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  1. Staff Update #15

    I've been slacking, but here is a long overdue staff update. New Admins: (Several admins have been added since the last update, but I'm just going to put the most recent here. Please see http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/staff/ for a list of all current admins). @SouLy has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Dust2 24/7) Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @FireBlazeS has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Godlike has been promoted to Global Admin (all servers) Demotions: @Empty has been removed for inactivity. @fat4cat has been removed for inactivity. @FriedPotato has been removed for inactivity. @Kash has been removed for inactivity. @sfreedom has been removed for inactivity.
  2. About time I did this

    DayZ would be insane But even without, that's a pretty sick lineup!
  3. rA Application

    You're still in the clan
  4. The best anime(s)

    sword art online
  5. Unopened Account

    It's not 90311 and I found nothing with username "idk" in it. The system was changed some time back, so maybe your stuff is gone, but Wrath will sort it out when he can (he's away for a few days-weeks currently).
  6. Broduer40's Member Application

    Accepted! Welcome the clan tag is "-rA. "
  7. Unopened Account

    I've been speaking with him in PM. He told me 2019 timeframe. @Portline Seven you remember anything else, like how much xp, or playtime you had or anything?
  8. Suggesting again

    Yes, even wrath mentioned it is there when he was adding the skins.... it is supposedly just the animation, not the actual shooting, but there are a few bugs with the skins that do need to be addressed.
  9. Suggesting again

    just an update, wrath saw it in game regarding the semi-clip bug, so he will fix that. and yes, my vote is no team flash, at least for now. too many incompetent players that ruin it for everyone.
  10. Help ( game delay )

    I didn't notice anything in the demos, you couldn't plant the bomb? I probably don't understand that part. Since you said it is the same on LAN, I really don't know, but I would definitely not think it's related to the issues we are having with the server currently. Check your CPU/GPU/RAM usage when this is happening (leave a task manager running in the background then look at history after). I feel pretty sure that rates don't influence offline play, but it's possible your rates are messed up, it's possible for a rogue admin to change your settings without you knowing. Check your rates and go by this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126383209 Report back.
  11. Suggesting again

    1. YES! 2. I like semi-clip but it does have that bug now, I swear it didn't do this in the past. I want to keep semi-clip, but if we can't fix it I'd rather it stay how it is vs. removing it completely. 3. I have the same issue and I've mentioned it to Wrath but he's been busy with other things at the moment. Hopefully we will get a response here though.
  12. random gfx

    pretty cool, wish I could do something of that caliber.
  13. Staff Update #14

    Since Lasse has somewhat left the team, I will be making posts regarding to this from now on. There have been many changes to the admin team: New Admins: @Gyroney has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Zombie Mode) Promotions: @Bam Bam has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @BRAN will now be an Admin in all servers @CATEGORYRKO has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @Empty has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @evolution92 has been promoted to Admin (Zombie Mode/Zombie Escape/Gun-Game) @fat4cat has been promoted to Admin (Gun-Game) @Godlike has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @iSUCK cs1.6 has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @JiveTalkinRobot has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Nhuck has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Samwise1 has been promoted to Admin (Zombie Mode/Zombie Escape) @shmola has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) Demotions: @sakula has been removed as a Senior Admin due to inactivity Resignations: @Honeybunny has resigned from his Owner position.
  14. Staff Update #14

    Sadly many admins have become inactive, so we have some demotions. If you are listed here and become active again please let me know and we will add you back. Demotions (all due to inactivity): @Alcayde @AnnaLee @Arash @Bam Bam @BeaM.26 @BLaCK-D3V!L @GirinoS @Gotchu @Hatch @JonnyFoxer @Kash @Klassig @LittleLost @MatMag @Mustoo @RIS` @Scape @sfreedom @shmola @Toxyn @yellow @Zer0virusx
  15. Yikeeeeeees

    hello doctor long time no see!
  16. Drawing.

  17. @Bam Bam We could do that, but it would be fundamentally changing that server. The few regulars that the server does have come there because it is dust 2 24/7, so changing that up risks losing the regulars, and it's very unlikely in my mind that new players will find the server afterwards because there are not very many players left. The players that are still around have probably played on every populated server that is still running. So, I don't think it's a good idea, but we could always convert a server to be normal defuse gameplay but maps other than dust 2. I believe we used to have a server like that.
  18. Admin Application

    lucky guess If you want to continue your application, please repost it in the "admin application" section (this is the clan application section). http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/44-cs-16-admin-application/
  19. Admin Application

    ^ We at least need to know your in-game name so we know who you are! I'm assuming you are ljafj, but that's just a guess.
  20. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    Da fuk? Hol up cuz...
  21. [Gift] finesse

    :))))) thanks thats me in the pic btw, how did you find that?
  22. My Introduction

    you go by finesse? well... this is awkward welcome tho!
  23. :)

    glad you're doing well
  24. Suggesting again

    I agree that the auto-balance is busted... doesn't make sense. Sometimes it will be 3 CT vs 4 T and you can't join CT... why? I know that hardly anyone plays and at the end of the day this isn't anything to make a huge deal over, but the auto-balance SHOULD work like Godlike says, where it doesn't give one player all bots when the other team gets all players. I'm not a goldsrc developer but it sounds really easy to implement. The rest is opinion, teamflash and semi-clip. I will say that just because other servers do it doesn't mean we should. We have collectively discussed this before and I don't remember the conclusion but I guess it was to leave teamflash on. Personally I like teamflash, but I don't really care. Regarding clipping, I can't recall a bot ever pushing me out of the way. If you get stuck just press e, I do it all the time if some noob stands blocking a door, and the start of every round just so I can walk thru ppl and don't block them. The e thing is actually nice because at least then, when you or your teammate is shooting, they aren't going to accidentally end up inside you blocking you or just being annoying... because you/they won't be pressing e at that moment to engage semi-clip. Suggestions are always good. It can only help the community get better. Just realize that although you have strong opinions on how it should be, others here do too and your or my opinion is equally important as anyone elses.