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  1. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    the plugin is loading altough I uploaded the souds folder in the wrong place i guess Ill have to draw @Wrath attention on this Edit: a little update... I just entered the server and it downloaded the sounds of the plugin so I think I did everything correctly... Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/triplekill_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/multikill_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/ultrakill_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/killingspree_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/megakill_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/holyshit_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/ludicrouskill_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/rampage_ultimate.wav' Error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/ultimate_sounds/unstoppable_ultimate.wav' this is the errors msg that appears into the console, theres an error line for every sounds @Wrath
  2. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    the sounds are up the amx file is up the plugin is added to metamod plugin list file... im unable to test it right now and also going to sleep but "in theory" it is suppose to work lol ill check that first thing tomorrow !
  3. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=416080 it would be this one are you ok with that @lola shmola
  4. Im about to start ak_colt !
  5. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    @Charlatan78 @lola shmola @Wachi Ok lola im adding killstreak in my to do list if a toggle function is available I will add it for sure
  6. @lola shmola @MaGNuM@Zer0virusx@Nexxrn Good news folks ! podbot mm instaled on my cs and I have access to the waypoints editing ! please tell me wich map you want me to begin with and liquid, Ive set the botskill to 30-45...
  7. wanna be in RA clan

    Super Charles bienvenue dans le clan mon pote
  8. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    AmxmodX installed and 1 beer and a half on the counter this is going well
  9. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    So guys.... Im terribly sorry to tell you that the Dm server wont be joinable today.... dm_unreal has some issues that makes us unable to connect to the server and there is no bots in it yet so.... the server is stuck with that map Wrath is aware of the situation and will restart the server as soon as he as a little free time. Again, Im very very sorry for the inconvenience guys ! (In the meantime id like to know your opinions about Lola's request please!) Fixed ! thx @Wrath Ive removed dm_unreal from the map lists until we figure out the problem
  10. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Today Im dedicated to RA my goals are -Uploading dm_unreal and make it work (Done, the map loads but for some reason I get msg "cannot connect to server") steam AND no steam -Install Podbot so I can set waypoints on new maps @Wrath @Wachi
  11. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Ive uploaded the file but when I try to load it on the server i get message (map not found or invalid) I will work on that tonight after work P.S this is a very good call @Wachi this map looks fun !
  12. Alcayde...

  13. 1. I put back the bot numbers to 16 @BeaM.26 2.I've activated bots skill display. Eventually Im gonna ask you guys feedback about that so we can adjust difficulty. Right now the minimum skill for bot is 25 and maximum is 45
  14. goodbye for now.

    Ive always been interrested and caring about my close family (uncles-aunts-cousins), taking news and visiting. Also in family meetings I always devote myself 100% to the kids talking and playing with them until death ! Despite all that most of my relatives stamped me as a low-life person because I stopped after High School... ( the good point of this is that made me learn to honsetly not give a fuck of what ppl think of me) Yes I agree with you... my family sucks ! But Im telling you this because most of the times you will be told that school is important so you can have a nice job with good money and personally that statement had never speaked to me so I wanted to express another angle take care Faith and feel free to visit us some times and drop some funny lines in the chatbox !
  15. @Zer0virusx as I mentionned on anbother topic im planning on adding aim-awp-gg maps ! In fact I've already uploaded quite some here is the list... awp_india awp_dust2_largo awp_dry awp_dust awp_vs_scout aim_famas_x aim_respect aim_map aim_assault_quin aim_ak_colt3 aim_usp aim_ak_colt_duel aim_map_usp aim_ak_colt aim_aztec_lapin aim_map_deagle aim_ak_colt2k4 aim_deagle aim_flusha aim_headshot aim_taliban gg_scoutzknivez2 gg_fy_inferno gg_italiest However in order to set bots correctly, I need to set waypoints on the maps and to do this I need PODbots and csdm installed on my CS 1.6 Im planning on doing this next weekend with lots of patience and beers

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