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  1. About time I did this

    I only speak for myself. Any comments made by me only reflects my opinion. My questions, comments, and/or opinions do not reflect the questions, comments and/or opinions of the other admin members, council members or the ownership of this community. So is everything stated above “in the works” ? Is the website up and running? If it is can you post a link to it. Also what is the daily/weekly/monthly traffic numbers for it if it is up? I can’t find it thru any searches. I am not opposed to “partnering” with another community/group. Although for me there would have to be very strict guidelines for how that partnership would be structured. The other community/group would have to have a long history of qualities that reflect those we strive for in this community at a minimum. I would not support being a part of a startup. Even tho the numbers of active members we have are dramatically less then previous years one thing I am very proud of is the fact this community has never “sold out” to gain numbers. Thru the last few years the other council members and owners have become people I highly respect. Their countless hours of work, thoughts and time input in general are what make me proud to still be a part of this community. Not our numbers. I would and always will be against joining/partnering with any other community that would jeopardize our reputation.
  2. About time I did this

    Can you define what is shock networks and more importantly how any involvement in shock networks would benefit this community? I would like to hear more about it
  3. Laming explained

    BOS is Ban On Sight. It is used for a known ban evader and no demo of that player is needed. The player being in the server after being banned is proof enough. Just make sure the player is an actual evader by comparing their Steam ID, keyid, and/or they have a similar IP (use a IP location tool, if same name and different IP but IP shows same region as the banned IP, that is sufficient; also, frequently the first 2 sets of numbers will be the same) before banning. Having an identical name, particularly on less unique names, does not mean they are the same player. Example: I ban a player named “warrior player”, then a few minutes later a player named “warrior player” joins the server. I can not just ban that player based on their name. I need to make sure it’s the same “warrior player” I banned before. This method requires a bit of investigation and a certain level of assumption, so if you aren't absolutely certain, don't use it. Many times they will still be breaking the rules or hacking as they were previously, and it can be easier to record a demo and ban for that than going through the trouble of verifying that they are an evader.
  4. Laming explained

    The question of "what is laming?" has been asked by players and admins alike. Laming can be described as any action by a player to disrupt the server's general game play. Also can be intentional or unintentional by a player. Examples of intentional laming by a player are: - Constant Terrorist Spawn camping after being warned, - Constant camping by any player that slows down game play for others. (Camping is any time a player is not doing the objective of the game. Ts plant the bomb CTs diffuse the bomb. Its a simple game) ...etc Laming can also be: - constant mic spamming, - constant team flashing, - constant trolling in chat box. ...etc Unintentional laming can be as simple as having a ping that is so high it affects the game play of the server. These examples are not an all inclusive list but an in general list of reasons for lamming. As players you should not use any action that would be considered annoying or trolling of other players just for the sake of annoying them. As an admin you should show great judgement in using laming as a reason for a slap, slay, kick, or temp ban. Permanent bans should not be used for laming. A player simply "talking bad" to you is not laming. If a player goes as far as complete disrespect to any admins then that offense is not laming. Admin disrespect, which is completely different, should be dealt with according to the level of disrespect. If you feel a player deserved a permanent ban for laming then make a demo of that player and notify a Head level admin or higher.
  5. Community Rebuild

    Just wanted to post a quick update on the community "rebuild". So far everything is going pretty well. We have had new players in the servers as well as old regulars returning! The visitors to the website here is also up compared to a year ago. This is completely in line with our goal of not only having great servers to play on but a community that is awesome!!! We now have several new players that are quickly becoming "regulars" on the servers and on the website/discord as well. Several have applied not only for membership but for admin positions too. As we continue this adventure we will always need good admins to continue making this a fun and fair place to play. We do want to encourage everyone to continue spreading the word. If you have friends that play invite them to come over and give us a try. If you know of anyone that would make a great addition to the team please refer him/her to one of the council. There will be a some new guide lines regarding ban appeals, admins, and admin applications coming soon. If you are already part of team please continue to check the website and discord for updates. Thank you to everyone for being a part of all of this!!!!
  6. Suggesting again

    Yes please please please for the love of all that is holly. Please turn team flash off.
  7. Help ( game delay )

    I believe the guys working on the server (wrath wachi finesse) have figured some things out and solved a few of the problems as well. If you notice anything else or do not see an improvement please let’s us know. Thanks
  8. Help ( game delay )

    I have noticed just a general lag in the dust server especially if it is full. Wrath and others have been working on it.
  9. Event's on servers?

    sure a fun event would be great
  10. Community Rebuild

    Due to the coronavirus keeping many people at home looking for something to do, we feel that this is a perfect time to rebuild this community. Counter-strike currently has DOUBLE the players it typically does, and we hope to capitalize on that by improving the experience for our players. We will start with our dust2 24/7 server. Once we have a good feel for how it is going we will add the ZM server to the effort. Both servers are very important to the long term future of this community. Both have a very loyal following of players that will continue to come back if we do our part. For the next few months we will be putting forth a lot of time and effort into keeping our servers active, including many in-game changes/features. This means there will be a renewed need for admins to be active. Not only active on the servers but Discord and here as well. In the next few days and weeks to come we will be posting new rules/guidelines for all admins. No major changes, just some suggestions for our newer admins and the new admins that we hope will join the team here. If you are an admin please continue to check out the website and Discord for updates. If you are a returning clan member or just a causal player visiting us for the first time, then welcome! Please join our Discord here to say hello, and leave us any feedback you may have. We will need the help of everyone to rebuild this great community. If you have friends that play, then please invite them to check us out. If you know older members that are no longer active then please invite them back. As many of you know this has always been a fun and exciting community. Lets all do our best to bring it back!
  11. The best anime(s)

    HEAVYMETAL is still No 1
  12. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome. Glad to see you in the forums. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let us know!!!