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  1. gayswrath, hes still alive!

    1. Wrath


      eyy vaNus

      Wrath never dies!

    2. Cobra


      I knew it from the beginning 

  2. Music topic.

    skyrim soundtrack is best
  3. Hi Everyone

    Lasse in 2016 lul ahahahahhahah im surprised this place still exists, the site actually looks visually better
  4. wow, how do i get as good as you? any particular tutorials
  5. A little update

    man thnx for the update can you make a thread everyday so ppl stop getting worried, u gotta be more considerate of others
  6. Latest movie that you watched

    Bunch of movies got leaked online that haven't been released yet. The revenant - meh, expected more The hateful eight - pretty good and suspenseful
  7. Im kinda mad and this is for the admins

    admins here are literally aids, especially toothy! Im with u man, redfoxy for admin! the maturest responsiblest person i seen yet.
  8. Hi im back with good news :D

    Id avoid wireless mice/keyboard for gameplay. I remember I always running through batteries for my mouse and that would mess up my aim midgame.

    Of all the tattoos... I cant believe you did that to yourself
  10. The "YOU " Post

    autistic thread? nice
  11. Introducing a new member

    Results are in.. You are NOT the father! jk, grats, i thought u were ded
  12. Steam purchase

    Paid him to buy me CSGO, this guy scammed me. -rep
  13. Dota2 TI5

    yeah well some ppl are born super poor and cant do shit about it, but that should be even more motivation to try and get educated instead of spending years playing a video game hoping ud become pro. Im down for these guys getting paid n shit, like I think 250k-500k max prizepools are fine, like it is for csgo. 18m is just complete bs. Also the story about pasha where people empathize with him, that guy is a complete idiot but he got lucky. Apparently his dad helped him and worked towards getting him certified for a job or something but then he decides to quit studying and starts playing csgo, telling his wife that the game will get big one day. And this was when he was super broke so I dont know how people can make some dumb gambles, especially if you're married.
  14. Latest movie that you watched

    The Guest ....wtf