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  1. Admin Rules

    This was previously posted in a private subforum, reposting here so applicants can see it (with updates coming to these rules soon): The following rules should be followed at all times, should someone not understand something they are expected to have the responsibility to ask another peer or higher staff member so we can help out each other. Remember that when you are a staff member you are a role model and you must follow all the guidelines. Professionalism Staff members are supposed to be role models for the rest of the community and an important part of that is behaving in a professional manner. We all know that this is a gaming community and of course staff members are alllowed to have fun with each other - it is however important to always keep in mind that you should be behaving like role models and therefore know where the limit is. Leaking Information The staff sections in the community (Forum sections, Discord chats, in game admin chat etc.) are supposed to be places where the staff members are able to discuss things privately with each other. Leaking information is absolutely against the rules and doing so will result in a demotion and most likely a permanent ban as well. This includes future ex-staff members - if some of you end up leaving the staff team for one reason or another then you are still not allowed to leak any information that you have had access to in any of the admin sections. Punishments Players should only be banned if they were either cheating (this includes scripting), ghosting or if they were evading another ban. If players are being disruptive in game (mic spamming, flaming people etc.) then that is not a reason to ban them. You should first of all try to handle the situations without punishing them (read: give them a verbal warning) and in case that does not help you can go ahead and mute them. You have to do something if a player is breaking the rules - it is your responsibility as a staff member and you should under no circumstances ignore it. You should always record a demo if permanently banning someone, except for Ban on Sight bans. Important Rule on Steam Players Due to issues we have been having recently, admins are NOT allowed to permanently ban any Steam players without consulting a Council or higher admin first. If you are unsure if the player is a Steam user, you can check by typing "status" in console, or "amx_keys". If their ID beings with "Steam" (not VALVE), they are a Steam player. Abusing powers This is hopefully common sense but abusing of any powers (in game staff commands, forum commands etc.) is strictly forbidden. If anyone is caught abusing their admin then they will receive a verbal warning the first time it happens and be demoted if it were to happen again. In some cases depending on how serious the abuse is the staff member might the demoted right away. This includes using staff commands on fellow staff members - that is not allowed. Inactivity As a staff member it is very important to be active (both in game and on the forum). If you are going to be inactive for x period of time then you are required to make a topic in the 'Sign out' section. It doesn't matter why or for how long - it's just important that we are made aware of it. If a staff member is deemed inactive and there is no sign out topic to be found then said staff member will receive a warning and eventually a demotion if the staff member stays inactive. Being In Multiple Communities Due to previous situations the Head Admins and above have decided to add a rule that it is no longer allowed to be a staff member in other Counter Strike 1.6 and / or Counter Strike: Global Offensive communities while being an Admin in Renegade Army. You are of course allowed to play in other servers and be a part of other communities as much as you want to as long as you aren't a staff member in said communities. This is however solely regarding other Counter Strike 1.6 and / or Counter Strike: Global Offensive communities. We know that a lot of you are most likely playing other games as well and therefore very likely a part of other kind of gaming communities as well and that is perfectly fine.
  2. Staff Update #16

    Just saw this, what an awesome story. Thanks for posting and we're very glad you're still around
  3. Staff Update #16

    I'm sorry I forgot to add Nhuck, he has been promoted to Head Admin!
  4. Staff Update #16

    So, it's time for our annual staff update! (actually, it's supposed to be much more frequent, but you can blame the delay on me) There have been updates in the meantime, mostly removals of inactive admins, but here I'm just going to post updates to the roster as it currently stands. New Admins: @N0M4D has joined, passed his Trial Admin period, and been promoted to Admin (all servers) @SHENLONGH has joined as a Trial Admin (Dust2 24/7) Promotions: @BeaM.26 has been promoted to Global Admin @Empty has been promoted to Senior Admin @FireBlazeS has been promoted to Senior Admin @Godlike has been promoted to Head Admin @Gyroney has been promoted to Senior Admin @̶N̶h̶u̶c̶k̶ ̶ has been promoted to Head Admin (changed their name to @Advertis ) @shmola has been promoted to Council Demotions: @IItzFaithYT has been removed for inactivity @Scape has been removed for inactivity
  5. If you mean a special key for admins, yea that could be nice.
  6. Our AFK plugin is supposed to do this, and it usually does (if you've had the bomb "transferred" to you, that's how). I personally think if it was made that other players could basically vote to move the bomb from a player, it would be abused... people would just do it every round (or, they would never do it because they don't know about it). I'm happy to hear what others think about it though. It is a problem, I'll say that.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. You can just use any selection, other than aimbot/wallhack. We may look at adding it in the future, but in the meantime don't hesitate to report anyone breaking the rules, even if you have to select a different /report reason.
  8. Suggestion (Kick vote)

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion! We are generally opposed to implementing the vote kick feature, but there may be another way to address your concern. Just to clarify, you are talking about AFK players that are still alive, right, not spectators? We do have an AFK kicker on the server, but for whatever reason some players seem to be immune to it. We will look in to it. I believe I have seen you using /report, thanks for that. If not, please do use it (type /report in game chat), myself and the other online admins are immediately pinged when you do it. Whenever I am online and available, I will come ASAP when I get a /report notification.
  9. Server Boosts Starting 8/25

    Hello! Our Dust2 and GunGame servers will be boosted for one month, starting this Wednesday the 25th. We expect the servers to have a lot of traffic during this time so make you stop by to play! We strive to have admins active in the servers at various times, but if there is not one around, remember that you can report any cheaters or players breaking the rules by typing !report in chat, which instantly pings admins in Discord. See you in game soon!
  10. Dust2 map update.

    holy shit this was great. this will go down in history.
  11. Staff Update #15

    I've been slacking, but here is a long overdue staff update. New Admins: (Several admins have been added since the last update, but I'm just going to put the most recent here. Please see http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/staff/ for a list of all current admins). @SouLy has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Dust2 24/7) Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @FireBlazeS has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Godlike has been promoted to Global Admin (all servers) Demotions: @Empty has been removed for inactivity. @fat4cat has been removed for inactivity. @FriedPotato has been removed for inactivity. @Kash has been removed for inactivity. @sfreedom has been removed for inactivity.
  12. About time I did this

    DayZ would be insane But even without, that's a pretty sick lineup!