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    Owner @Lasse Council @Honeybunny @Wachi Developer @Wrath @Cooki3_Monst3r Junior Developer @Err0r Server Manager @Honeybunny - Gun Game. @RIS` - Deathmatch. @AnnaLee - Deathmatch. @finesse . - Surf Combat. @Wrath - Zombie. @AkameGema - Surf Levels. @Wachi - Zombie Escape. @BeaM.26 - Rats. Event Manager @RIS` Head Admin @AkameGema @Godlike @Liquidbullets Global Admin @CATEGORYRKO @finesse . @AnnaLee @Bam Bam @Gotchu Senior Admin @BeaM.26 @Toxyn @iSUCK cs1.6 @Scape @Arash @Zer0virusx @sakula @lola shmola Admin @IItzFaithYT @DoctOr Daniel Trial Admin
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    Promotions: @.jen has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @sakula has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @FriedPotato has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Classics server. @BeaM.26 has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Rats server. @BLaCK-D3V!L has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Deathrun server. @AnnaLee has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Deathmatch server and will manage it alongside RIS. @Spilly.coc4 has returned to the staff team as 'Admin' and will be admin in the Gun Game server. @Err0r has returned to the staff team as 'Junior Developer'. He will help out Wrath with various things mainly behind the scenes. Demotions: None. Resignations: None.
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    Well I promised pictures as soon as he came so, here they are! Ruby Lawrence Rodriguez born on November 4, 2016. My activity will probably decrease drastically, but I'll try to pop in and say whats up whenever I can. Gotta go be a dad now
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    It has come to my attention that @dev1n has messaged at least one admin to try and trick them into giving him their account information claiming that I had asked @dev1n to do so. This topic is simply to remind you that: You should never give anyone your account information (read: forum password, admin password etc). The only exception would be a council member or myself asking for your admin password when setting up your admin. If someone messages you asking for this kind of information then please let me know right away so I can handle it. Screenshot of the private message resulting in this topic being made: As a result of this @dev1n has been permanently banned from the forum.
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    I would like to thank everyone in the community from the old members who may or may not be around to the new ones. My special thanks goes to @Lasse not because he is just an owner or the boss, but because he trusted me in so many different roles in years we both have been in this great community. To be honest with everyone and myself, I have never cared about ranks and never asked nor tried to go to a higher rank. I didn't even apply for admin nor asked anyone to refer me as an admin. I enjoyed to play in the good ol main1 server aka dust24/7 and be a part of this community. But I've always cared so much about this place and it's rules that maybe sometime gave ppl hard time for not following the rules. But all I've always wanted and still want for this place is somwhere you can be proud of to be a part when you compare it to other communities. The only thing I liked about promotions was it showed that there are ppl who are happy with what I am doing and so I have to say congrats to everyone who gets or got promotion and thanks for doing a great job. I hope I can come back some day and spend more time with everyone as my personal life allows me but I am not saying goodbye cause it is rly hard to leave everything you spent hours and hours of your time and energy on it.
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    Rule regarding the PUG server added. PUG server Leaving the PUG server in the middle of a game will result in a one week ban from the PUG server. Explanation: People leaving in the middle of a PUG match has become a bit of an issue. As the entire purpose of the PUG server is to do 5v5 matches it is frustrating when a team member decides to leave in the middle of a game. Therefore we have added a rule stating that people leaving a PUG in the middle of the game will be banned from the PUG server (and the PUG server only) for 1 week. While emergencies that will require you to leave can happen we think it is safe to say that, that is not usually the reason that people leave in the middle of a game.
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    By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully. In game Rules Mic spamming Any kind of mic spam is against the rules in the servers. This includes but is not limited to: Playing music, screaming into the mic as well as flaming other players. 1) Playing music through your mic is considered mic spamming. If people want to listen to music while playing then they are more than capable of doing so themselves. Players doing this will receive a verbal warning and eventually be muted in game if they continue. 2) Shouting/screaming into the mic is under no circumstances allowed. It is generally an annoyance listening to people doing so and especially in a game like Counter Strike where being able to hear the in-game sound is a big part of the game. Players doing this will receive a verbal warning and eventually be muted in game if they continue. Cheating Cheating gives the player a hugely unfair advantage over others and it goes without saying that, that is something we do not welcome at Renegade Army. 1) Any kind of cheating is under no circumstances allowed and will result in a permanent ban. Ghosting Ghosting is the act of one or more dead players spectating an alive enemy player with the intent of revealing his or her actions or location to their alive comrades, giving them an unfair situational advantage. 1) Ghosting is not allowed and any player caught doing so will receive a permanent ban. Advertising Advertising other servers/communities and will result in a temporary ban. 1) Players using a clan/community tag is not considered advertising and as such not against the rules. 2) Players having links in their name (e.g. Twitch links, CS:GO gambling sites etc.) is not against the rules as long as the player isn't advertising another server/community. Disruptive behaviour No disruptive behaviour. This includes but is not limited to: extreme racism, personal attacks on other players, races, religion, and political stance. 1) Players sending in game messages to harass other players will receive a verbal warning and a temporary mute if they should continue. 2) Threatening other players in any way, shape or form will result in a permanent ban. Staff impersonation Staff impersonation is under no circumstances allowed. 1) Any players caught impersonating staff members in game will be permanently banned from our servers. PUG server 1) Leaving the PUG server in the middle of a game will result in a one week ban from the PUG server. Punishment evasion If a user feels that they have been unfairly punished then they will need to appeal it on the forum. 1) Evading a punishment will result in a permanent ban. Bug abuse Abusing any kind of bug/glitch is strictly forbidden. If a player comes across a bug/glitch then we ask that said player reports the bug in the 'Report a bug' section. 1) Players taking advantage of any bug that they might encounter in game will be banned from the servers. Forum Rules Disruptive behaviour Racism and sexism or any other derogatory remarks will not be allowed. This includes resorting to insults while in disagreement in a debate. We do encourage different views on topics but at the same time respect is key and nobody should try to force their view on another. 1) Messages (topics, posts, private messages, shoutbox messages etc.) made with the purpose of harassing another individual in any way, shape or form will result in the user being restricted from posting content for anywhere between five hours to a week depending on the situation. 2) Threatening other users will in no way, shape or form be allowed. Threats that will put a member’s livelihood, security or personal information will result in the user being permanently removed from the community. 3) Posting anyone's personal information (pictures, addresses, e-mails etc.) without their permission is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent removal from the community. Spamming Any kind of spamming is against the rules. This includes but is not limited to: 1) Posting things with no relevance to the actual topic (i.e. going off topic) is considered spamming and will in worst case result in a restriction from posting content for anywhere between five hours to a week depending on the situation. 2) Grave digging (i.e. posting in old topics with the last post being 30+ days old) is considered spamming and is as such against the rules unless the post contains useful and relevant information regarding the topic. Members doing this is very likely to receive a verbal warning and potentially a temporary restriction from posting content on the forum. In other words, use common sense before bumping old topics - don't do it unless it's necessary or that there at least is good reasoning to do so. Example A): Posting a "welcome to the community" message in a year old introduction topic is the type of grave digging that is not allowed. Example B): Commenting in the "New servers?" topic suggesting a server mode even though the last post in the topic is older than 30 days is allowed. 3) Creating multiple topics/posts regarding the same subject (ex. creating multiple ban appeals) is considered spamming and will result in a warning and possibly a restriction from posting content. Staff impersonation Impersonating staff members is under no circumstances allowed. 1) Creating forum accounts with similar names to staff members is considered staff impersonation. The account with such a name will be permanently banned and so will any other account belonging to the creator of the account(s). Advertising Advertising other servers/communities are not allowed. 1) Invading other servers/communities to advertise Renegade Army is also not allowed. We don't want people to advertise here and as such we shouldn't do it to other communities ourselves. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently removed from the community as we don't want to associate ourselves with such behavior. Multiple accounts There is no limit as to how many forum accounts one is allowed to have - there is, however, certain things that are not allowed. 1) Using multiple accounts to vote in polls is not allowed and will result in a temporary ban from the forum. 2) Using multiple accounts to enter competitions (giveaways etc.) is not allowed as it gives the person an unfair advantage. Anyone caught doing so will receive a temporary forum ban as well as never being allowed to take part in competitions again. 3) Reputation farming (i.e. upvoting your own content on alternative accounts) is not allowed and will result in the user's reputation being set to -100. Discord rules If in need of help: In game help (i.e. there is a cheater in game) tag @Admins which will notify all of the admins on Discord. Discord help (i.e. someone is breaking the rules) tag @Discord Staff as they are the only ones with staff permissions on there. Spamming Spamming on the Discord server is generally against the rules. 1) Playing around with the bots (ex. rolling) is not considered to be against the rules. If it becomes an issue we might create a new channel for bot commands. Disruptive behaviour It is fair to say that the Discord server is the most relaxed and chill part of the community. The rules are a bit looser on Discord compared to the forum and in game but there still are certain things that are a no go. 1) Threatening other users in any way, shape or form is not allowed. Anyone doing so will be temporarily banned from the Discord server. 2) Any content that can be considered inappropriate is only allowed in #nsfw-chat. This at the same time means that people shouldn't go to #nsfw-chat unless they are prepared to see said content. 3) Anyone trolling with the sole purpose of annoying or harassing other users (ex. someone is listening to music through the bot and you continuously skip their songs) will be temporarily banned from the Discord Server. As mentioned before Discord is a more relaxed and chill part of the community compared to the forum and in game. This means that things can easily and quickly get a bit out of hand so we ask that you remember to be considerate and use common sense. Advertising Advertising other servers/communities is strictly forbidden. 1) Anyone doing so will be permanently banned from the Discord server. Staff impersonating It is fairly easy to impersonate staff members on Discord and it is obviously something that is not allowed. In case you think that someone PM'ing you is a person impersonating a staff member then tag the staff member in #chat to make sure that, that is/is not the case. 1) Anyone caught impersonating a staff member will be permanently banned from the Discord server. Terms of Service YOUR ACCOUNTS When you set up an account, you are required to provide an username and email address and select a password which you may not transfer to or share with any third parties. If someone accesses our website using your information then we will assume that said person is you. You are one hundred percent responsible for any activities created by your account – this applies for both your forum account and your Steam account(s). If your account is caught cheating in our servers or doing any activities that we would consider being against our rules then we will also assume that the person doing so is you and will therefore punish your account for said activities. We reserve the right to take any and all actions against your accounts as it deems necessary or reasonable. You understand that we do not provide evidence to banned players in case said player should decide to appeal their ban. Any evidence is looked at and discussed among the Admins if needed. When creating an account on our website you automatically acknowledge that certain information of yours will be available to the Staff. This includes but is possibly not limited to: e-mail information and IP address(es). This information will only be accessible by highly trusted Staff members and will under no circumstances become public information. You may not use anyone else’s account at any time. If you are caught on someone else’s account then both your personal account and the other account that you have accessed will be punished. USER CONTENT Renegade Army is a community that welcomes users as well as user comments and submissions. We do however retain the right to modify, move, or remove any user content – in whole or in part – for any reason or no reason with or without notice. We also reserve the right to take actions against users who continually break our rules in any way that we deem necessary or reasonable. You understand that while we will take action against any users posting content that we consider to be against our rules we are however not responsible for content posted by other members of the community. When creating an account on our site you agree not to post or upload any content that is inaccurate, offensive, threatening, embarrassing, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, harmful, profane, invasive of anyone's privacy, hateful, or contains or depicts nudity or explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual or violent acts (including but not limited to: sexual language of a violent or threatening nature directed at another individual), or any content that is otherwise inappropriate as determined by us in our sole discretion. You also agree not to post or upload any user content that harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of any impermissible classification, including but not limited to: religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity or national origin. We reserve the right to delete any content that we would consider to be against those terms as well as the right to take actions against any accounts creating such user content. SHOP Any user information that could be considered to be private information including but not limited to: billing addresses and phone numbers will only be accessible to the owner of Renegade Army, Lasse. This information will not be used for anything other than things related to the shop of Renegade Army. IP adresses are accessible to the Head Admins and above. If an user purchases something from the store said user will automatically agree that there will be no refunds under any circumstances unless there is an error with the item that said user have purchased. If an user purchases an in-game perk such as a donator status in one of our servers then we reserve the right to terminate said status if the user breaks any of our rules. If we decide to terminate someones donator status or decide to terminate the server that said player have purchased in-game perks for then there will also be no refunds given.
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    Please create a new thread and answer these questions to the fullest. Not answering these questions will drop your chances of acceptance into the clan. Please do not post multiple applications. The shortest time you'll hear about a decision is 48 hour. - What is your in-game name? - How old are you? - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord) - Are you active in another community/clan? - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info)
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    Hey guys, It has been a while, to say the least since the last staff update so here is the next one. It is a mixture of some solid active admins moving up the ranks as well as the demotions of other admins who we haven't seen or heard from in a while. Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to Admin. @DoctOr Daniel has been promoted to Admin. @lola shmola has been promoted to Senior Admin. @sakula has been promoted to Senior Admin. @Gotchu and @iSUCK cs1.6 are teaming up as the new Server Managers of the Classics server. Demotions: @Spilly.coc4 has been demoted due to inactivity. @DarKxD has been demoted due to inactivity. @BLaCK-D3V!L has been demoted due to inactivity. @Eddy Spaghetti has been demoted due to inactivity. Resignations: None.
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    Intro. It is always a pleasure to see players showing interest in becoming a part of the staff team. It is however at the same time a bit frustrating when a lot of the applications aren't properly made (e.g. filled with half-assed answers to the questions, straight out leaving some of the questions out and generally when the application form is not being used). Renegade Army is a gaming community and as such we do not expect applications made at an academic level or anything like that - we do however expect people to make well written applications that they have put some thought into. When you make an application you are asking us to spend our time to read the application and give you feedback - if you do not care enough to make a proper application then none of us are going to care enough to spend our time going through it. Example of a well written application. In-Game Name: Lasse. Server you want admin in, choose one and add it to the topic of your application. (CS 1.6 Servers: [Dust 24/7/GunGame/Surf World/Knife Arena/Zombie City]: Dust 24/7. Age: 25. Timezone (UTC): +02:00. Steam ID [If you have one]: STEAM_0:1:10802743. Do you have Discord? If so, what is your Discord tag?: Lasse#0655. What languages do you speak?: I speak Danish and English. Why would you like to work with us?: I have been a part of the community for a while and have enjoyed my time here. I have however noticed that there have been an increasing amount of cheaters lately which has made the in game experience a bit disappointing lately. The admins are doing a great job but I do believe that the server is a bit understaffed at times - which is something that I would like to help with. Why would you make a good addition to the current team?: I am pretty active in game and I am more than capable of spotting cheaters which obviously is an important ability of an admin. I have been an admin in communities similar to Renegade Army in the past and as such I know my way around the amxmodmenu and generally speaking what it means to be an admin. If you had to choose three important qualities a staff member should possess what would they be? Explain the reasoning behind choosing those specific three: 1. Activity: It goes without saying that being active is important. If the admins aren't active then the cheaters will be able to ruin the game for the rest of the players. In the short run this will annoy the players and in the long run the players will end up leaving the servers because of it. 2. Professionalism: While this is a gaming community it is still important to be professional as an admin. For example when dealing with players who is giving you a hard time for whatever reason (such as throwing insults at you or breaking the rules) it is important to not stoop down to their level and instead handle the situation in a mature and professional way. 3. Responsibility: As an admin it is your responsibility to get rid of the cheaters in game and generally to help the players when needed. At the same time however you also have to make sure that the players you ban are in fact cheating. Everyone makes mistakes but it is important to remember that you technically are able to ban innocent players - this being a good reason as to why recording demos as evidence is a thing in the first place. Link(s) to your report(s) in the 'Report Cheaters' section: *Insert link*. Any other additional information?: I can't think of anything no. You are more than welcome to message me if you have any questions though. Make sure that you have read and understood the rules: Outro. If you make a proper application then your chances of being accepted will be a lot better than if you make a half-assed application filled with short and more or less useless answers. It goes without saying that being active throughout the community (in game, on the forum and on the Discord server) will also improve your chances. It will first of all make you seem more committed to the community but it will also simply make it easier for us to get to know you - and vice versa. It currently isn't a requirement to use our Discord server but I would very much encourage you to do so. First of all it is one of the best (if not the best) ways to socialize with the community. Second of all there are certain admin tools on there (such as player reports being shown on the Discord server - I don't think I have to explain why that's important for admins to have access to). Third of all it makes it a lot easier for me and the rest of the management when we need to reach out to the admins for whatever reason. While it currently isn't a requirement to use our Discord server it very likely will be at some point in the future. It is already one of the first things that I look at prior to leaving feedback on someones admin application - and even when it comes to promoting current admins to higher ranks.
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    Halloween The spooky creatures around the forum have vanished and the forum is no longer halloweenified. Usergroup updates We have added a forum icon to the different usergroups which will appear next to the usernames depending on which usergroup the user is in. If someone is in multiple usergroups then the user will have the icon corresponding to their primary usergroup (as with the usergroup colors). We have also added postbit backgrounds to each usergroup. This is yet another way to show the primary usergroup of each user. Examples: (Some of the background images might get changed at some point) Live Chat As mentioned in the last update topic we'll soon be enabling a 'Live Chat' feature. This'll basically be the new go-to option for players when they have any questions about anything related to the community or that they're in need of any other kind of support. There are multiple reasons behind doing this but the two main ones would be: The chatbox is currently being flooded with all kind of questions and more often than not questions aren't being answered due to the staff not being online at all times and therefore simply missing a lot of the questions asked in the chatbox. To make it easier both for the staff to answer questions but also for the players to receive answers to their questions. The 'Live Chat Operators' will be @LIVELIFE, @finesse ., @Ozys, @Jaxiki and myself. I'm planning on enabling the 'Live Chat' at some point next week. It'll be up for a test run for x amount of time after which it'll be decided whether we should keep the feature or not. CS 1.6 Report bots Similar to the CS:GO servers we now have a built-in system in our CS 1.6 servers which should help us handle cheaters and rule breakers as quickly as possible. It's a system that allows the players to report a player in the server which will then trigger a message in the chatbox informing us who the cheater / rule breaker is, which server the report was made in and who made said report. Example: There are a total of four commands - three of them being for the admins. Player command: /report : opens a menu with list of players currently in the server, and also includes "custom" where you can manually type the name of the rule breaker incase they disconnect before you attempt to report them Admin commands: /dealt: admin command which informs that they have dealt with the hacker in any way, as finding out they're clean or banning them or anything like that /notfound: admin command which informs us that the hacker is no longer in the server /forumchat: allows admins to send messages to forum's chat, example: /forumchat "hello". please keep this command limited to not flood forum's chat, its main intention is to be used for events or serious invitations. CS 1.6 Store update We have added the in-game command "use_key" which is a console command you can use to activate a product you have bought from our store (for example: Experience in the zombie server). How it works: 1. Go to http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/clients/purchases/ 2. Click the 'manage' button on the right side of the product you have purchased. 3. You will see a serial key which will either be a standard key (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) or a MD5 key (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) 4. Copy the key and type the following in your console while being in the server: use_key "paste serial key here" 5. Product will be activated. Battle of the communities III I want to give a quick shoutout to @Plato, @finesse ., @El Aitch Ess, @VyTiL and @Papi for representing the community in the battle of the communities event. The entire point of us joining was to have some fun together with other communities and I feel like we managed to achieve exactly what we came for. We might not have been the best team in the competition but I think it's safe to say that we still ended up being one of the most talked about communities in the competition - "any publicity is good publicity".
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    Promotions: @klaathax has been promoted 'Council'. With Wrath stepping down to focus on being a Developer we decided that we could use someone else as Council. Klaathax has been around for a couple of years and he has been an extremely good asset to the team - both professionally and on a personal level. Maturity, loyalty and commitment are three qualities I consider as being very important in a member of the Council and he has proved time after time that based on those criteria he is a perfect candidate for the position. I have always said that he is one of the most mature and polite staff members that we have ever had and that is a description of him that I still think is a hundred percent accurate. @Honeybunny and I quickly agreed that he would be a great promotion to make. He will be especially focused on everything that has to do with bans such as the ban appeal process, demos and such. In general he has some great ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve the community which is something that he is very committed to. @AkameGema has been promoted to 'Head Admin'. I originally was pretty vocal about not supporting her admin application back in the day but she has definitely proved me wrong - something that I think is important to be willing to admit in a case like this. She has been a solid part of the CS:GO staff team from the very beginning and she continues doing her best to improve the quality of our CS:GO servers. Furthermore her activity on Discord has made her familiar with some of the other Head Admins as well as some other high ranked staff members that she perhaps didn't know that well previously. @finesse . has been promoted to 'Global Admin'. He has been around for a few years and has been doing a great job. He is decently active in game and seems to be banning cheaters left and right in an attempt to keep our servers as clean as possible. He is the kind of admin who doesn't really ask for anything nor complains about things and at the same time always willing to help out when needed. He is one of the admins who have been active on our Discord server from the moment it was set up which - like as with Akame - I think has had a positive impact on his position in the community. @Inverified has been promoted to 'CS:GO Senior Admin'. He recently returned to the staff team after originally being demoted a while ago. It was a demotion that looking back probably should not have happened in the first place. It was sort of an odd situation that I think left everyone involved somewhat frustrated. He did a very good job when he was an admin the last time around which is also why there wasn't any doubt in my mind that he should be welcomed back to the team when he recently wanted to. This is also why he is being promoted to 'CS:GO Senior Admin' as quickly as he is - because well.. it would be a waste to not have him as admin across all of our current and potential future CS:GO servers. Congratulations to all four of you and thank you for everything that you have done for the community so far.
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    Hey guys, We have had quite a few changes to the staff team since the last staff update. Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' in the Zombie server. @sakula has been promoted to 'Admin' in the Dust 24/7 server. @AnnaLee has been promoted to 'Senior Admin'. @Eddy Spaghetti has been promoted to 'Senior Admin'. @Zer0virusx has returned to the staff team as 'Senior Admin'. @Gotchu has returned to the staff team as 'Senior Admin'. Demotions: @.jen has been demoted due to inactivity (mainly on the forum and partly in game). @Drawka has been demoted due to inactivity (mainly in game and partly on the forum). @finesse . has been moved from 'Global Admin' back to 'Senior Admin'. He will as such still be admin in all of the servers and will still be the 'Server Manager' of the Surf server. He might very likely return to the 'Global Admin' team in the future when he has some more spare time to commit to the servers. Resignations: @Plato has decided to resign and was eventually banned from the forum later on. I wish the situation would have ended differently but due to certain circumstances, we (The Head Admins, Council, Developers and myself) all came to an agreement that this was the only solution to an unfortunate situation. Anyone interested in knowing what happened can contact Plato about it. No matter what there is no denying that Plato has done a lot of positive things for the community and for that we thank him and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.
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    The forum software that we use did a somewhat big update recently. This update caused a lot of issues with our forum theme which is why certain things around the forum haven't been working in the past few days (such as being able to like posts). It has taken a lot of time but almost everything should be fixed now - all there is left to do is some minor graphical changes here and there. A big thank you to @Wrath for helping me (and actually doing most of it). If any of you notice any bugs or anything that's not working as it should then send me a PM or create a topic in the bug report section. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New CS 1.6 servers. Within the past few months, we have re-opened the PUG server as well as added a Classic server. Furthermore, we recently created a new server that will be used strictly for events hosted by @RIS`. We are already working on two more CS 1.6 servers - a 'Surf Levels' server which is very similar to the CS:GO Surf servers that we had as well as a Zombie Escape server. They are both still in the very early stages of development so it is too early to say when we will be able to release them - it also is possible that we won't end up releasing them at all but if people are interested then I would be surprised if we didn't. Classics IP: PUG IP: Event IP: Server Manager changes. The 'Server Manager' rank has had a bit of a rework. The name 'Server Manager' didn't make a lot of sense before considering that the managers didn't actually manage the servers. This has however been changed so that the 'Server Managers' are able to make the changes to the server they manage themselves such as: adding / removing maps, uploading plugins, changing various configurations and so on. As seen in the last staff update topic this change resulted in quite a few admins being promoted to 'Server Manager' of different servers. We are still looking for 'Server Managers' of a few servers but as Discord activity is an absolute must for managers I would suggest any admin interested in such position to check the stickied message in the #staff chat on Discord. This change was partly done so that Wrath didn't have to manage all of the servers by himself but also as an attempt to be able to fix bugs and make important changes as quickly as possible. It is a bit complicated to learn how to do the different things that have to do with managing a server so please be patient with the new 'Server Managers'. It is a learning experience for most of them so they need some time to learn. Clubs. A part of the recent forum upgrade is the clubs which is a new way of supporting sub-communities within the community. It could be anything from the official clan using it or the server managers creating a club for the server they manage to the frequent PUG players creating a club to plan PUG events (see the purple example at the bottom of the post). The members of the community who have been with us for a long time might remember a similar feature a couple of years ago. There are four types of clubs: Public, Open, Closed and Private clubs. Public clubs: Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club: Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club: Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club: Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Within the clubs there are different member ranks: Leader: A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderator: Moderators have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. Users: Regular member. To create a club simply click on the 'Clubs' in the bar at the top of the forum and then click on 'Start a Club' as seen in the screenshot below: @Alcayde has decided to use the club feature for the official clan instead of the 'Private' forum section that was previously used by the clan members. As such all of the topics from said section has been moved to the newly created clan club. All of the clan members should join the club: Reactions. As I am sure that some of you are aware you haven't been able to like posts in the past couple of days. The reasoning being that the last forum update added a change to the reputation system as well. As mentioned on Discord we had some issues with some of the changes due to our forum theme but everything should be fixed now. You previously only had one option to react to a post which was to like it. With the reactions, you are now able to react to posts with likes, dislikes and a few other options. Click the 'thumbs up' icon in the bottom right corner of a post and choose your reaction. It should look like this: In other news... You can now submit posts by holding Ctrl + Enter instead of having to click 'Submit reply'. A message will now appear if a topic is more than 30 days old asking people not to post unless necessary. This is an attempt to prevent people bumping old topics we have seen happening somewhat often lately - in some cases even introduction topics made years ago. See the red example at the bottom of the post. A couple of changes have been made to try and prevent spam accounts from joining the forum. An 'away' plugin has been enabled. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to 'Account Settings' to enable it. The red 'MEMBER AWAY' icon is clickable and will show how long someone is away for and why they are gone. See the yellow example at the bottom of the post. A message will now appear in private messages reminding people not to give out personal information. Ahem, Dev1n. Global Admins+ will now be able to ban users from topics. Global Admins+ will now be able to recommend posts in topics. Recommended posts will appear at the very top of the topic. See the green example at the bottom of the post. Global Admins+ will now be able to add a custom message above a topic. See the blue example at the bottom of the post. Global Admins+ can now restore deleted content through the ModeratorCP. In the past moderators have accidentally deleted things (the previous "Bored anything goes.." topic for example). This will make such mistakes reversible. _____________________________________________________________________________ An example of an event hosted in a club: An example of the message showing in topics older than 30 days: An example of the away plugin: An example of a recommended post: An example of a custom message:
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    Promotions: @Kill_Em_All has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Deathmatch server. @San_Cvander has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @AnnaLee has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Deathmatch server. @FriedPotato has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @Tommy_the_Cat has returned to the admin team as 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @Liquidbullets has been promoted to 'Global Admin'. Resignations: @GirinoS has resigned from the admin team due to lack of time. We wish him best of luck with everything. @sleepiexjay has resigned from the admin team due to lack of time and wanting to spend his spare time on other games. As with Girino we wish him the best of luck with everything. @yellow has resigned from the admin team a while ago. It has for some reason never been mentioned in any of the staff updates.
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    I feel like everything in the OP is irrelevant except this sentence: "I installed wallhack on my laptop". That sounds like a conscious choice to me, the stuff about being scammed is superfluous. I've been playing this games for years, been accused of hacking dozens of times, but I've never cheated once.
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    Promotions: @BLaCK-D3V!L has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Zombie server. @FriedPotato has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Senior Admin' and will have admin in all of the CS 1.6 servers. Resignations: Due to the CS:GO servers shutting down all of the CS:GO admins (@SixSixSix, @Inverified, @Papi, @VyTiL and @Mr.Skeltal) have been moved to the 'Ex Admin' group. They were all offered to be moved to the CS 1.6 admin team (an offer that will always remain open) but decided to be moved to the 'Ex Admin' group instead - at least the ones that gave an answer to said offer. @Nexxrn has stepped down from his 'Global Admin' role. @Arash has stepped down from his 'Head Admin' role as well as his 'Server Manager' role. The reason behind this being that he is going to be busy with his real life and thus won't be able to commit to Renegade Army as much as he used to. While he has been moved to the 'CS 1.6 Senior Admin' rank and as such still is admin in all of the servers we would still like to thank him for all of the work that he has done for the community. We hope to see him back as 'Head Admin' in the future if he at some point wants to / will be able to return. Demotions: @Enlil has been removed from the team due to various things. While I don't see any reason to go into all of the details an explanation can be found here: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/topic/17547-you-wanted-this/&page=2#comment-312778 Other: @Cooki3_Monst3r has been moved from the 'CS:GO Developer' group to the 'Developer' with Wrath.
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    Good job @San_Cvander for reporting this. @Lasse I propose we consider banning @dev1n from the community entirely, including servers.
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    @YouTubeIItzFaith When you reach my age (many years from now) you will prefer to subtract years rather than exaggerate. We do appreciate you taking the blame and coming clean about your age. I think it shows that, while you made a mistake, you do take this seriously and respect our community. Rather than deny or remove your admin, I am going to leave your admin application on pending status for a probationary period of 6 weeks. My hope is that you will continue to be active, report cheaters, and participate on the forum, Discord, and game servers. Do this, and 6 weeks from now we will resume the process of creating your admin account. Cheers, HB
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    It was recently suggested that we should start hosting more in game events. With the re-release of the PUG server this seems like a great opportunity of doing so. Important Information: We need a total of 10 players signing up for the event. It'll be a 'first-come first-served' kind of event - in other words the first 10 players signing up will be the 10 players taking part. a) If we don't reach 10 players then the event will not happen. b) Do not sign up unless you are absolutely sure that you will be able to make it. We won't be able to do the event if we don't have 10 players showing up. The event will take place on Saturday (6/3/2017) at 10 PM UTC. Server IP: The players on the winning team will receive 2.5 store credits (2.5 virtual USD for the store) - a reward that should become pretty useful with the upcoming update to the Donator ranks. The event will be streamed on Twitch by me. If you want to sign up then please reply to this topic stating so. Depending on how successful it turns out we will very likely create similar events in the near future again. ___ People taking part: Lasse. Cobra Wachi Arash Plato DonDadda Vytil HoneyBunny Liquidbullets TheJMJ
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    Steam integration. We have implemented a plugin allowing users to sync their Steam accounts to their forum accounts. This has multiple features such as: Allowing new users to create a forum profile by using their Steam account. Allowing anyone with a synced Steam account to log on their forum account through their Steam account. Adding a tab to users forum profile showing various information from their Steam account: Steam ID, # of games owned and such. It's important to mention that we do not get access to anything related to your Steam account (in terms of password and whatever else there might be). The only information that we will be able to see is whether someone is VAC banned or not. How to do it. New users: Click on 'Sign in with Steam' when signing up on the forum. Other users: 1. Click on your name in the top right corner. 2. Click on 'Account Settings'. 3. Click on 'Steam'. Alternatively use the following link: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/settings/&area=profilesync&service=Steam Screenshots: CS 1.6 PUG server. Due to users showing interest (which started off with the following topic made by dev1n: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/topic/17369-new-scrim-server) we have decided to re-open our PUG server. As mentioned in his topic I am not sure how active it will be but since some of you wanted it back we thought why not. It could be an useful server for some fun events anyway. I would like to once again thank everyone who helped me test out the server a couple of days ago. IP: Donator ranks. We have been (and still are) working on making some changes to the Donator rank. The way that it currently works people donating are added to the 'Donator' user group on the forum. The only thing that this user group currently does is changing the name colour of the donators within it - other than that there is no difference between the 'Donator' user group and the regular 'Members' user group. As it currently stands we don't feel like people donating are getting the recognition they deserve - therefore we have decided to change how it works. As mentioned before we are still working on this but I am hoping that we will be able to get it done by next weekend. We will be adding two more 'Donator' ranks meaning that we will have three in total: Donator, Super Donator and Extreme Donator. Each rank will obviously have their own user group but there will be other perks included as well - perks on the forum, in game and on Discord. I will get into more details about the actual perks when the update is finalized. It will be a bit different to how it currently works in the sense that each Donator group will be an 'item' in the store - all three with different prices. Purchasing one of the ranks will automatically put you in the user group for that specific Donator group on the forum as well as give you a license key to use in the 1.6 servers to unlock the perks. It is also worth mentioning that we will start rewarding people donating in other ways than purchasing items directly from the store. This is yet another way for us to start showing more recognition and appreciation for the people donating. For example: If someone boosts one of the CS 1.6 servers then they would receive the value of the boost in credits for the store. If someone donates through the donation button on the right side of the forum then they would receive the value of said donation in credits for the store. Etc. Store credits are basically virtual currency for the store. You can use the store credit to purchase items just like how you would use actual money. It'll ask you whether you want to use credits or actual money when purchasing items through the store assuming you have any credits. See example below: Lastly we are aware that there are people who don't want to or perhaps simply can't spend money donating. That is very understandable and perfectly fine. We want everyone to be able to "achieve" the 'Donator' ranks whether people actually donate or not which brings me to the next point. We are going to try and focus on hosting some more events (primarily in game events) from now on. We will try and host different kind of events so that there is something for everyone and the winner(s) in these events will be rewarded with x amount of credits for the store. In other words taking part in these events will be a perfect way of getting the 'Donator' ranks without necessarily having to spend any actual money. "Report Cheaters" section. It has been well known for quite a while now that the 'Report cheaters' section has been somewhat useless. A lot of non steamers have been reported and by the time that we have seen the reports the player will have left the server - making us unable to ban them. We realized that we had to make some changes rather quickly when it reached a point where Godlike alone had reported 50+ players who we simply couldn't do anything about - a frustration situation to be in both for the players making the reports and the admins. I won't go into too many details but I will say that we finally figured out a solution to this issue not too long ago. The Head Admins and above have been given access to certain tools that will make it easier for us to get rid of the cheaters reported in the forum section. We still require a demo as we need the evidence prior to banning a player but assuming that is provided and that the player is in fact cheating then they now can and will be dealt with. A great example of this is the following screenshot showing Wachi having a busy day handling a whole lot of reports after having been given access to the new tools: Ranking. As you may be aware we have an automatic system tracking players' in game ranks in the different servers. An example can be seen here for the Dust 24/7 server: Furthermore you can see a full description of your personal rank on your forum profile as seen here: The rank boards are reset every two months to make it a bit competitive and to give everyone a chance at reaching the top. The ServerReporter bot will create a post in the topics for each server (as the one for Dust 24/7 which I linked before) everytime the scoreboard is reset to keep a record of the three players who managed to secure themselves a top 3 spot - think of it as a server specific 'Hall of Fame' kind of thing. The three players who manage to end up in the top 3 will all receive in game perks as their prizes - what exact perks will depend on the server.
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    Due to this being the first topic chances are you are already aware of most of these changes - they'll be from a month back till today. Promotions: @iSUCK cs1.6 has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @MaGNuM has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @Scape has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @GirinoS has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Zombie server. @Inverified has returned to the staff team as 'CS:GO Admin' and will be admin in the Surf T1 server. @AkameGema has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Surf T1 server. @RIS` has returned to the staff team as a 'Global Admin'. Demotions: @Drawka has been demoted due to inactivity. Resignations: @Zer0virusx has decided to resign as admin. We would like to thank him for the great work that he has done in the past few years - we wish him the best of luck with everything. Other: @Wrath and I had a conversation earlier and both came to a mutual agreement that it would be for the best that he resigned from his position as 'Council'. He will instead be joining the 'Developer' group. It is important to mention that this is entirely by his own choice. The main reason behind this decision being that someone in his position is better suited as a 'Developer' rather than a 'Council' member - this will let him be a hundred percent focused on developing the CS 1.6 servers rather than having multiple roles. In other words nothing will really change except that he'll be able to focus on what he does best.
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    Hi, I've been working on a feature for awhile now and I wouldn't call it final yet since there might be some issues that will occur at times plus it still lacks some features. You can now integrate your forums ID with your in game ID, it used to be kind of "confusing" for many players how exactly to do it. If you want to know the old method that was used which still works say ra_forumid help in console. I'm sure however that it's much easier now and this is how it's done: 1. Go to your profile then click the "edit profile" 2. Look for "KeyID". 3. Type the KeyID that you're using ingame then save. (if you don't know it then go to one of our servers and say /account, you'll see your keyID in the menu title as shown bellow.) 4. go back to your game and say /checkid or choose Check Forums ID. This will show a list of profile name and ids that uses your keyID, choose the one you own. Once you choose your profile ID, it will connect your KeyID to your forum account. Q&A: What does this do? This will allow your game account to know what you own in your forums account and vice versa. For example: if you're in rA's main clan then the game will automatically add the in-game tag. Another example is shown in my own profile here: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/profile/1980-wrath/ As you can see it shows my in game stats around the servers. This will also show your in game account information and perks information. You can expect more features to come along if this proves to be stable. How do I remove a forum id from my keyID? Simply type ra_forumid delete in console How do I prevent others from using my keyID? Well, when you say /checkid and choose your own forum id it will automatically remove your keyID from the rest of the forum ids except the one you chose, and of course. if you choose "none." it will remove all of them. How do I delete the stats from my profiles or other related fields? say /account ingame then you'll see in menu Forums profile updater, this will show a list of the things that gets updated, servers stats, account and perks. choose one to toggle it on or off. when you reconnect after the changes, it will erase all the updates you had in your profile that you're allowing anymore and only keeps the ones you wanted. How do I allow only certain servers to update their stats on my profile? see question: "How do I delete the stats from my profiles or other related fields?" Why is /checkid not showing anything? Well it's simple, you didn't type the correct keyID you're using ingame. Hope you all enjoy.
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    Hey guys, We have had a few resignations as well as a fair amount of promotions since the last staff update. Promotions: @Wachi has been promoted to Council. @Godlike has been promoted to Head Admin. @Liquidbullets has been promoted to Head Admin. @Gotchu has been promoted to Global Admin. @Bam Bam (previously known as Ali) has been promoted to Global Admin. @AnnaLee has been promoted to Global Admin. @finesse . has been re-promoted to Global Admin. @San_Cvander has been promoted to Senior Admin. @lola shmola has joined the staff team as Trial Admin in the Dust 24/7 server. Demotions: None. Resignations: @klaathax has stepped down from his Council position as he will be busy focusing on IRL commitments. He has been an incredibly important part of the staff team and we thank him for everything that he has done for the community. He will still be active within the community to some extent and we hope to see him fully return to the Council team at some point in the future. @MaGNuM has decided to resign from his Senior Admin position due to IRL commitments taking up most of his time. He did a solid job as an admin and we wish him nothing but the best with his future endeavors. @Kill_Em_All has been removed from the staff team for the time being. He will be too busy with work (possibly till the end of 2017) to commit to the community. He will, of course, be more than welcome to return to the team if he should want to when he has the time. @FriedPotato has resigned from his Senior Admin + Server Manager position. We thank him for being a part of the staff team and wish him good luck with everything.
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    Hey everyone. For those who don't know me, my name is Ryan but most people call me Six. It's been quite a few months since I stepped away from my admin duties and just about as long since I stopped playing CS altogether. As long as I've been gone my homepage has always been renegade.army, but tonight feels like the first time I've really gone through the forum and man oh man the nostalgia is in full effect right now. I stepped away because, as the title suggests, I had a kid! My son is 8 months old now and just the most perfect baby I could have ever asked for. I just wanted to stop in and say hey to all the new(er) people, the old members, and anyone else roaming the forums. I miss every single one of you whom I've ever spoken with and played with, especially @finesse . I was tripping out right now thinking about how almost 2 years ago we were surfing the 1.6 server, way before I ever even wanted to join rS. This community is seriously a gem in the CS community and I appreciate everything the staff does and has done over the years to keep this a float. Yes, that even means you @Lasse. Anyhoo, here's a semi recent picture of my girlfriend and son.
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    I saw that we have new people in our community and I also realized that Renegade Army got again more people ^^ only needs the people plays now in the zombie server, so I decided to make an intro about min for those who do not know me. My name is Daniel, better known as DoctOr, a Portuguese race boy from Brazil, 15 years old and I have an English very ugly, but i hope do you not laughing at him. I play here since 2014 together with @Cobra and @N!ghT'S,, I'm a zombie player and you can find me on the zombie server and try to compare my skill but from time to time I'm also playing in the dust2 and tdm. I'm currently a little away from the computer because of school and I also got a job, and I'm currently working as a administrative helper (do not ask me how i has this work, because I don't know). I have a goal that is to be graphic designer or civil engineer I still do not know what I want to follow, I am funny or no, friendly, a lovely fairy, I do not like lasagna, I prefer dad cr7 than messi and other things . Enough, i hope make new friends and for those who are new and do not know about me, greetings!
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    Promotions: @CATEGORYRKO has been promoted to 'Global Admin'. @Godlike has been promoted to 'Global Admin'. @Wachi has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the upcoming Zombie Escape server. Demotions: @Tommy_the_Cat has been removed from the staff team due to inactivity. Resignations: @Nexxrn (formerly known as Liquidbullets) has decided to resign as he is quitting Counter Strike all together. We would like to thank him for everything that he has done for the community as well as wish him the best of luck with everything. If he should return to the game then we will always be more than happy to welcome him back. Other: @Alcayde will take over from Arash as the new clan leader.
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    I like the idea of bringing back "Main 2", but instead of it being another Dust2 server it would be every classic map that isn't Dust2.
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    Never thought i would be playing CS from my semi Truck! Using my cellphone 4G internet i am getting pretty good connection and ping on RA server dust24/7
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    Promotions: @Godlike has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the UWC3 server. @DarKxD has returned to the admin team as 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @iSUCK cs1.6 has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Senior Admin' and will be admin in all of the CS 1.6 servers. @MaGNuM has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Senior Admin' and will be admin in all of the CS 1.6 servers. @Scape has been promoted to 'CS 1.6 Senior Admin' and will be admin in all of the CS 1.6 servers. Resignations: @Jaxiki has decided to resign due to personal reasons. He has been extremely helpful especially with the CS:GO servers for almost two years now. We wish him nothing but the best and will welcome him back with open arms if he should want to return in the future.
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    Promotions: @sleepiexjay has returned to the team as 'CS 1.6 Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @RIS` has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Deathmatch server. Demotions: @Tetrix has been removed from the team for the time being due to her being too busy in real life to be able to commit to the community until December. She has done a really good job as an admin and will be more than welcome to come back to the team whenever she has time to return.
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    Top players#PlayerKillsDeathsHsSkill1-rA. sakula [15908]9043432229954056.84 2`zzj [65473]4754153820435166.56 3Godlike [64194]3912105316533062.76 4CoLi.F [67912]4115184615332714.09 5Highaf [66499]5213301017174437.10 6ZeVoLuTioN [58867]2959114610812470.93 7-rA. Scape 327**** [55314]3475180212412300.23 8Dr.sn!per [54847]21334938281096.58 9[JP] Skywalker [66647]4721329017222612.52 10Bardock [55439]1842419708809.79
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    Greetings everyone, This is my first official announcement as Owner (along with @klaathax). Never woulda guessed I'd end up here, but life is funny that way. As you all know by now, we have stepped up to try and keep RA alive and kicking. We will do our best, continue to do boosts and promote activity as much as possible with your help! First and foremost, I want to thank @Lasse for everything he has done and continues to do for this community. As much of a loss as his departure is, he has promised to help guide us and not disappear entirely. Promotions/Announcements: We would like to congratulate @finesse . who has been promoted to Council! Finesse is an old school CS guy and surfer who has been with RA for years. He will help us tackle some of the responsibilities as needed, and I know he will do a great job. Congrats! Also @Wachi has agreed to take over Clan duties and application processing. He takes over from @Alcayde, who we appreciate for doing such a great job for a long time in this role. If you know someone who you notice is doing a great job please feel free to shoot us an email and recommend them for a promotion. If you think you could help us out and would like to contribute in a new or expanded role, we probably could use your help. Pleas don't hesitate to contact me or any owner/council with any suggestions or thoughts! Thanks! HB
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    Game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/385560/Shadow_Complex_Remastered/ Game rating: 9/10 (Steam) 80% (Metacritic) 4.3/5 (Microsoft) Price of the game: 14.99$ Story Synopsis: Shadow Complex propels lost hiker Jason Fleming into the hollows of government conspiracy, dark political motives, and military upheaval. When Jason and his girlfriend Claire accidentally stumble upon a rogue paramilitary group called The Restoration, it soon becomes clear that the faction’s intent is to set in motion a chain of events that will cause America to collapse into a new civil war. Along the way, Jason acquires many high-tech “toys” The Restoration is developing, and eventually becomes a super-powered engine of destruction. Video Review: HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Name ten (10) animals that my girlfriend could think of (there will be a screenshot revealing the name of the animal when the winner will be announced). Whoever guess the animal that she named, it will be the winner. The winner will be announce in August 16th. In case of a tie: The winners will have a 1v1 in Knife Server. Whoever scores 3 rounds without losing, it will be the winner of the giveaway. In case of no one guessing the animal when the time is over, there will be a Knife Battle in Knife Server. Those who participated guessing the animal, you will be notified the day of the battle and the rules on how to win the game. Since there's nothing else to say, I wish you good luck!
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    Hello, For those that don't know me, my name is Dan, ex-Council? I dont even remember what position I was lol. I've been in RA since... 2012... Time flew. Our Lasse grew so much too. I recently started rock climbing, which really brought me back the memories of CS 1.6 KZ / BHOP servers. Installed the game again and decided to visit RA to see how its doing. Its pretty exciting to jump back to 1.6 again. Im surprised how many members are still active since the time I've been around. Brings back lot of memories, I keep coming back to the forum for old time sake, lol. Been 3-4 days-ish? And I'm checking forum daily, so I guess you can say I'm back. I hop on Main 1 / DM once in awhile, so feel free to find me there
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    I thought long and hard about this because I did made one last year but then I vanished into thin air. As many of you do not know who I am while others do. I joined here 2012 (as said date of registration). The first server was knife arena after Quick-Gaming, ZombiesOnWeed, and MysticDeath like went awol/shut down. Most of you probably don't know what the hell these communities are but they were one of the bigger communities back in the day. Since this website was remade and lost a tons of record from the previous forums, but I'm not new at all. I may be new to servers that did not exist back then but overall I'm not new. I was a former new admin here for Knife arena but after promotion to junior admin with an addition to dust and gun game servers, I did not stay for long. I left on summer of 2014 due to the beginning of college. As of some of you know, renegade used to have a minecraft server. The previous owner, Hatch, handed the ownership to a friend of mine and I. Totally advertising but anyways, I was a forum moderator and a secret mod on the Minecraft server as well. What is a secret mod? I basically sit in spawn and watch idiots become idiots. Pretty much 2 face idiots that are trying to apply for staff position. The only time I'd ever used my power was when someone was literally fly hacking and these usually happens when there's no staff on excluding myself or any hidden staff. More about me, and me, and me. My name's Sally and most people recognize me as Shally or miku. I don't care what you call me, but due to my new name I've been using... You can call me either Derpy, Bae (Poop), or Petals. I'm 22 years old but I act like an immature child to feel young in a different way. I'm part of a different community... More like, multiple ones. I love anime and manga, but I'm no weeaboo or otaku. Why? It's the same thing that I love cartoons/books/shows/etc (american), so am I a Ameraweeb? I work as a customer service at a flooring warehouse, I do lots of random things since pretty much I'm like a dumpster of work. My favorite color is Black, but it does not mean I like black people, no offense intended. I'm not racist since 78% of my friends are African Americans or just plain ole black people. I am Chinese but I do not read or write in my own language because my parents never taught me or my siblings to. I have two siblings, a mother, a father, and a sister-in-law. Why did I include my sister-in-law? Well... She's practically in my life for nearly all my years till I was 7 years old. My two siblings is one older brother (obviously), and the other is a younger brother. My older brother resumed school to change major or to add-in a major, he was previously a computer technician but since in Texas (Houston), we're primarily computer techs so no jobs are available here for that position, very rare to get it. My younger brother is majoring Dentistry originally doing literal doctor degree at the hospital but he can't handle blood/gore so he changed his major. I'm majoring in accounting. Uhh, so uh yeah, want to know more? Ask me questions. Thanks.
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    As a lot of you are well aware we have been working on some new CS 1.6 servers in the past couple of months. Three of the four new servers were suggested by members of the community (http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/topic/16655-new-servers/) whereas the fourth server was suggested by @Liquidbullets who has returned to the staff team as a Server Manager for said server. We have done a lot of testing to make sure the servers are as good as they can possibly be and in that process fixed any bugs and issues that we have come across. We are now finally at a point where we can officially announce the servers and open them up to everyone. Rats An old favorite has once again been added to our server list. It used to be one of the favorite servers among some of the admins as well as players. We are hoping that some of you will be happy to hear that it is back. Deathrun Yet another old favorite which we have re-opened. The server is an exact copy of the one we had back in the day both in terms of plugins enabled and the maps in the server. It is a personal favorite of mine and it seems like some of you have already been having fun playing in it so far. Ultimate Warcraft 3 I think the best way to explain what kind of server this is, is by comparing it to a Warcraft 3 server mixed with a Superhero mod server. It's a mod suggested by @Liquidbullets and the server that he is the manager of. A lot of work has been put into it both in terms of coding it by Wrath but also a lot of testing by Liquidbullets, Wachi and myself. Similar to the Deathrun server it has already had a decent amount of players considering that it hasn't been publicly announced as open yet till this topic. Capture the flag + Gun Game The regular Gun Game server is one of our most popular servers and has been so for a very long time and hopefully this server will attract an audience as well. The 'Capture The Flag' mod was suggested by quite a few of you but it was @FATE ONE who actually suggested creating a 'Capture The Flag' + Gun Game server. It's a very unique kind of server with two popular mods mixed into one and that is why we decided to go ahead with it. ___________________________________________________________________ IPs Rats: Deathrun: Ultimate Warcraft 3: CTF + Gun Game: _____________________________________________________________________ We already have at least one more CS 1.6 server planned to be released but it is still too early on to get into that. If you come across any bugs in any of the servers then please make sure to report them (here: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/20-report-a-bug/) so that it can be fixed.
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    Greetings from a surfer, Since everyone can post replies I'm going to start off with something completely unrelated to myself. -------------- The Ranking System Currently: I'm not very sure how it works but I'd be interested in knowing the developers' intentions. My Suggestion: Rank should reflect a player's ability (and more precisely, probability) of winning against another player (whether that be by killing them or out-surfing them until they suicide). The method I suggest using is described below. My Proposal: We could measure the ability of a player by measuring their win/loss ratio and comparing it to others'. This is a flawed approach because of the assumption that each player is equally skilled and equally difficult to kill, which definitely isn't so, and for that reason I propose a weighted point system for measuring a player's ability. Technical Details: With each win a player is rewarded a weighted portion of some arbitrary total amount of points according to the ratio of their rank and their opponent's. The amount of points each player won (or in the case for the loser, could've won) is added to a running count of the total amount of points each player could've potentially won over their course of playing -- and finally the ratio of actual points to possible points is measured as a player's ability [this normalizes for time/experience]. And ofcourse, a rank is decided upon according to the level of skill one player has relative to everyone else (where 100% is max skill [where the opponent was always more difficult and you never loss] and 0% is no skill [where no points were ever received from any matches, i.e. you always loss]) Simulation: I've attached an excel file which randomly chooses winners for an number of rounds and calculates each player's rank accordingly. (P.S. Since the winner is randomly picked with a 50/50 chance then the measured skill should inevitably approach 50% for either player) Known flaws: It doesn't account or normalize for having "juggernaut" players on your team to [unfairly] help gain rank. It initially assumes a player is an elitist (or best ranked) if they have very little experience [and so very few deaths/kills], however, this corrects itself quickly so long as it isn't intentionally abused (by faking new identities) -- experience could also be normalized for to prevent exploitation of this. --------- Feel free to ask me anything concerning whatever! ------- Edit: If [Player 1] wins, ([Player 1's Obtained Points throughout history]] + ([Player 2's Obtained Points throughout history] / [Player 2's Obtained + Unobtained Points throughout history]) / ((Player 1's Obtained Points / [Player 1's Obtained + Unobtained Points throughout history]) + ([Player 2's Obtained Points throughout history] / [Player 2's Obtained + Unobtained Points throughout history]))) * [Some Arbitrary Number, i.e. 0.1, 1, 10] Abstracted.. If [Player 1] wins, ([Player 1's Total Obtained Points throughout history] + (([Player 2's Amount of Points, Normalized Against the Total Amount of Points Player 2 has "experienced" since they started playing]) / ([Player 1's Normalized Amount of Points] + [Player 2's Normalized Amount of Points]))) * [Arbitrary Number] Even more.. If [Player 1] wins, [The amount of points player 1 has] + ([The ratio of the amount of points players 2 has to (the amount of points player 1 and player 2 has)] * Some Arbitrary Number) ---- Most.. If [Player 1] wins, [The amount of points player 1 has] + ([Some number between 0 and 1 that measures how good player 2 is relative to player 1] * Some number that dictates how much is added to player 1's points if they faced a really hard player ---- The opponent [player 2] may not be very good and the equation would look like so.. [Player 1's points] + ([Some low number between 0 and 1 according to player 2's ability] * [Arbitrary Number]) -- And finally.. [Player 1's Rewarded Points (all of the above equation)] / [Player 1's Total Amount of "experience" (i.e. obtained and unobtained) points] -- Which normalizes the point system into a percentage between 0% and 100% to reflect your overall ability. -- And if player 2 wins, the same form is true except replacing every place where there is a player 1 with a player 2 and every place with a player 2 with a player 1. Sorry I don't know how to use latex. [Attachment] Simulated Ranking System in Microsoft Excel: ranking-system.xlsx
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    Friends! A thousand apologies for leaving without saying anything. I went to an art school. I have moved , and I had to give some exams.. I MISS U RA, and miss you all including you @IItzFaithYT, @Bam Bam . So ... I'm back ..[What do you think of my drawings?] (he accepted his criticisms)
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    1. @DarKxD 2. @LONE WOLF TM FIRED UP 3. @Ali 4. @doffy mingo (TM Neptchune) 5. AnnGar (tmf ) 6. @Nhuck 7. @YouTubeIItzFaith
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    I believe that in most cases, once that line is crossed to cheat, a person will do so again. I know there are some that will try it, realize it is completely wrong and not do it again, but it is sure hard to believe someone who crosses that line.
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    Well, this is simply false ! And I am hoping not many ppl in this community has at once cheated !
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    Me and my friends in IRAQ visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussein ( Karbala) 40th Arbaeene hussein on 2016
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    You were removed from the clan since you showed you don't know how to behave in the community. This app (and any future app) will be rejected unless we observe a significant change in your behavior. My advise to you: try not to get banned from the forum. Locked.
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    you are not the oldest by quite a bit
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    You can activate CS 1.6 products by using their license key in-game. It could be normal license type (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) or a MD5 type (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) HOW TO ACTIVATE IN-GAME: 1. Click this link: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/clients/purchases/ 2. Click "Manage" button on the product you want to use. 3. You'll find a serial code, copy all of it then go to CS 1.6 then join one of our servers. 4. Open console then type: use_key "your serial code" 5. Hit enter. You'll hear a beep sound and get a message if the product's code was valid.
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    Hey everyone. Since I've been completely MIA for a while now I've been working harder than ever to make sure that Rae and our son have a nice, comfortable life. We have 5 more weeks till he pops out! We wanted to be able to drive him home in a nice, safe car. And I got in a car accident and totalled my 2003 Nissan Sentra a few weeks ago. Sometimes a shitty situation can turn into a pretty sweet deal. Meet our 2016 Mazda3 hatchback.