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  1. Ok. So now I understand how boosting the server works. Can someone please describe how to boost it? I type /boost then a list of countries cmes up. Since I do not see USA I picked 7 for pay pal. Then the game tracker screen comes up. If I click or try to do anything on that screen it kicks me back out to windows. Am I doing something wrong or is there somewhere else to go to find out more about how to boost a server?
  2. I have noticed the "boost server" ( /boost ) come up while playing in the main CS 1.6 server. Does anyone have any info/explanation to how this works? Not just the how you do it, that would be nice too, but actually how it works. I am guessing it is the reason for seeing the great number of players over the last week. If so then I really like it. The sever has been a lot of fun this week to play on and I hope it continues.
  3. Maybe I am out of line but selling clan memberships just sort of seems cheap and somehow just wrong. But that's just me
  4. Hi all. This is iSUCK. I have been playing on here for awhile and have never thought about introducing myself on the forums. Lil about me. 41 female. (Ex husband got me into this game way way way back). I mostly fly for a living so I get to spend countless hours in FBOs bored to death which is where I mostly play i am from the state of North Carolina in the US married no kids few hobbies but mostly flying and looking after my two puppies

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