , westwood , train.. i can add them here,,,not because of my friends and my members its just a suggestion... Thanks @Honeybunny @klaathax @Wrath .
  5. Hi there, how`s it going ? Would you please add some challenging big maps in the first server ,, dust2 main1 24/7. playing all day long in dust2 is boring at least admins can change the server by making a vote between players for 2-3 maps then change to dust2 again. add maps like : specially de_inferno , de_nuke , de_aztec , de_train , cs_office , cs_italy. both plant- defuse and Hostage- Rescue maps. what`s your opinion?! we will be have more players to play. with regards , Bam Bam @Honeybunny @klaathax @Wrath @finesse . @Cooki3_Monst3r @AnnaLee @RIS` @shmola
  6. Hi baby,,,you can put our discord channel...or invitation link here on the clubs...other part ? that would be good .


    Howdy! @DoctOr Daniel. buenisima. Todas las imágenes son tan bonitas y sobre todo la que estás durmiendo. amigo, Eres guapo pero trabajas en tus músculos. Bam Bam make it damn bigger buddy bigger..

    only T-rEx and u have forgotten me again.. nhuck the killer. @Nhuck
  9. que es buen la musica...what com`in strangerrrrrrsssssss..................

     bam bam bam bam bam