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  1. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey @SixSixSix how are you? bam bam. lol. keep telling to your child bam bam and teach him how to play cs. like his father. being bam. lOl
  2. darky darky darky darky darky darky where are youu? tokyo ghoul. Greece ghoul

    Tokyo ghoul VS Dante DMC4






    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DarKxD
    3. DarKxD


      The fck is that?

    4. Ali


      Dota allstars in Warcraft or Frozen throne game

  3. I'm back?

    Back Buddy ,,, if u need any bam bam shot im here to share with you. main 1
  4. Returned

    i would say bam bam again.
  5. 1. Cat 2. Dog 3. Rabbit 4. Tiger 5. Eagle 6. Horse 7. Elephant 8. Donkey 9. Giraffe 10. Lion
  6. Suggestions

    Which map not "mad" @FriedPotato. on the question post mate.
  7. random gfx

    its pretty bam bam... but my image is not .gif lol.
  8. Bug in Assault map

    nice1. angel of fix.
  9. Bug in Assault map

    @Wrath picture1 : here is the exact place for boosting ppl on ceiling. some players sit others boost them up by jumping and in the beginning of the game CTS will surprised. picture2 : another view of that place Picture3 : an output of the players who has been boosted by another player.
  10. behind the scenes

    you can work with Photoshop really good wolfy what is the version CC? or CS6 ? . sneaky Wolf. look the server. i never ever been to that server.
  11. hehe





    1. Ali

      Ali must remeber the knife that ive done with u so many times. and these images are for the past. its meaningless that u killed me and took image. but i got sth that it was honor for you to kill me because you took image and these images are for 6 months ago. hahahah

      sneaky Denis wolf

    2. Ali
    3. Ali
  12. behind the scenes

    Dont use pornographic cs character
  13. Bug in Assault map

    Another problem in assault map is that boost up on roof is forbidden but here is not forbidden.. i think this case must be solve too. make it conditional like if any players boost others and want to go thru ceiling to the roof in assault must be kick or at least get 5 mins banned automatically. @Wrath bro would you please look into it? with respect Ali
  14. behind the scenes

    @BeaM.26 banana lover Me and @doffy mingo (TM Neptchune) and @DarKxD and @Ozys and @Nhuck and .... right ro left. @DarKxD likes selfie... selfie lover. and that chicken in my hand is for @Plato. plato has garden that keeps chicken in cs_italy. @BLaCK-D3V!L always camping and here`s @San_Cvander what are you doing? lol
  15. Enter the AI

    @Artificial Intelligence.... bam bam bam buddy.

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