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  1. Who ever added maps Thank you for taking the time to do it it is gratefully appreciated
  2. Is there a way to fix/change the map selection in the classic server. It looks like the same maps are being used in it that were used in the UWC server before it was changed. I think the classic server is fun and I have noticed other players enjoying it as well. With a few minor tweaks like this I think it could be even better. Here is a list of maps that I think would work very well in the classic server. Assault, Dust 1 ( dust 2 is already covered in the main 1 server) Inferno, Train, Nuke, Aztec, Office, Italy. We could also throw in Pool day and/or snow for something to play when there are only a few players playing. Thanks to everyone who has put in the hard work to give us this server. Also is there a way to limit the time per map to 10 mins or less? This would seem to help if people do not like the map that is being played at the time.
  3. ^. I am confused?
  4. Title of the post makes no sense unless I am missing something but anyway. Good bye and good luck
  5. event

    I will try to be there. Saturday's are hard for me to pull off. But thank you for putting events like this together. I think it's really cool.
  7. I, of course, really like the idea of having a classic server. I have no idea how hard it is to set one up. So if that is a problem then I have no argument for that. I will list my points of why I do think it is a good idea. 1. There is not a lot out there. This in itself could be a reason not to have one because I could easily see the argument of "if they were popular then there would already be more of them". My counter to that is: This game has been around forever and most of the classic servers died off when mod servers started. Since then there has not been a lot of effort to bring them back. I bet there are several players playing today that have never even truly played on one. 2. Since the staff has grown the way it has in just the short time I have been here I do think we have the people to help moderate it correctly. 3. I think it would help with retention of players once Main 1 is no longer boosted. Quality options always helps with retention. Us having another option for them would be a good thing. 4. After playing for a days/weeks/months one map does get old. Even with Main 1 being boosted I do see a drop off from regular players from time to time. This would give the regular players that may be tired of just dust2 a place to go. Most of our other servers are some type of mod. ( which each is fun ) 5. We have servers now that are not being played so why not take a week to figure out which one is the least active and replace it with something else that may help this community continue to grow. 6. I do understand Lasse's point of it would/could take away from the Main 1 server. I contest that it might from time to time. But I think the players that are bored playing one map will go to another community anyway so lets try to keep them here. 7. I think that a classic server would compliment the Main 1 server and vice verse. There is no question that Dust2 is the most popular map still played today. A quick search of servers will prove that. So having it as our main focus is understandable and a smart thing to do. But having a classic server would keep those around when they want something different and when a map on the classic server comes up that they do not like they know we have a quality dust2 24/7 server to play on as well. 8. Besides the work it would take to start it what else do we stand to lose by trying it? If it is not growing then we could always remove it.
  8. It is only money. Boost both lol
  9. I am speechless Wtf
  10. Being honest right from the start solves a lot of problems. I can understand you wanting to be taken seriously and thinking that if people knew you were 12 that maybe they would not take you seriously. I am a 42 yr old female so lying about my age is excepted lol If I ever meet you and age comes up then I tell you I am 33 just nod, smile and humor me by saying " 33 I thought you was younger then that" Anyway steeping up and correcting this is a good thing just remember being honest from the start is always the best option
  11. Hi and welcome to the forums glad you stopped by
  12. I guess that would be my question. Is there a way to join the servers on a tablet? I am not worried about playing the game on it but it would be nice to be able to spec someone and use admin commands on it. There are a lot of times that i see a bot report or report on forum of someone needing an admin but I only have my iPad with me. I bet I am not the only one that has this happen.
  13. That sounds great. If you or anyone else figures it out please post how. Great find plato
  14. I know that I am the odd ball here but my best times are during the day any time during the week. My weekends are slammed. If you ever need help with one during the week please let me know. I will help in any way that I can.
  15. Hi and welcome If in any way we can be a help to you please just ask or let us know Hope you enjoy it here

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