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  1. Hello

    Welcome back. Hope to see you in game sometime soon.
  2. [EVENT] 1v1 Scoutzknivez Tournament

    I will try. Sounds fun tho. I just never know about my weekends till the last minute.
  3. Returning to 1.6

    Looks like he disappeared
  4. Classic server maps

    Dust 2 would not be included in a map list. And I have been thinking about start money as well. To me it’s a problem to give start money and have items like the auto sniper rifle unrestricted. I always thought that having to earn money is what helped control items like that from being over used. Since it is a classic server I would still like to see all the items available for game play. So do we restrict items and have start money. Or no start money and leave the items available? I was going to ask everyone about their thoughts on this later anyway. I was hoping to get the maps figured out first tho. I like only tackling one problem at a time.
  5. Classic server maps

    Gotchu and I will be putting sometime into updating the classic server once he returns from his vacation. With that being said I wanted to take this time to get some ideas for maps for the classic server. My thinking is to have only 6 maps in the rotation at this point in time with a time limit of 10-12 mins a map. My reasoning for this is 1: Most everyone can agree on 4 out 6 maps being really fun to play. If a player knows that that there is 4 maps in a rotation that she/he really likes then they are more likely to stick around thru one of the other maps. 2: Considering the small amount of players that the servers usually see when they are not boosted then 6 maps can be picked that are not too large to be boring for smaller groups to play. 3: Six maps offers enough maps to sort of let players know what to expect from the server without the server being too redundant with the maps. 4: 10-12 min rotations because that seems like a decent amount of time to play a map and enjoy it while not dragging it out too long if it is not a map you really like. I would love to hear some comments and feed back on these thoughts. Nothing said above is set in stone by any means. Just some of my thoughts about it to get the conversation started. Also if you reply please list your ideas for the 6 maps.
  6. Staff Update #12

    Congrats to everyone. And myself and gotchu will try to do our best at making the classic server a fun and exciting server to play on. If anyone has any suggestions please PM us.
  7. I need help picking one...

    if keeping your virginity intact forever is your goal then buy anyone one of the three you listed. Either one of those will accomplish that nicely.
  8. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    WHAT...... way too much info. Way too much
  9. Lasse Wasse

    Happy birthday. Hope it is perfect for you.
  10. HBD San

    Happy birthday

    What is that Godlike ?
  12. Staff Update #11

    Congratulations all Great job Especially Godlike Talk about coming on board and being a major help AMAZING
  13. I am putting this here so you will know how I feel about what has happened to you on the servers. I am not speaking for any other admins or other people in this community only myself. I do feel like you are a decent person and fun to play with on the servers. You have been very active in this community and your attempt to learn English in order to communicate here is very respectable to me. I wish you nothing but the best in the future. 

    Because of the things listed above and since I have gotten to know you from playing/being on here I feel I should tell you how I feel about this as I hope you or anyone else I have gotten to know would tell me. I have NO say so at all  if you are banned or unbanned as an admin all I can do is give my input  and my opinion. Anytime my input/opinion is to ban someone that I have come to know then I feel I owe that player an explanation.  

    And yes unfortunately my input is to ban you from our servers. It is everyone's responsibility for the security of their accounts. That includes myself as well. If a member of my family or a friend was allowed access to my account then what ever happened would be MY responsibility.

    I feel the leadership here can not be put into a position where we should decide who's fault it is. I feel like I can only judge my comments based upon what has happened or did not happen. Your account was used on a server here and while it was being used that person used hacks. That is the facts based completely what happened. Not based on who you are, how long you have been here, your age etc  just the facts.  

    I am sorry this has happened and if the leadership keeps your ban in place, which I hope they do, then I will miss you on here and once again I wish you nothing but the best in the future. 

    1. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      @iSUCK cs1.6 I asked him how much he opened my laptop he says just 1 minuets just I played in Hacker I download  and have baned but im very responsible about my account and he says to me sory 

  14. Okay! Now it's my turn

    Good luck in school see you back soon

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