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  1. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    It's like zer0 said basically, but when I play zombie... unless one of the resident zombie mod pros is playing, I can pretty much kill any human. Reaper, buy infection bomb, "sweet revenge", lol one of them always works. Also when u die as zombie u respawn with higher hp so just die a bunch and u can probably end up killing them. But I agree that zm seems to be mainly human vs bot, kill the most bots and you'll be the best player in the server, is how it seems to me. Well, that and play it for a LONG time.
  2. It's time to say goodbye.

    Quitting entirely? I understand being able to play less, even needing to resign your adminship for that, but you don't have to leave completely unless it's really necessary. Hope to see you around, and if not, good luck with everything
  3. Alcayde...

  4. I've been in there a fair bit today, just be sure to use /report and encourage others to do the same. When you use /report , especially if multiple players do it, you typically will get an admin immediately. Or, add some admins on Steam and message them when you see a cheater.
  5. 8 months into fatherhood

    Dude I miss you! Just as soon as his little hand can grip a mouse I expect you both to be in-game again, like old times. You know, scoring headshots and sick mid-surf snipe shots from across the map are good stress relievers, which I'm sure you have a lot of lately... Thanks for the update and don't forget about us bae <3
  6. for your consideration

    Oh my. I skimmed through this, so I haven't read everything. I'm just going to comment on #4, russian walk or whatever you want to call it. My hope was/is that this would never become such a problem that we would need a specifically targeted rule to address it. Regarding the Dust 2 server, yes, it's unfair for me to run from CT spawn to T spawn in like 8 seconds, so I don't do it. I have done it a few times among friends, or if we had a consensus that we would be knifing that round, but no matter the method, manual/script/g-strafe/russian walk/crouch hop/duck spam, whatever, it's unfair. I do bunnyhop on Dust 2 a lot, which is totally manual and doesn't require any more than 120 fps really. With bunnyhop you can't really go faster than a player walking along, it's just cool and fun to do. We have/had a rule that essentially said disruptive gameplay is disallowed, which covered players that abuse this, or refuse to plant bomb, block other players, team flash, etc. I prefer the ambiguous, encompassing rules. I have faith that our admin team is responsible enough to utilize these broad rules when necessary without abusing them. On the knife server, different rules apply, at least in practice. When Tetrix=Kitty= was around and we played a lot, the only time we would take action against a player for this type of thing is when it was clearly an engine/in-game script. I realize that the term script is itself ambiguous, but she had been around far longer than me and I kind of followed her lead on that. She knows all of the unfair tricks players use on knife servers. Still, you would see players literally flying through the air and across the map, without using a script. Haven't played there at all lately, however. At the end of the day, there is no absolute fairness in CS or in life, no rule is going to change that. Most players on our servers are still on dinosaur computers, have high ping, don't speak english, etc. I believe the best compromise, as stated, is that unless there is currently some epidemic that I'm unaware of, the rules stay the same regarding "russian walk". If there is not currently a rule against disruptive gameplay, let's implement one. I can count on one hand the number of times I can recall such a thing being a problem in the Dust 2 server, so it has not been a notable issue in my experience. I'm also provisionally against a plugin to regulate this, many plugins cause bugginess, client lag/latency, and other problems. If one could be implemented that didn't have these disadvantages, I'd say go for it. If a player is being disruptive, report them, and an experienced admin will handle the situation accordingly.
  7. Strict admin requirements

    What's admin? I think it's fine that they apply, it's no guarantee that they will become admin. The fact that they can apply and get denied may make them put more effort in game/forum/discord to get to the point of being accepted.
  8. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I'll see if I can do this later this week. Btw, you may want to post the date like "June 10th, 2017" instead of dd/mm/yyyy because in the USA it's backwards (mm/dd/yyyy).
  9. [EVENT] Pug event.

    Oo I wanna do this next time
  10. Suggestions.

    I'm fine to try anything. Been meaning to do some updates to the server but since being signed out and busy I've been slacking. If you'd like to test re-spawning out that's ok with me.
  11. Rocket League

    Me O and Yellow plays it a decent bit.
  12. Player Collision Poll

    OH, yea that was ambiguous, I meant like boosting up onto boxes and stuff on the map LOL. As for the server boosting, it's fun, even if none of them have ever used a computer in their life it's better than playing with 3 players
  13. Player Collision Poll

    Good points. I should note that it's more of a problem when the server is boosted and populated obviously... there are some players that apparently don't even use mice, just arrow keys, and others that go to one spot just stand there. Usually that 'so and so' is "<Warrior> Player" with a 300 ping. In other words, they aren't at all concerned with blocking their teammates. Just found it very annoying personally and wanted to see if that resonated with the community. I don't value boosting much (like, onto boxes, not server boosting).
  14. Ever got stuck in a doorway by your teammate? Got awp'd because someone was standing next to you and you couldn't dodge? Getting tangled up in spawn? Vote Yes, for No Team Collision Dust2 2017 Thank you.
  15. How can I save skills ?

    Idk if this is related, but in SW I randomly get logged out of my account. And, I can never get it to auto-login after reconnecting to servers. No offense but I kinda hate this account stuff lol

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