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  1. +2 Heal to Steven 1. Plato (17) 2. RIS (✞) 3. Wrath (20) 4. CATEGORYRKO (12) 5. Magnum (20) 6. Papi (19)
  2. +1 to Steven (Wrath) 1. Plato (17) 2. RIS (6) 3. Wrath (20) 4. CATEGORYRKO (16) 5. Magnum (20) 6. Papi (20)
  3. We surely are getting more frequent update on staff members, a sign that our community has become even more active than before. Soon we will prevail!
  4. O ye Mr. Bunny will prevail!
  5. -2 Magnum 1. yellow (✞) 2. Girino (10) 3. sleepiexjay (✞) 4. Godlike (✞) 5. DarkxD (✞) 6. iSUCK (✞) 7. Magnum (12) 8. Scape (✞)
  6. I agree with the others, you are way more mature than the average 12 year olds I know in many ways. At least now you are being honest and tell us the truth, and doing that itself is really mature imo. Telling the truth after lying is a big hard step to make and I really appreciate it regardless of how old you are. I understand your reason behind that, and hey I once lied about my age too when I created facebook back then
  7. I dont think this is gonna end
  8. Aye welcome to the forum. I'd also recommend you to join the discord for daily dose of memes and stuff
  9. @Plato theres a way actually to make avi out of demo file but as Wachi said, you need 3rd party program. Hard? No, but it takes a looot of time since u gotta turn the demo into a frame by frame pictures then combine them to make a video. http://gamebanana.com/tuts/10198 Best choice would be to record it as a video from the start instead of demo. Theres a super lightweight program to do that which I also use to make cs videos called OBS and its pretty good imo.
  10. May the goddess of bam bam grace you with her smile
  11. lOl.. i was in sleepy`s profile and think its his song but it was for you..hahaha and i said nice song. 

    this song i think its for the casting time exactly when the movie is finished and the names are going up :)

    Directer : Ozys

    Co-directer : Ali

    Executive producer : Ozys production

    song by :  我I你的是

    actors : jacki Chan and Jet li


  12. You bet, you can even buy all of the members
  13. bye

    Aw man I've not played with you for ages and now you are leaving :(((, Imma miss you my drunk-sounded friend. Goodluck and wish you all the best dude
  14. Do you bam bam?

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