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  1. Happy Birthday Ali !
  2. Thx I too was wondering how exactly it was working @Ozys
  3. cs_1337_assault de_cpl_fire de_cpl_strike de_dust4 de_scud fy_rio fy_snow3

    Peu importer nos races à go on s'aime la face GO !

    Peu importe tu viennes de où vient t'assoir sur mes genoux


    Avoye à scrap toutes les chars d'assault

    A st'heure on se tient la porte on se parle de météo


    Lachez toutes vos fusils mes ami(e)s

    Tout le monde à la brasserie pis on se mesure el pipi !




  5. Today I feel like insisting about bringing some new and fresh maps for the DM server ! Id like to try mices maps @Wrath
  6. hi I would like to know the name of the ranking plugin use in DM to get more information about the skill number/letter at the end of the stats board plz plus blood squirts is a fun addition thx for that, does it only activate when our health is in the red ? @Wrath
  7. I miss playing in the highschool jazz band !
  8. Happy Birthday Trix !! Have a good one !
  10. anticonstitutionnellement
  11. Im into Yojo.Senki Saga of Tanya the Evil the story of a guy who is resurected by a mysterious entity "Being X" I totally recommencd this one!
  12. this guy made Red Alert 2 so awesome !
  13. Stumbled on that last - That was a good day
  14. Could you consider integrate a some good AIM maps and maybe a few FY in the map pool please ? That would be great

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