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  1. help

    have like 3 set of passwords that are easy to remember. whenever u r trying to make a new account somewhere, use one of them. if u forget which password u used for a site, there are only 3 set of passwords to try
  2. awww :(( I wanna but Im out of city on that day :((((( (2)
  3. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    Im pretty sure theres a server setting to automatically kick/punish (kill) player who has killed a certain number of hostage. I suggest to use it and set it to 3, so even if theres someone who tries to kill the hostages, he/she will get kicked before he/she can kill the 4th hostage (except if he/she is smart enough to take down the last 2 hostages with HE)
  4. 8 months into fatherhood

    Heyyo Six, congrats with the 8 months! You still have long way to go but I'm sure you can take care of it. Just dont forget to introduce him to cs when he is old enough . Goodluck with your family, I hope he will grow into a better version of you and your gf! ps: i still have that dank pic of your face stored in my phone
  5. Returned

    zero! Glad u decided to return, you are the first friend I got from this community. I still remember when u 'treated' me on the first day I became a donator, thats when we started our little 'friendship' . How's your health though? (and hows the gurls, I miss your story about the gurls xd)
  6. 1. Cat 2. Dog 3. Shark 4. Chicken 5. Cow 6. Pig 7. Snake 8. Elephant 9. Turtle 10. Butterfly
  7. hi

    Aye welcome back. Are you a topkek like wrath too? We definitely need more Wrath here. Btw my parents wanted me to become a doctor (classic asian parents), but like your sibling, Im not really good with blood so I will be taking physics in uni. Word of advice, never trust any potato you meet online, that potato is a weeb, he can remember all the character names from 20 different anime (I heard he likes to play huniepop too )
  8. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    Agree with RIS, get COD4 aka Modern Warfare 1. It has good story, good gameplay and a pretty decent graphics and voice acting. The Veteran difficulty is very challenging, if you are into beating difficult game like me, or you can go Regular if you want. There are still some multiplayer servers but its all mostly filled with experienced players so you might not enjoy it. Theres zombie mod server as well if you r interested. I have done a review for it in my steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/ozys/recommended/7940/
  9. Staff Update #7

    Wow a lot of great old admins resign at once. RIP csgo servers, I hope one day you guys would open it up again. Even though I only had been in the csgo server once, I would like to thank those who have spent their time on this community. Congratulations for the new ones. and dont worry Arash, I'm proud of being part of this community, proof is on my steam profile xdd
  10. y u not follow me u beetch

    1. FriedPotato


      Cause you don't deserve it.

  11. ayyy do u chibai?

  12. yo why is my profile pic looks blurry. has it always been this way but I just didnt realize bcause Ive always been on my phone or either steven/lasse messed something up? :thinking:

    1. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      its not blur Ozys. its always the same. i think you must use glasses. 

    2. Ozys


      True, I think it was just my shitty internet last night

    3. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      maybe baby :)

  13. Hey Everyone!

    Glad that u finally put up the courage to talk about this publicly here. I used to have a knife too, I was quite a trader back then, I traded from AWP redline all the way up to a knife, pretty awesome huh? (I ended up selling it to buy some games on sale tho, I have some screenshots of my second/third knife on my steam profile if u don't believe me). I learned a lot from trading, and one thing that a lot of ppl have always told me was "NEVER USE MIDDLEMAN". It's pretty obvious I think, like why would u use a middleman?, u put the item(s), the other party put the item(s) then a trade lol. I still don't quite understand how come u got scammed by this old stupid trick but yeah that's just some bad luck, this kind of thing have happened to all of us but in a different way. I'd like to recommend u a habit of mine, I do a LOT of research every time I'm about to jump into new things. I browsed a lot of steam forum/sites before I started trading, asked a lot of traders on reddit too. Not only on trading, I also do a lot of research about a game before I play it. I think how you started trading from a high class item like a csgo knife was a mistake, but I can't blame you anyway, there are things that you simply don't know that you don't know (or 'the unknown unknown' as I quote it from a book). Lol this has been sidetracked into trading 101, anyway if you/anyone here would like to know more/get started on trading I can give you some tips, don't hesitate to ask me. Alright, just to clear something up to you and everyone, I don't really care about that alt, heck I've not used it for months since I've stopped playing csgo. So don't blame him for that, because I myself don't really mind about it. About your lies, I don't really understand what lies you made and I honestly am not the type of person who really cares about people lying on this kind of stuff, but the others don't seem to accept it as calmly as I am, so I'm saying this for the community. Don't lie, lie will only produce other lies, there is no benefit of lying, not here in this community, not in real life as well. People will lose their trust, and "trust is like a paper once it's crumpled it can't be perfect again" so try not to spit lies again . Anyway, I feel sorry for your loss, that's some bad luck man, don't get too depressed over this kind of stuff and don't invest too much on virtual stuff (lol xd). I understand you needed to dump your anger/sadness in one way or another and so you chose to use hack in csgo, but then again, next time try to do it in a way so that noone will be at loss (i'd probably just watch pr0n and jerk it off kek) otherwise you are not much different than that guy. The guy you played against with will feel bad after losing to you and resort to cheating too to express his/her anger/sadness, resulting in a never ending cycle of bullshit. I agree with Err0r, try finding someone you can trust and rely on this community to ask for advice when bad things happen. So yeah, again don't get too depressed/attached to this kind of stuff, it wont do you any good, try to move on, I once was scammed out of my bitcoin and that was suck. I love you too (full homo) xddd @FriedPotato nice pic u weeb kek xdd
  14. Sometimes.

    I think its japanese since enlil is from japan

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