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  1. @Justin Bieber' change your font color. its annoying. you have chosen grey. change another one until Arash can see it.
  2. }={i and Back buddy. I really like bam your head Thru doubledoors by one dink deagle. With respect Ali
  3. @San_Cvander We got many aimers and wallers and banned them in this community that they were steamers. and try not to overrate steamers skills on non-steamers. i have seen many non steamers that they were good enough. you cant say all steamers are pro or all non-steamers are pro. and here`s about topic that kazbo request pug server for non steamers. its not a comparison between steamers and non-steamers. i think you need some bam shots from me thru middle.
  4. im jealous  bla bla...when im down like a real dumb when im high with a ..... looking angry believe me

    you dont touch her,,, you dont touch her. . .why why? whhhyyy? barbie? lOl

    1. Ali


      panama canal

      Related image

  5. OK @Ali you not rude :P your a Pro player.... You win with 10-4 

    I can't play without app then i can't kill you in 1st 5 rounds ¬¬ But your a good player ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ali


      i told u devil ... try to watch it at least with 10 ppl. anyway watch shrek 3 now and focus on his dumb donkey and make it fun and joy for yourself and try ro forget it. and then play a happy song and claps for yourself.


    3. BLaCK-D3V!L


      Pff I'm trying to sleep bye... 

    4. Ali


      lolololol .GN :) with the shadows and goblins.

  6. Last movie i have watched was Paranormal activity 2 and 4. guys its so horror try not to watch it alone. at least watch it with 10 ppl if u have in your family or with your friends. i cant go anywhere lonely i swear after i have watched that movie i think above 18 must watch this type. it means that @Ozys and @DarKxD its not good for u. try anime movies. and and other movie that i watched recently is Resident Evil Vendetta 2017 that was too nice with high resolution and kind of new graphic. and finally watch Hardcore Henry 2016 its like kill switch 2017 and camera is first person. but its better than kill switch 2017. i like it a lot. this type of action first person camera was the new type of movie capturing and recording.
  7. it will be good 3:30 am in the morning and a quarter after we will be waiting for others then it will be 3:45 lol... then Bam Bam Bam Begin.
  8. @Nhuck enormous last letter is S you`ve started with T Eligible
  9. ty @Wrath or @Steverene angel of fix. lOl
  10. this is your Demo ali : ali.dem

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ali


      look here. if you wanna reach your demo or Ali.demo follow the picture


      and here is your demo i recorded it in game


      if u wanna watch the demo copy the file in that folder C:/program files/cs 1.6/ cstrike/ nour.dem

      then come to game open console then say playdemo nour.dem or viewdemo nour.dem did u get it?

      i think u get it now send my record ali until im sure that u got what i told u.


    3. Nour Sahle

      Nour Sahle

      Ali ok now i know it


    4. Ali


      well, now...send my record demo as u said i got your demo and recorded it.  send it to me. pm me or here.

  11. yes as @iSUCK cs1.6 said it would be better if we could have other maps as she said above.the server has dust and inferno maps but other maps for instance : fy_snow, de_aztec, de_nuke, de_cbble , de_train , cs_assault, for selecting . it has few maps for voting and changing . we can say rtv for changing maps or nominate those maps but we dont have it on admin change-level or vote map menu. i really appreciate it if @Wrath add these maps on admin change level menu or vote map because it has only 9 maps for selecting or voting. With respect Ali

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