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  1. Announcements & updates!

    love all of yall and congrats @Honeybunny and @klaathax
  2. what happened to our forum ;O ?? 


  3. oh, hey! look who's here ? zombie apocalypse ? nah jk. 

    /donate Warth $1mil. :x


  4. is ma c day!!! 10/22

    1. Ozys


      ayyyy happy birthday mate, i hope u r enjoying ur birthday salad cake

    2. Cobra


      stfu, ozys ima rape u so hard on discord!
       jk jk love ur cheeks 

  5. You need some salad mate? 

    1. Ozys


      yes please

  6. Lasse Wasse

    happy late c day !
  7. @bEnJiX wassup genji welcome to the forum boi

  8. Hmmm Cough Cough @Plato I finally noticed that you're retired damn:(

    getting old drinking beer everyday before dinner. I miss you dad 


    1. Plato


      Hey Son, ye, gotta prioritize my stuff, and nah I don't drink every day and usually not before dinner.

      Cheers :hurr:

    2. Cobra
  9. 8 months into fatherhood

    Yo Six, do you remember them dayz in Mexico surf server x d Im pretty sure you forgot how to surf but anyways nice seeing you're son growing up!
  10. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    1 Dog 2 Cat 3 Dolphin 4 panda 5 bunny 6 penguin 7 squirrel 8 mouse 9 crocodile 10 ant eater
  11. Returned

    Zer0 now has returned to cs yayy but still playng brawhalla ?
  12. rAp bAttle

    ITSSSS OG COBRAA ON THEE TRACKKKK One time I woke up and everyone trying to get on me like Ebola we live in west side hitting a lick and running from op. how about your fam? can't hit a lick and stealing yo momma's credit card I heard you're from east side fam can't even be the gang cuz The 9/11 gangstas are back, go quick hide your towers!! this isnt for anyone.
  13. x     c

    1. Plato


      Oh, haiii!

  14. rAp bAttle

    yoyoyoy @Artificial Intelligence what is ur name stand for Anus intelligence oh boii. starting off w something good now its porn ?? and now i start to understand why ur girl dumped you.
  15. rAp bAttle

  16. Hey Everyone!

    Well hello everyone! Im cobra aka ApG4MeRz. Im just here to tell yall about something. As you guys might now I got "VAC BAN" which means "Valve Anti Cheat." what it does is any games that has valve running and whoever cheats that you get overwatched and if you're cheating then you get banned if you're not then no vac ban. Such as cs go. But that's all i know. Some of you asking how I got vac ban. Well It was June 29th the night guy added me and wanted to trade. So He wanted to have middle man. And here is our middle man http://steamcommunity.com/id/SapphiriumSteamAssistant/ and If you're wondering why i put this up here is that the guy added me and middle man they known each other and scammed me. And I trusted our middle man because of his profile. I was super sad that night because I spent my money and it was my first cs go knife . As you play cs go you start wanting to have knife. And I know some of you might have knife but idk who. And then next day I was trying to be happy and I installed wallhack on my laptop and use @Ozys 2nd account to play cs go and just to make myself happy. Which It got worse I got overwatched and banned from cs go on his account but then when i logged in to my c0brA account it says i got vac. So I think I got vac on my account because i put my gmail on ozys's account. But dont start hating @Ozys guys he's a good guy and i love him (no homo) So yeah. But I did use cheats and trying to be honest here. And I shame of myself because I use to be admin here and member of rZ or rA now. And I dont wanna put down this community. Even tho I retired I still writing stuff here that's why i love this community. But my whole point here is that don't add someone unless you know them (when you have knife on cs go) Im just stupid and added the scammer back and DONT EVER add this guy if ur trader want to have middle man. And I created a new account just to play dota with few of my other dota friends. and Might not play cs or cs go in while unless i get money and buy it. Rip my steam acc spent ridiculous money on that account. Hope you guys understand this everyone earth makes mistake once in their lifetime. And sorry if I lost some of you're trust. Thanks for taking time and reading this. And @Plato (steam dad ) I bought that knife on my own. I only had 2 knife which was 1 of em was my friends. Im sorry if I lied to you. Im still trying not to lie anyone anymore.
  17. Hey Everyone!

    I mean I was just trying to be cool at that time but I never scammed anyone. I can show you proof that I bought one of the knifes on market. If I did scam that knife why would I give it back ? I just used one of my friends knife and gave it back to him. I only had 2 knives in my inventory which was karambit that is my friends and one is my real one. I bought.
  18. I'm back

    Well, welcome back to the community cutie.
  19. Your doctor still alive.

    gotta play smart EKS DE

  21. Happy Father's day to the best dads out there! such as @SixSixSix miss him :( 

    1. SixSixSix


      Thanks a bunch man, I appreciate it mucho. I miss hanging out in the main server =\ Being a dad is nonnnnnstop 

    2. SixSixSix


      your profile song is lit af

  22. Your doctor still alive.

    ayeeee, welcome back @DoctOr Daniel see you at zm about to rek u so hard eks dee btw, i havent seen @N!ghT'S, a long time d000ddd