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  1. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hi Six we dont know each other really because I joined around the time you had your son. But you are a part of this community so Im glad to know that your family is doing fine
  2. Deathmatch Maps

    @FriedPotato @MaGNuM @RIS` ok so Ive uploaded iceworld and cpl_mill, we will test them by tomorrow yes, we will add few bots for FY maps (as soon as we find the command) we should agree on a number... just to keep you up to date guys
  3. Deathmatch Maps

    Your requests has been noted guys as soon as we have access to the server we will let you know @FriedPotato @MaGNuM
  4. Deathmatch Maps

    My guess would be that it is because those maps are the most nominated by players maybe
  5. Deathmatch Maps

    Actualy we have fy_rio and fy_snow3 that has not bot in it. de_train is in the list of nominations and i dont remember seeing it in the server votemap suggestions. I dont know fy_iceworld, i will always be positive about adding maps
  6. Retr-O-Lympics

    I crushed my best time by 40.8 seconds
  7. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    In our childhood me and my friend used to play Super Smash Tv like everyday so when Black Ops was released we played the arcade zombie mode like crazy so Id go with this one As for the campaigns I think my favorite one was Ghosts I liked the story and those "side missions" you had to spend tokens to play
  8. enter, stage right...

    thx... oh and welcome !
  9. Shovel Knight anyone?

    It is an awesome must have game ! All the sweet references and the great soundtrack along with the tight controls makes you come back eager to clear the game ! there is also a dlc that makes you play a different character
  10. Retr-O-Lympics

    At first I really tought @Plato would have been into this.... and come on @Ali you like being the best try me Is this a gaming community or not haha My 1st run Cleared with 1 continue Katana - Shuriken - Wind Magic on Normal There is a Speedrun mode when you unlock Hard mode, when your out of life you restart from top floor I did a quick one Cleared with Katana+ - Shuriken+ - Wind Magic (to spam final boss)
  11. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Announcement is still on haha @RIS`
  12. Retr-O-Lympics

    oh what a surprise ! I really tought this topic had failed this is cool thank you @Lasse you almost got to the 2nd boss I think wich is not bad considering you have nothing unlocked yet... Makes me think that we should tell the equipement we used along with our score sheet, I will post mine very very soon @Artificial Intelligence battletoads on Nes ?
  13. Anna's Turf !!!

  14. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Was there players who had not signed ?
  15. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    congratulations @aimetti !

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