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    Minecraft server is 100% done, We sill do many updates to it but it is out of beta phase. FiveM - In Development Mostly because I am privately coding it Arma3 - Pre-Beta Phase CSGO - In Planning Phase Killing Floor 2 - In Planning Phase SA-MP - Beta Phase Rust - In Planning Phase SuperPower 2 - Beta Phase Ark - Pre-Planning Phase / Pre-Beta Phase More servers can also be suggested by rA members! All rA Admins will get basic admin in all Shock Servers (Excluding MC) Many more benefits+ So essentially A lot of them were already up before but we wanted to change a lot of how our servers run to improve performance and overall gameplay. I am crafting what a "Partnership" / "Light-Merge" would look like. Essentially Name Doesn't Change, rA would just be under Shock Networks Faming of Communities'. Kind of like how it was when rA was under CskeC (but quite different) I will Post this in the discord for everyone to check out once it's done I leave rA Management of CS 1.6 to rA Staff obviously. Essentially I am trying to give rA members more games, and servers to play on and bring rA into a multi-community family.