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  1. rAp bAttle

    Viner of the month Always smoking blunts Always on Twitter If she bad she know I'm fucking with her I'm from the 'Burgh, I'm in Cali though Got kush coke cunt in my bungalow Don't dress myself, had your bitch do it Don't stress too much, ain't a thing to it Yo I'm 22 and I'm hood rich Date a church girl, she a good bitch She a psych major, that's good head When she bring her friend I fuck her friend instead I'm in Malibu eating rich cunt Fuck bongs, bro, we smoke big blunts And that's all day and we cashing out
  2. rAp bAttle

    Totally not copied btw
  3. rAp bAttle

    I won?
  4. rAp bAttle

    It's motherfucking Getter bitch, Yaddadamean I'm the fucking human green screen with the fat peeny peen Never wrapped my willy but I let her Chase my dick down have her eat it with some pepper I said fuck school and I dipped quick 'cause they fucked my shit Caught me sucking dicks in the bathroom with a bitch But detention was lit, oh shit Remember Miss Baker with the fat ass tits? And the fat ass lips, with the banging ass hips Make her grab you by the dick, rip her clit in two Make her wonder why she didn't pass you By putting your piece in the poop shoot, dude, just kidding I'm just an EDM dude on cam with the Pink Man and Colletti Shooting dude confetti, only skinny Betties Now I'm looking for the truant in an Audi, now I'm dead, G (AHH)
  5. hi

    Welcome Are u chinesse? So, im not the only asian here. NOIC
  6. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    1 - Yeah, im good with that, 2 - 3 minutes would be fine. 2 - Idk if that is really necessary, since we hardly never change the map, and when we change it people preffers playing on nuke, inferno and other bomb defuse maps. 3 - To be honest, i didn't see any player using those weapons, but yeah like @Godlike said, players with good ping are pretty hard to beat, but is not impossible, also, that would ruin the whole classic thing, cuz its classic and you can use every weapon, i personally think that we need to enable the Shield and the smoke. 4 - That also ruins the "Classic" experience too, i know it's annoying but is part of the game, so yeah, i don't think we need that plugin.
  7. behind the scenes

    I'm overwatch banned lmao
  8. Sometimes.

    Do it yourself lol
  9. Sometimes.

    You are?
  10. Sometimes.

    CS is lol
  11. Sometimes.

  12. iphone 8 release date?

    Apple still scamming people lol
  13. you wanted this.

    @Wachi @Wrath @Cobra @Grino @Snippy And others
  14. you wanted this.

    Thank you all @Plato @AnnaLee @FriedPotato @CATEGORYRKO @YouTubeIItzFaith @Nhuck @Lasse @Ali @San_Cvander @BLaCK_D3V!L @iSUCK @`miku. and others, thank you for everything, i think i'll be back someday honestly i don't know, i think im not motivated to stay in the comunnity, Counter-Strike is getting boring for me, so yeah thats one of the reasons. Anyways, Thank you all, except @Motasem Sahle i hope you get hit by a train stupid cunt

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