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  1. who is this?

    i'm back vro's #VeryRareForever
  2. I need help picking one...

    Well, it's just skateboarding clothing.
  3. I need help picking one...

    Do you even skate?
  4. Alcayde...

    Happy birthday boi
  5. Guess who's back

    Thanks bro
  6. Guess who's back

    thx nibba
  7. Guess who's back

    thx boi
  8. Guess who's back

    Thx bro
  9. Guess who's back

    AI was banned? Lmao
  10. Guess who's back

    Hey ladies, the king is back.
  11. rAp bAttle

    Viner of the month Always smoking blunts Always on Twitter If she bad she know I'm fucking with her I'm from the 'Burgh, I'm in Cali though Got kush coke cunt in my bungalow Don't dress myself, had your bitch do it Don't stress too much, ain't a thing to it Yo I'm 22 and I'm hood rich Date a church girl, she a good bitch She a psych major, that's good head When she bring her friend I fuck her friend instead I'm in Malibu eating rich cunt Fuck bongs, bro, we smoke big blunts And that's all day and we cashing out