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  1. Music topic.

  2. Music topic.

  3. What's your opinion about this...?

    I want to know what do you guys think about all this CSGO gambling scam sites promoted by "recognized csgo youtubers" watch?v=_8fU2QG-lV0
  4. Anti-Camp Plugin CT Side

    I agree with [MENTION=11753]finesse .[/MENTION] + CT's should be allowed to save their weapon if e.g they are in a 1v4 situation My vote is no
  5. Music topic.

    [YOUTUBE]watch?v=MXQ8KW47zDM[/YOUTUBE] Rata Blanca, es una banda estilo Iron Maiden de Argentina. ("White Rat", it's a band with an Iron Maiden kinda style, from my beloved country Argentina:smug:)
  6. Suggestion

    Just getting rid of the grenade will make me happy
  7. Videos !

  8. Music topic.

  9. Music topic.

    I'm not a big fan of power metal but I have to give credit to this band. [YOUTUBE]watch?v=QpsmBbkJP-c[/YOUTUBE] I think they are pretty big in Brazil (where they're from), I don't know If they are big on an international level (e.g Dragonforce)
  10. Music topic.

  11. Music topic.

    [MENTION=10919]Jaxiki[/MENTION] They're both good but yea, Eddie > Mitch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't live without this: [YOUTUBE]watch?v=5hhdjWHm9Vk[/YOUTUBE] And this: [YOUTUBE]watch?v=2WdYt9VkVek[/YOUTUBE] PS. Robert Trujillo's birthday is the same as mine (October 23)
  12. Music topic.

  13. Latest movie that you watched

    Pawn Shop Chronicles, must watch
  14. Music topic.

    [MENTION=5097]Wachi[/MENTION] Blink whitout Tom is just Wink
  15. Music topic.

    Different styles but good nonetheless [YOUTUBE]watch?v=adV8-_hgL4g[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=o6A7nf3IeeA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=QPq4rHdNjSA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=b6gFJogLJ_g[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]watch?v=a0OtECE1Os4[/YOUTUBE]