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  1. Are you working in a translation team ? yesterday i watched American Dad and I saw your nickname for the synching of subtitles hehe !




    1. Ali
    2. Honeybunny


      It's an impostor honeybunny!

    3. AnnaLee


      hahaha ok im calling GRC !

  2. if adminships cannot be bought it would be a good thing to remove the "Admins spots for as low as 5$" annoucements
  3. I would definitly play more Classic CS in a server with a map cycle !
  4. Would it be possible to finally have some explanatiion about the skill number we have in the Rankings along with HS and K/D i.e. [H+ 158] @Wrath @RIS`
  5. Hey you left us for some clone game of overwatch... so uncool  :(


    btw i found who you really are troll. unmasked brat !




  6. I believe grandma is referring to the Gameme ranking system
  7. @sKyLiNe mentioned it a while ago already but Ive noticed too that the hitbox in DM server seems to be a little decaled to the left... nothing that makes it unplayable so there's no big rush but I just wanted to let you know !
  8. I will miss you Trix and good luck with your real life stuff ! congrats @RIS` take care of my beloved DM server
  9. @Wrath Great Job !
  10. Well that would be a mistake to do that ! Right now the Gungame/CapturetheFlag is 24/7 empty and could be used for your idea instead The Rats server too... DM+rats maps FTW
  11. Smart ass giving us a Y haha Yemen
  12. Well then lets remove the MAC10 to make place for P90
  13. I like very much unlocking the skins and P90 is not in the list... could you add it to the weapons list plz !
  14. That is irrelevant to the question just wondering now how much time I gotta defend the 1st place before the next reset

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