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    Hey guys its Unbeatable here ( actually beatable ) I join your server yesterday and i found people in there were very friendly and staff was active and nice too. So I decided to come on forum so I get to know more about this community. Well nice to meet you to all of you. I love playing video games and sports. My favorite type of video game is first person shooter. You can add me on steam right here : steamcommunity.com/id/BuxBunnyHaX My old CS 1.6 Name used to The Unbeatable but my new name is BuX BuNnY but i still go with old name in 1.6 I play alot of different games including CS GO, Rainbow Six Siege, GTA 5, Left 4 dead 2, Town of salem, Dragon ball Xenoverse 2, battle field 4 ( cant afford the new one ) and Far Cry 4. I live in US ( east ). I started playing Counter Strike when i was 9 and stopped for 2 year than i played again, I used to play a lot of Zombie mode and deathrun. ( wasted so many hours learning how to bhop ) those mods were my favorite, I have spend more than 1000 hours in cs 1.6 than i bought the steam version. Looking forward to see everyone in game
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    Ali. You are falling behind. You need to play like 23 hours a day till you are back on top. Not use to seeing you ranked so low. Hashtag ali#1. Lol