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    I know the same things are boring , but **Wrath** does everything possible to improve the experience of the Renegade Army server. Keep in mind that **Wrath** is the only Developer and does everything possible for the Renegade Army. You Thanks **Wrath ** : D
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    >anonymous sure, if you like the mask then we could just get the anonymous mask. >human class coming soon, we already added a new zombie class (vip) that sucks souls >admin only weapons that my friend i'm afraid it's something we do not do in rA. admins are meant to get the role to keep the server clean from cheaters. atleast admins got permanent vip which should be enough.
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    It's boring, I know. But hey, They have already put new weapons and some zombie classes, this work takes time. and you also have to fix bugs, etc.
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