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    1. Papi


      SUH DUDE hows it going? how is the baby ^^

  2. This one is crazy. TO THE MOON!
  3. Here's another day at the bike park. 2016-08-26
  4. mhmm interesting
  5. I'm in fam
  6. Thanks ma dude
  7. Back with some more. Yesterday I was taking pictures for a bike park and here is what I got. I didnt had time to take closeup shots, next time.
  8. I use a nikon d5300. Also I'll do more close up shots in the future for sure like the yellow flower you posted, nice photos. ^^
  9. Here are some more from yesterday. thats me
  10. lmao they said the pics were great
  11. I started photography not that long ago and I thought why not make a topic and post pictures every now and then on the forum, that way I can get some reviews and you guys can do the same.
  12. Welcome
  13. +1 total: +3

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