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  1. The "YOU " Post

    They remind him of his childhood.
  2. my activity

    Hi, how are you?
  3. The Big Question.

    They should go with the person that Obama wanted to run, I forget his name and it's too late to look it up. I don't know who she thought of appointing.
  4. The Big Question.

    Well, both of the head admins like politics I am guessing due to their contributions already. So I think we are good. Haha.
  5. Venezuela Crisis

    Hmm, that must have been what I read.. It's harder to find something like motor oil and things like that, not the gasoline. My mistake. I have no idea why the USA doesn't import some of the oil there, at least you guys would be receiving a good chunk of change from us and our prices would go down hopefully instead of keeping our eyes on the Middle East. I'd like to know a little bit more about your imports and exports as well Wachi, are you doing a lot of trading overseas and such? Are you importing anything from the United States or from anywhere else? With automobiles it's pretty much the same thing here, it's getting worse and worse. The middle class can't afford to buy a $40,000 car along with all of the servicing and synthetic oil that it requires. Most people rely on older vehicles especially if you know how to work on them, I do all of my own work even when it comes to engine overhauling (rebuilding) along with the transmissions. Because I'm not paying $2,000 to have my transmission rebuilt or $3,000 for a brand new engine.. I'd rather buy the specific parts I need for a fraction of that price, but you have to know how to do it right. Anyway, that's beside the point, in my opinion the United States is on the brink of becoming just like Venezuela as well. Look at how much the grocery prices have gone up and the cost of living, yet the wages haven't been rising.\ To add to my point... I'm very old fashioned and I talk to a lot of older people that were my age back in the 1960's and '70's and in them days, the average person could afford to buy a new car every three to four years. This is why most of the cars that are found in fields and junk yards from that era only had 30k to 60k miles, which is unheard of. Yes they did require a lot more maintenance, but you're paying $30-$40,000 now compared to $1,200 for a Chevrolet Pickup back then brand new or a sedan/coupe for $2,500. It's outrageous. Companies no longer offer pensions or 401k's as they did back then too. Another question I'd like to ask you Wachi or anyone that knows, what were the steps that the country took to become so low? We know why it happened, but what major events happened for it to become as bad as it is now?
  6. The Big Question.

    You do know that Muslim is a religion right? And you are saying that he isn't a racist or against religion, yet he says something like this. And by Muslims, he isn't talking about the religion, he is talking about terrorists. As if they are a race of people, so ban all of the "Terrorists" and/or "Muslims" from this country which would be considered racist because these terrorists and Muslims are a certain type of race. Honeybunny pretty much just summed it up for Trump, he is the outcome of today's society and media. Plus, when anyone has a good chunk of change in their pocket then there is nothing he cannot do. Like I've always said, even if there was a monkey standing in Donald Trump's place, all of the radical people that support him would still support the monkey. Besides that point, look at everything he says... He never ever talks about how he is going to fix the economy or our immigration or our foreign policy problems... He only talks about "Crooked Hillary" and anyone else that doesn't like him, as if he is from the eighth grade calling people names. He is a rambunctious person that wasn't raised like the other Republicans either and that's why they don't like him.
  7. <3

    Hey Faith, you probably don't remember me, but welcome back anyway! None of the surf clans exist anymore besides rS. and some other off beat clans. Make sure you come back and surf with us in 1.6, finesse and I will join and we can reminisce about old times and all of the clans and people we've met and remember!
  8. Venezuela Crisis

    Since my other topic is getting a lot of buzz about Venezuela I thought I should make a separate topic. I'm guessing Wachi will enjoy this topic a bit and he can help inform us on exactly what is going on. But this is a huge deal that needs to be dealt with and become noticed, it's truly sad how some people are living, dumpster diving and what not, the crime, and it goes on and on. Can you imagine waiting in line for hours and hours at a time just to get some basic food for your family or yourself? Caracas, Venezuela's capitol, is soon to be the worlds most violent city. Think about the United States or any other country without law enforcement for a second... People going crazy stealing your possessions and even people you know, kidnapping has been a huge issue. The country bathes in oil, yet nobody can afford it. If you think about driving your car to work, think again. Most people walk and bike if it hasn't been stolen yet. Wachi, and anyone else that lives or has lived in Venezuela, I'd like you to comment on this and inform everyone about exactly what you are experiencing.
  9. The Big Question.

    Klaathax, I am going to have to disagree with you on the fact that Trump isn't a racist. And here are a few reasons as to why, these are not exact quotes due to the fact that I haven't memorized them, but they are things he has said. "Ban all Muslims coming into the United States" "The fact that my judge is Mexican for the Trump University case makes it unfair" And many more, look up on google his actual racist quotes word for word, you would probably get some video compilations as well. As for Socialism and where it falls, in most cases, if you are a Socialist you are a Democrat. If you are not a Socialist then you are a Republican. If you watch Fox at all they constantly knocked Bernie for being a Socialist and saying that it isn't what America needs, which is true in some aspect. America needs to reform the big spending that happens in our government, like Social Security, Disability, unemployment, etc. People are abusing the system staying at home collecting unemployment and disability when they can in fact work and they are just as capable as anyone else. Same as SS. Everyone needs to be audited and find out exactly what they need and don't need, then send them back into the workplace if they are able.
  10. The Big Question.

    You all have good reasons as to why you think the way you do, nobody is wrong, and nobody is right. There is not one media outfit that will tell you the 100% truth, and they have reasons for that. But I will say right now that if you rely on Fox News as your source of information, then I am going to have to disagree with you because anyone in their right mind can see right through them. About the things they say about Obama, like when he cried during that speech about the children being shot in the schools and they said he was faking for publicity, and they constantly talk about Hillary's email scandal. (Which by the way, no evidence has been found for you believers our there). CNN or MSNBC are the primary stations I use for my info because they don't stretch the truth when it comes to being a democrat or republican. In my eyes the best way to decide on a President is to picture you guys having a beer together. Donald Trump would constantly talk about himself the whole time because he is conceived. You would be able to have a decent conversation with Hillary but I'm not saying she has secrets, but she could. Bernie, now he would be the perfect guy to just sit down and talk about life with, because he understands. He grew up the same exact way most of us did. Venezuela is in deep turmoil right now, scavenging for food and what not, it's really terrible. Wachi, you watch yourself and get into a safe area, lots of people I know have been assaulted there. I'd like to know exactly where each and every one of you get your information though, and be honest, if you heard it from your parents or a friend then say it.
  11. The Big Question.

    So to kick off the start on this topic, how about the biggest thing that is trending as of right now... The Presidential Election! Are you for The Donald? Donald Trump Or are you for Hillary Clinton? BONUS: Bernie Sanders (Even though he is done) Remember to explain your reasoning, try to give one or two points as to why they are your choice. And ask questions to why someone has that reasoning and or choice. Have fun! I personally am with Hillary, because she is the most qualified for the job in my eyes. Being the Governor of New York, The Secretary of State, and the first lady for eight years. And during all of the debates I feel as though she was the most prepared and ready to answer than the others.
  12. Welcome to the Political side of the forums, this section is to improve your knowledge and inform you about where everyone stands when it comes to how the governments are run. There are only two rules so far until we see how this section plays out, more will be added eventually! -This is to be a non-toxic environment filled with knowledge and disputes among friends, not enemies, respect everyone. -All of the other rules for the forums/servers apply, no racism by any means.
  13. Hall of Fame

    That's the problem though Klaathax, is when you nominate people, you'll have people that are left out. Nobody that deserves it and knows it is going to say, "I deserve to be on there." It's just not going to happen, so having a list, not just regular admins, but retired people, owners, and the whole ball of wax should be included. With a little section under their name telling everyone a little about them and what they've done. If they haven't really done anything or contributed at all, then leave it blank under their name until they achieve something, if they leave us on bad terms, well then they should be taken off.
  14. Hall of Fame

    +1 From me.
  15. Hall of Fame

    This is a good idea, but I don't think it should be about how great they were and how much they contributed, it should be a section on forums listing all of the previous owners, co-owners, head admins, admins, etc. Not something that can offend someone like Lasse said. A list showing how long they've been with us, when they retired, a brief description maybe that they themselves can write out if they are still here. Include everyone. That way, we wont be able to forget anyone that has left or folks from the beginning. Hatch would be able to help with the names and perhaps the dates.