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  1. The best anime(s)

    HEAVYMETAL is still No 1
  2. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome. Glad to see you in the forums. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let us know!!!
  3. <3

    Thank you as well. In the short time I have been here I have witnessed all the time, work and effort that you have put into this. I am sure this was a hard decision for you. Please stop back in as we all will miss you greatly.
  4. Suggestion Main 1

    Wwwwhhhaaatttttt??? Any other secrets you all have been hiding?
  5. Advances of drawings.

    I like the dolphin. It’s not the best drawing but I like it the best.
  6. This is It.

    Best of luck. Thank you for your time as an admin I hope school and real life will go great for you. Hope to see you back again one day.
  7. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    Well welcome back. Glad to meet you.
  8. First Person View

    ggggehhebrbdhhxjsiiejrnbfhfhdjjdjdjskekjejrjfhfhbd snsjdjhrbtnfjmfj dndnndndndnjd feedback coded and or omitted by request of the original poster.
  9. Staff Update #13

    Congratulations to the ones promoted, thank you to the ones that have offered their congratulations and most importantly to those who are inactive you are, and will always, be missed. People like arash, corsi, toxin,liquid etc. you are the ones that made me want to be a part of this community and I truly hope that life will one day soon slow down to where you all can come and be active here again. Thank you all for all the many things that you guys have done over the years to keep this fun, fair, well managed and most importantly just a fun place to be a part of.
  10. Write a word with the last letter above the word

  11. Main 1 > /me

    eres un novato
  12. Classic server maps

    I have noticed that also but I have no idea why it is there.
  13. Classic server maps

    This is a list of maps the server will have de_dust cs_italy de_inferno de_aztec cs_assault cs_office de_train this list is subject to change once players start playing on the server as needed after the feed back from everyone this list seemed like a decent map list for a classic server without including maps that were just TOO big for 4,6,8 players etc thank you all again for any and all input
  14. Classic server maps

    the maps have been changed on the Classic server now and hopefully the start money will be changed today i will try to work with lasse to get the server boosted as soon as we can any feed back on the maps or other changes/recommendations would be gratefully appreciated thanks everyone 2nd update money has been changed to give a player 5200 once the sign in this will give players some money to start the game with or some money if they join in the middle of a map but still makes them earn money as the round continues this is enough money to buy an ak/m4,some ammo and gear but not enough to be buying awps/auto every round from the start I also changed the time of how long the rounds last to 12 mins per map but i will adjust that once people start playing as needed