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  1. Wrath why on surf server i can't login and i not  have skins on gun Pls Help!?


  2. wrath can you give hope member 


  3. hi angel me is ku


  4. Wrath pls give me exp for semi-good plsssss on zombi server pls no more?!!! 9_9:giggity::parrot:

    1. Wrath


      G4M3R5 pls give me moni for exp plsssss on forum store pls no more?!!! 9_9:giggity::parrot:

    2. G4M3R5
  5. wrath you is pro Owner :D

  6. Wrath my new name is ~rZ. KIlleR'S me is -_-ku-_-


  7. Wrath pls make me member me have 3.8m exp and no have member !?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. G4M3R5
    3. Wachi


      Zer0 told you already the procedure.

      Read the thread carefully...

    4. hope


      pliz give me rz member to server me xp 4.0

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