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  1. Music topic.

  2. Music topic.

  3. What's your opinion about this...?

    I want to know what do you guys think about all this CSGO gambling scam sites promoted by "recognized csgo youtubers" watch?v=_8fU2QG-lV0
  4. Anti-Camp Plugin CT Side

    I agree with [MENTION=11753]finesse .[/MENTION] + CT's should be allowed to save their weapon if e.g they are in a 1v4 situation My vote is no
  5. Music topic.

    [YOUTUBE]watch?v=MXQ8KW47zDM[/YOUTUBE] Rata Blanca, es una banda estilo Iron Maiden de Argentina. ("White Rat", it's a band with an Iron Maiden kinda style, from my beloved country Argentina:smug:)
  6. Suggestion

    Just getting rid of the grenade will make me happy
  7. Videos !

  8. Music topic.

  9. Music topic.

    I'm not a big fan of power metal but I have to give credit to this band. [YOUTUBE]watch?v=QpsmBbkJP-c[/YOUTUBE] I think they are pretty big in Brazil (where they're from), I don't know If they are big on an international level (e.g Dragonforce)
  10. Music topic.

  11. Music topic.

    [MENTION=10919]Jaxiki[/MENTION] They're both good but yea, Eddie > Mitch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't live without this: [YOUTUBE]watch?v=5hhdjWHm9Vk[/YOUTUBE] And this: [YOUTUBE]watch?v=2WdYt9VkVek[/YOUTUBE] PS. Robert Trujillo's birthday is the same as mine (October 23)
  12. Music topic.

  13. Latest movie that you watched

    Pawn Shop Chronicles, must watch
  14. Music topic.

    [MENTION=5097]Wachi[/MENTION] Blink whitout Tom is just Wink
  15. Music topic.

    Different styles but good nonetheless [YOUTUBE]watch?v=adV8-_hgL4g[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=o6A7nf3IeeA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=QPq4rHdNjSA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=b6gFJogLJ_g[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=a0OtECE1Os4[/YOUTUBE]
  16. Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age: Origins for Steam

    Ban him before he reveals all of our tricks I know you're joking, but this one is actually the most efficient one... Even if she says no you can always say you're joking and throw some more stupid lines to make her laugh. Win-win situation here. Whatthehellamitalkingaboutiwantdeadspace2andimdrunkbye.
  17. Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age: Origins for Steam

    (This one works when it's raining) We can share the umbrella but you'll get wet anyways... The funny thing is that I used that recently
  18. Sorry for the absence

    Cool hobby dude, I rate the music as well, hope to see you back in-game!
  19. Wow, that took me a good 4 mins. Welcome Ozys Osbourne! (Sorry, I had to)
  20. Music topic.

    I think I know the first song from GTA V, but I could be wrong...
  21. The guy whose nickname is not pronounced Jaymjh

    I cba reading that but welcome anyways!!!
  22. 24 HOUR GIVEAWAY!!

    23 as in 11+12
  23. Walking Dead

    Oh, yeah, I've never knew what that guy name was, now I know lol. I really hope it isn't Abraham, I really like his banter m8
  24. Walking Dead

    Who's Heath?
  25. Fight gamer. The best fight is here

    Playstation Ferrari vs Lamborghini