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  1. Server Boosts Starting 8/25

    Hello! Our Dust2 and GunGame servers will be boosted for one month, starting this Wednesday the 25th. We expect the servers to have a lot of traffic during this time so make you stop by to play! We strive to have admins active in the servers at various times, but if there is not one around, remember that you can report any cheaters or players breaking the rules by typing !report in chat, which instantly pings admins in Discord. See you in game soon!
  2. Dust2 map update.

    holy shit this was great. this will go down in history.
  3. Staff Update #15

    I've been slacking, but here is a long overdue staff update. New Admins: (Several admins have been added since the last update, but I'm just going to put the most recent here. Please see http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/staff/ for a list of all current admins). @SouLy has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Dust2 24/7) Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @FireBlazeS has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Godlike has been promoted to Global Admin (all servers) Demotions: @Empty has been removed for inactivity. @fat4cat has been removed for inactivity. @FriedPotato has been removed for inactivity. @Kash has been removed for inactivity. @sfreedom has been removed for inactivity.
  4. About time I did this

    DayZ would be insane But even without, that's a pretty sick lineup!
  5. rA Application

    You're still in the clan
  6. I was told to wait on response from you about my application

  7. The best anime(s)

    sword art online
  8. Unopened Account

    It's not 90311 and I found nothing with username "idk" in it. The system was changed some time back, so maybe your stuff is gone, but Wrath will sort it out when he can (he's away for a few days-weeks currently).
  9. Broduer40's Member Application

    Accepted! Welcome the clan tag is "-rA. "
  10. Unopened Account

    I've been speaking with him in PM. He told me 2019 timeframe. @Portline Seven you remember anything else, like how much xp, or playtime you had or anything?
  11. Suggesting again

    Yes, even wrath mentioned it is there when he was adding the skins.... it is supposedly just the animation, not the actual shooting, but there are a few bugs with the skins that do need to be addressed.