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  1. oh, hey! look who's here ? zombie apocalypse ? nah jk. 

    /donate Warth $1mil. :x


  2. is ma c day!!! 10/22

    1. Ozys


      ayyyy happy birthday mate, i hope u r enjoying ur birthday salad cake

    2. Cobra


      stfu, ozys ima rape u so hard on discord!
       jk jk love ur cheeks 

  3. You need some salad mate? 

  4. Lasse Wasse

    happy late c day !
  5. @bEnJiX wassup genji welcome to the forum boi

  6. Hmmm Cough Cough @Plato I finally noticed that you're retired damn:(

    getting old drinking beer everyday before dinner. I miss you dad 


    1. Plato


      Hey Son, ye, gotta prioritize my stuff, and nah I don't drink every day and usually not before dinner.

      Cheers :hurr:

    2. Cobra
  7. 8 months into fatherhood

    Yo Six, do you remember them dayz in Mexico surf server x d Im pretty sure you forgot how to surf but anyways nice seeing you're son growing up!
  8. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    1 Dog 2 Cat 3 Dolphin 4 panda 5 bunny 6 penguin 7 squirrel 8 mouse 9 crocodile 10 ant eater
  9. Returned

    Zer0 now has returned to cs yayy but still playng brawhalla ?
  10. rAp bAttle

    ITSSSS OG COBRAA ON THEE TRACKKKK One time I woke up and everyone trying to get on me like Ebola we live in west side hitting a lick and running from op. how about your fam? can't hit a lick and stealing yo momma's credit card I heard you're from east side fam can't even be the gang cuz The 9/11 gangstas are back, go quick hide your towers!! this isnt for anyone.
  11. rAp bAttle

    yoyoyoy @Artificial Intelligence what is ur name stand for Anus intelligence oh boii. starting off w something good now its porn ?? and now i start to understand why ur girl dumped you.
  12. rAp bAttle

  13. Hey Everyone!

    I mean I was just trying to be cool at that time but I never scammed anyone. I can show you proof that I bought one of the knifes on market. If I did scam that knife why would I give it back ? I just used one of my friends knife and gave it back to him. I only had 2 knives in my inventory which was karambit that is my friends and one is my real one. I bought.

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