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  1. -2 Arash since i do not have the talent to kill you in game this will have to do for now 1. Arash (10) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (18) 4. Wachi (13)
  2. i agree with Arash just going on steam and searching servers will easily show that dust 2 is by far the most popular map there is . As with most things in life there is a big difference in personal wants and what is the best for the overall good of something. i am just very happy and excited that we have a place to come and discuss both.
  3. Just found this looks like a good conversation about the server. Thanks scape. I love hearing everyone's opinions about how a server should be and I think a constant conversation about it is a good thing. No matter how good something is I think it should always be under constant review to see if it could be made better. With that being said ,and I understand this will never happen, I am for as original as it gets. I do miss an all original C-S server. 800 start then earn your money. All weapons smoke shields etc.. Rotating original maps the works. I know I am probably one of the very very few but I do miss office lol. But I do see that to keep a server full and popular then changes from time to time need to be made. This post is not in anyway meant to describe promote or offer up a change. It is just a post to say that I really like and enjoy an ongoing conversation about what to do and how to do it. As always all of you guys are the best. Thanks for giving us a great community and awesome servers to play on.
  4. + 2 Wachi 1. Arash (15) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (12)
  5. Hi and welcome . I look forward seeing in the main 1 server as well as getting to know you better on this forum. You are welcomed here have fun.
  6. +2 The amazing Arash 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (19)
  7. cool thanks for the update
  8. The screen shot of wide vs 4:3 is amazing. Never knew that.
  9. - 1 Arash. -1 Plato Arash (13) Klaathax (18) Plato (18) Wachi (19)
  10. -2 Klaathax 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (19) 4. Wachi (18)
  11. -2 Damage to Plato i only pick on people i like Klaathax you are next lol Arash (18) Klaathax (20) Plato (18) Wachi (18)
  12. Yes it is Ali. It is amazing up there. Just being able to look down and see everything the good lord created is very spiritual indeed 

  13. by coolguy12

    Has this person been around long enough? I sort of like people being active for a little while at least. .???
  14. heal Arash + 2 1. Arash (18) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (18)
  15. -2 damage to Arash 1. Arash (18) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (18)

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