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  1. Login Issue...

    Ok, there is something for sure for the auto login toggle. In the menu you select 3 for auto login. Its always turned off when I go back to check.
  2. Login Issue...

    Oh that wasn't my password..... I just used an example with a made up one! I only have one setinfo. On my profile. I've tried deleting my config and let a new one get created.

    I've been using brave browser for a while now. I'm also purchasing bat tokens on coinbase. 70 dollars a year ? Ok. https://toshitimes.com/brave-browser-users-can-now-earn-70-a-year-for-watching-ads/

    Will the creator of renegade.army accept BRAVE tokens ? https://brave.com/faq/#unclaimed-funds I got about 20$ to send!!!
  5. Login Issue...

    I've noticed recently that I'm not able to auto log on to the server (GUN GAME). When I access the server I have to select, "/account", and go though the process. I've read the instructions, and this is what was placed this in the CS config file: setinfo "rA_A" "FATCAT ******" I know you also have to select "/account" a second time, and activate the "auto" login feature. It seems that I always have to do it manually. It wasn't till tried to bind a key for the login that I realized the mnemonics have to be incorrect as it never works. Could you some assistance. Thanks !
  6. Server Down ?

    Thanks for the update !
  7. Server Down ?

    Just noticed I haven't seen the Gun Game server online for a while now.
  8. I think you banned the wrong guy today !

    The guy that was hacking left the server and you pulled the tiggger on me.



    1. Honeybunny


      Nope, I perma banned him before he could escape.  You had short ban which is expired now.  Good to see you on the forum, though!

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