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  1. Hola server

  2. For ItzFaithYT

    And here i thought DMs would be enough for this kind of drama
  3. For ItzFaithYT

    Lmao what
  4. Latest movie that you watched

    Emoji movie Best movie ever I rate it 10/10 must watch
  5. Wrath why *_*

    Nah that shit is op Make zombies with 10k hp and humans can only have glock
  6. Wrath why *_*

    I have another idea Remove all extra items and kill zombies with default guns Ez pz 2008 zombie server
  7. Gimme more memes you normie 

    1. theprodigy12


      Nibba i literally spammed that thread


  8. Wrath why *_*

    Dab on them haters
  9. Wrath why *_*

    You see them going around the map lile idiots trying to find the diamond crates and then use no skill weapons That's all i can say
  10. Achievements In Zombies Mod

    We don't even know if they'll be added Why waste my time writing paragraphs if in the end they might go to waste?
  11. Achievements In Zombies Mod

    I got some ideas for achievements if such system will be added But the milkor one will only get idiots to spam it in every map, unplayable
  12. 8 months into fatherhood

    awe isn't he the most adorable kid ever

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