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    glad you are doing well @DoctOr Daniel

    that's sick. I used to try to draw dragon ball z, but I would actually just trace the pictures that came out of the "how to draw dragon ball z" book and it still didn't look 10% as good as yours.
  3. Login Issue...

    also you can add these things to autoexec.cfg once you have it exactly like you want, and set that to read only. then it will never change unless you want it to that said I have also had issues with that system that I've never figured out.

    Probably not just because very cumbersome to convert crypto to fiat currency to support the server - if you would like to cash it out though and donate with the proceeds, that would be ok
  5. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome, and see you in GG (: (cs gamer)
  6. Cs1.6 dust2

    Yes, so it is basically what Wrath said in his first post. Thanks for the feedback and we will take it into consideration (:
  7. Cs1.6 dust2

    Warth I think maybe you had it right, but he didn't understand. Bran, did you mean like this " (RANK SHOWS HERE) [Admin] -rA. Adrenaline's Wrath: Hello ", where (RANK SHOWS HERE) would be the players rank displayed in chat. For instance: (5 Star General) [Admin] -rA. Adrenaline's Wrath: Hey finesse . whats up? (Lieutenant 2) [Admin] -rA. finesse .: I'm good how are you doing? Is that what you want?
  8. Which server would you like to see boosted next?

    Dust2 or Deathmatch makes the most sense, boosting Surf World would be a s***t show xD. Either Dust2 or Deathmatch imo. Probably Dust2 since it has a greater potential to retain players over DM.
  9. <3

    You always amazed me with your commitment and ability to lead, and I know your legacy will continue through Honeybunny and klaathax (: Thanks for everything you have done for the community and I hope you do find time to stay active I wish you luck in all of your current and future endeavors!
  10. Staff Update #13

    Congrats to all, and apologies for my inactivity. Just been having a hard time in school and have completely cut out gaming for a bit. I hope to playing some again soon!
  11. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    It's like zer0 said basically, but when I play zombie... unless one of the resident zombie mod pros is playing, I can pretty much kill any human. Reaper, buy infection bomb, "sweet revenge", lol one of them always works. Also when u die as zombie u respawn with higher hp so just die a bunch and u can probably end up killing them. But I agree that zm seems to be mainly human vs bot, kill the most bots and you'll be the best player in the server, is how it seems to me. Well, that and play it for a LONG time.
  12. It's time to say goodbye.

    Quitting entirely? I understand being able to play less, even needing to resign your adminship for that, but you don't have to leave completely unless it's really necessary. Hope to see you around, and if not, good luck with everything
  13. Alcayde...

  14. I've been in there a fair bit today, just be sure to use /report and encourage others to do the same. When you use /report , especially if multiple players do it, you typically will get an admin immediately. Or, add some admins on Steam and message them when you see a cheater.

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