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  1. Ali are you persian?

    1. Kazbo




    2. Ali


      yes i am. so what? are you persian too? do u have any Persian friends?

  2. Congratulations. and and
  3. its seems that you wake up then you have taken an image but nice and funny :)

  4. lOl...niCe another guy these guys finally you have chosen RA. GoOdLuck BoY
  5. lOl ...gray seems like suits on you. :)

  6. @Ozys.....yah you didnt know @iSUCK cs1.6 ...@Ozys cat`s know Karate and Judo if any smuggler or robber jump into ozys room and he was absent. that cat can kill those guys even can buy bread every morning for ozys breakfast.
  7. i like both of them. each of them has it own characteristics but i like dog more because you can count on its faith. they can help you. and here`s the following link that you can know yourself that are u car or dog? examine yourself. Are you cat or Are you a dog ? lOl. bam bam bam bam Cat bam bam bam bam Dog
  8. Whats Up? you know me and i know you. theres no information to share between us. the only thing that remain is my first bam shot between your eyes. and if u want that join main1. hope to smash your head again. with respect Ali
  9. Ali, I definitley have to say. Nice music! Nice wallpaper and thanks for making me more mature!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Kazbo


      Oh, nice! what rank are you in comp?

    3. Ali


      Master guardian elite...what about you? cs 1.5 and cs 1.6 is more bam bam than csgo. in csgo theres no hard challenges between players but lower versions have better competitiveness.

    4. Kazbo


      I agree cs 1.6 requires more skill. Csgo is very different and that's why I don't like it

  10. +2 Wachi 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (19) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (08)
  11. GL

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