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  1. @Lasse, @Cooki3_Monst3r, Thank you. I shall grant you unlimited calcium so you'll always hav gud bonez for the rest of your lives. DOOT DOOT.
  2. Hey, can you contact Lasse via discord or steam.

    1. Mr.Skeltal


      Yep, was AFK for work, on that right now thanks!


  3. 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Awkward non-native english speaker rookie mistake (you even told me you were having a boy I'm just dumb sorry <3) and it seems I can't edit my post so I'll leave it there, but congrats on your baby BOY
  5. My blessings to you and your familly. Many calciums and good bones to Ruby, and here's hoping she shall never be 2SP00KED. Doot doot!
  6. Currently experiencing Rank problems, on the !rank option, only 41 maps are shown, and my time on protraining was erased (Dank ass billy maymays' time was erased too).
  7. Sweet, thanks Ozys!
  8. Do we have a steam group? If yes, can I join? I'd like to represent renegade on my profile. If not, is anybody other than me interested?
  9. The 5th, being a saturday, might be a game day for me if I make it to semi-finals. The problem is if I make it to playoffs, I'll only know the week before. If I don't make it to playoffs though, I'll know a lot earlier. Will keep you updated during the season. Currently 1-2.
  10. I don't know if minigame maps are in 1.6, but when I'm bored of surfing I sometimes hangout in MG servers and it's lots of fun.
  11. Suh dude

    1. Mr.Skeltal


      Hey not much dude sup with you?

  12. Depending on the dates ( late-october/early-november is right in my football playoffs ) I'd be down for it.
  13. Ma foi, de splandides photographies. Hon hon hon. Edit: Doot doot.
  14. The boost at the beginning of sur_leet is broken as of 2:06PM 30/7/16

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