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  1. Clan Application

    Accepted. Welcome back and here is the link for your tag:
  2. ra clan

    Rejected for obvious reasons.
  3. en la que pregunta a que servidor entro mas es en dust 24/7

  4. - ¿Cuál es tu nombre en el juego? Dox

    - ¿Cuantos años tienes? 15

    - ¿A qué servidor del Ejército Renegado juegas más?  Dust 24/7

    - ¿Dónde vives? Estado (País, (Provincia, Territorio) Ciudad) argentina,Buenos Aires,Capital federal

    - ¿Como podemos contactarlo? (Steam ID / Discord) Dox

    - ¿Estás activo en otra comunidad / clan? no

    - ¿Cuál es tu ID de clave? (Ingrese al servidor, escriba / account, presione 2 para obtener información de la cuenta) 71780

    1. Alcayde


      You have been rejected. If you continue to spam the members page, you will be banned.

  5. Clan rA

    Rejected as you are active in another clan.
  6. Lasse Wasse

    Well.. "almost" forgot, but it's k I got you. So here we go! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LASSE!!!!! Looked up this image just for you Anyways, have a great birthday!
  7. -rA. Application .:GuiLLeRmO:.

    Rejected since you have been ban evading for hacking.
  8. -rA. Application .:GuiLLeRmO:.

    Application Pending. You will receive a response in 46hrs
  9. Bye guys

    Don't see a point to post seeing as you played again on our servers today and applied for again on the forums.
  10. wanna to be rA. clan

    @Motasem Sahle You have been BANNED. That is NOT going to change. You need to understand that no matter what you say or do, your ban will NOT go away. You said you were going to leave, so go. Only thing you can do here is go on the forums but if you keep this up, I’m sure you’ll get banned from them and have no association with the community whatsoever. Again, you are banned and this is NOT going to change.
  11. Bye guys

    Don't worry. The ban won't be removed. I can assure you that. Good luck learning at school.
  12. Alcayed what are you doing why you are banned me

    1. Alcayde


      Look at discord


  13. Staff Update #11

    Good luck to everyone who resigned! I wish yall the best! As for the promotions, I'm really excited and happy with this bunch! Congratulations to everyone!!!
  14. rA. Clan Application

    Rejected as you have been banned from the server.

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