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  1. Back

  2. I need help picking one...

    omfg over 300 bucks for just a "meh" hoodie.... comon Faith dont get fooled ! unless the hoodie can make homework for you or cook a nice meal....
  3. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Minor update... Ive changed the ultrakill sound for the ultra combo from killer instinct
  4. Retr-O-Lympics

    Damnit !
  5. Lasse Wasse

    Happy birthday boss !!!
  6. Im updating this topic to let you know that I still remember that I still have to add AIM/GG/FY maps to the server and that Im aware that it has been asked for quite a moment already. Waypointing maps in order to have functional bots is not something that can be done in only 10 minutes (for a neophyte like me) but I spent time on this already and learned the ropes so basically... Im (still) on it !

    1. AnnaLee


      • omfg this is sooooooo hilarious ! there is so many things that justify a big laugh I just cant believe it thx honey :D



  9. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    So we are talking about adding a plugin that would make the grenades have a trail behind it im waiting a few days to see what is the general opinion of this request
  10. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Referring to your example picture, I see you throw a HE grenade on the wall and it BUMPS on the wall... and the TRAIL clearly begins AFTER the HE grenade BUMPS... Now, your last post tells me you'd like having a trail behind the HE grenade even BEFORE it BUMPS on the wall... correct ?
  11. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Okay... if I understand correctly you want to see a trail behind HE after it bounces on a wall in Deathmatch server right ?
  12. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    @Motasem Sahle im not certain about what your asking... so please help me helping you
  13. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Great thx my friend ! @lola shmola

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