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  1. <3

    Well now that I am done crying over this, @Lasse Thanks for being a great leader to the community I had fun playing l4d2 and rocket league with you even tho I sucked at Rocket League you still kept playing with me. I hope that we could still play some games together I had fun with you around.
  2. Lasse Wasse

    Happy Birthday, Lasse
  3. Bye guys

    Alright, take care of yourself.
  4. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    I confess that once I friend zoned a girl because I didn't had time to hear her confession since I was on my way to McDonald (I was hungry as fuck don't judge).
  5. :|

    Welcome back.
  6. Guess who's back

    Welcome back. @Gotchu There is no way I was talking about Enlil since we weren't good friends we were just members of the same clan (-rA) and we played together a couple of times but I wasn't there when he left.
  7. Staff Update #10

    Well, Congrats to everybody !!
  8. GFX Request

    It perfect thanks a lot.
  9. for your consideration

    1-I agree with picking up grenades since you only have 3 and I use them pretty fast .(But, I think Wrath already changed that so now you can pick up the nades from the dead players.) 2-I mean if the losing team had 2 awpers and they are losing I don't think giving more awps to the losing team will make them win, and most of the people are playing with ak or m4. 3-Well if the first player of the wining team is carrying the game for his team even if you change him to the losing team he will still carry and win the rounds for the losing team, and sometimes players just want to play on one team they might leave if they get automatically changed from the team that they wanted to play on. 4-Russian walking will do nothing to the game, people using silent walking aren't a big problem it only a litle bit harder to kill them, but that what makes the game fun.
  10. Returned

    Welcome back, Nice to have you back
  11. GFX Request

    Signature Theme: Star WarsText: Err0rColor scheme/style:BlueAdditional Information: My favorite animal is the Lynx it would be cool to have one in the signature. Do your best and thank you for your hard work.