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  1. Staff Update #10

    @sakula did what he thought was correct As I am sure Gotchu will attest to, Sakula is not the first admin on a server to ever ban him lol Congratulations on the promotion Sakula
  2. Staff Update #10

    Congratulations to all the promoted and welcome back to those returning
  3. [EVENT] 1v1 Deagle Tournament!

    Count me in. At least someone will have an easy first round lol

    US-ARMY Thank you for playing here

    Well maybe not Turbo ................ just kidding thank you Turbo as well !!!

    First off I hope someone with better knowledge then me can move this topic to maybe a better place on the forum then here and edit this part out. Thanks. There are several players that help keep this community and the servers going. These players ask for nothing, provide quality competition to play against and in general they make this server worth playing on. These are the type of regular players that you just look forward to seeing on certain maps and look forward to playing. With out these type of regular players all the hard work put in by the admin,staff and leadership would go wasted. If you see your name on this list then THANK YOU for playing here!!! @doffy mingo (TM Neptchune) @LONE WOLF TM FIRED UP @Romi Acosta. @Lucho Acosta
  7. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    I agree with Godlike ^ and please please please turn of the auto slay for hostage kill please it is basically making it where if CTs are anywhere near hostage you can not take a shot at them please remove this
  8. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    this guy has wwwwaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much free time
  9. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    now since this is in the topic of classic server suggestions i would make the suggestion to please fix/change the map list there are way too many maps the quote unquote "classic 10" maps would work a lot better once again IMHO
  10. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    I dont mean to sound mean (which usually means i about to sound mean) there already is a money penalty for killing hostages if we as admins observe someone killing hostages then we can just do our jobs and use the warn/kick/temp ban like anything else i have had times playing on some hostage maps where i have killed a hostage for one reason or the other in example a hostage was being used as a shield or i simple killed a couple while trying to honestly kill the other player i would hate to get kicked for any of these situations we can do our job with out the plug in IMHO
  11. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    is fried the server manger for classic?
  12. 8 months into fatherhood

    congrats thanks for stopping by and giving us all an update good luck in the future
  13. for your consideration

    This is a question I will put in this section because I am still unclear as to what we are allowing and not allowing. So if the crouch jump silent walk can be done with a single roll mouse wheel then it is fine? If it is done with a auto mouse wheel then it's not? Sorry but even after googleing comments and videos about it I am just unsure what to ban and what not to. I understand if someone uses a script to do it that would not be allowed but is this just a thing where a better mouse gives them a huge advantage? If so then that's cool I do agree that the game was not "meant" to be played that way. Just like I have a really high end set of rudder pedals that I use for the flight sim. There is a way to bind right-left-right to them to where once I saw someone all I would have to do is touch it and my player would move back and forth making it extremely hard to another player to hit me. It's not a script nor any kind of add on just another device like a mouse or keyboard. But I really do not think that the makers of the game meant it to be played in that way. And yes since my knowledge on this topic is admittedly lacking I would not ban someone but I would post demos if I that the player was in question and let everyone with vastly more knowledge then me figure it out.
  14. Staff Update #9

    Congratulations to all of you!!!
  15. hi

    guess i am a little late to this.... but welcome back. I always think that it is really great that people, for lack of a better word, refind this community. i look forward to getting to know you!!!!!

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