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  1. Merry Christmas !

    Joyeux Noel à tous, passez de bons moments avec vos proches et allez y "molo" avec l`alcool ! @Godlike Nice pic my friend it is a sweet attention. I believe you forgot Alcayde and Gotchu tough hehe
  2. Staff Update #12

    Congratulations everyone ! @iSUCK cs1.6 @Gotchu feel free to let me know If I can be of any help regarding managing the server... I struggled on some stuff but definitly learned a thing or two since Im taking care of DM (most of the time when its not working, the solution is in tiny details...)
  3. Hello

    We are from the same shcool bro ! my turf is DM server tough
  4. oh yea finally ! im in for sure, if we have enough contestants, 2v2 sounds good to me also thx RIS'
  5. GFX Request

    Hi @'miku. I was thinking the other day about a cool banner of a street in River City Ransom with Super meat boy and Cuphead somwhere in the picture... Is this something requestable ?
  6. Returning to 1.6

    Indeed indeed ! I had the same interrogation while reading about his spoken languages
  7. Changes/Updates

    Ive removed some maps from the vote list to make the server more classic... heres the list de_dust2 de_dust de_dust4 de_inferno de_aztec de_nuke32 cs_militia cs_office cs_italy cs_assault cs_estate de_aztec cs_crackhouse de_survivor de_train de_cpl_strike fy_snow3 fy_iceworld Also Ive changed the time we play on each map from 25 minutes to 13 (because CS:go DM is 10 minutes games) And finally more funny references names for bots
  8. Back

  9. I need help picking one...

    omfg over 300 bucks for just a "meh" hoodie.... comon Faith dont get fooled ! unless the hoodie can make homework for you or cook a nice meal....
  10. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Minor update... Ive changed the ultrakill sound for the ultra combo from killer instinct
  11. Retr-O-Lympics

    Damnit !
  12. Lasse Wasse

    Happy birthday boss !!!

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