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  1. Staff Update #12

    @Lasse My bad for not pming you that i won't be able to play anymore... All day i study so I can acieve my goal in life
  2. Staff Update #11

    Congrats guys!
  3. Latest movie that you watched

    Mike and Dave wedding dates (something like that )
  4. I wish i could join but i can't... Damn pc and school Gl tho to everyone who will join the event
  5. I'm back?

    Welcome back
  6. darky darky darky darky darky darky where are youu? tokyo ghoul. Greece ghoul

    Tokyo ghoul VS Dante DMC4






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    2. DarKxD
    3. DarKxD


      The fck is that?

    4. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      Dota allstars in Warcraft or Frozen throne game

  7. Staff Update #9

    Grats guys
  8. Live or die - Winners edition.

    Congrats @Plato !!!
  9. Staff Update #8

    Congrats @Wachi @Godlike @CATEGORYRKO @Alcayde
  10. behind the scenes

    @Ali i am awper...
  11. Latest movie that you watched

    @Ali I've already seen all 4 in 1 night . They are nice movies but i like bloody movies haha I do movie marathons like 2 times a week (only horror movies and such) I love that type of movies. Try watching Sinister 1 2 and then Insidius 1, 2 and 3 (I was alone without lights doors locked and such hahahaha I didnt even get scared
  12. Live or die - CS:GO Admin edition.

    -2 damage to Mr.Skeltal 1. Mr.Skeltal (10) 2. Papi (20) 3. VyTiL (✞) 4. Inverified (16) 5. SixSixSix (✞)
  13. New servers?

    @MaGNuM I think inferno would be better that dust 1
  14. Staff Update #6

    Grats to everyone