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  1. Aye my weab buddy
  2.                                     Related image


  3. It is a service provided by GameTracker. GameTracker has a website that provides you with list of server for bunch of games, usually people prefer to use gametracker to find server instead of the in-game server finder because it is easier to find a specific type of server thanks to the filter it has and other features. How does it work? (Copied from the website itself http://www.gametracker.rs/sms_boost/) *By boosting your server, you are distinguishing it from the crowd and showing it to our visitors on home page. *When you boost server, its pushed to the top of the boost list, and its there until other boosted servers "push it" out. *Your server gets added to KGB Master server, and gets massive amount of players, something like very strong redirect.
  4. Romantic and passion and love and sympathetic and kindness. o man hahahah. i love it bro. take me to another bam bam world.


  5. Ozy Ozy where r u?? working? busy? miss you so much for bam bam in main 1. 


    1. Ozys


      Kinda busy for the time being, dont worry I will send someone to }-{elp you bam bam some }-{ead @Wachi

    2. Wachi



      OT: That fucking profile song, I feel bad reading his message and hearing the damn song, LMAO.

  6. I would like to help you with your hobby/interest. Please call me with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while charging in a bathup filled with kerosene for further info

  7. New waifu confirmed?

    1. Zer0virusx


      can u stop?

  8. lets not bring this topic up anymore..... please :))))) (and i almost dont show any asian feature thanks to my grandfather superior gene)
  9. @Zer0virusx@Wrath
  10. I doubt many people still play it on xbox / ps as well since theres a new minecraft-like game called Dragon Quest Builders which is better than minecraft in almost every aspect, dont forget about the new (upcoming?) Lego game too
  11. Active, friendly, loves my mom +1 Total : +4
  12. I've not been on main for a while due to sickness and other irl stuff but as far as I know this guy is very active. BUT he recently showed how bad his attitude is toward other player / forum user, not sure if I want him to represent the clan with that attitude. I'm going to hold my vote until he shows me more reason to vote for him, either positive or negative.
  13. Just finished watching Masterminds, that Mike McKinney tho xdddd. Almost didnt believe that it is based on a true story, too funny to be real!
  14. @Zer0virusx wait waaaatt?? I never spread Harambe memes here, only in your discord channel
  15. Oh wow, thats news to me. No wonder there are no motorola's memes. Long live motorola!

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