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  2. Community Rebuild

    It's on the rules to kick someone without a motive? Because that's what Martin does to me all the time. Great admins you have.
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  4. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    hitbox should be fixed by now, tho not sure how it'll be now
  5. Currently moving, will be back in 2-3days.

  6. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    okay, wrath
  7. Server Suggestions

    Hello everyone I've went ahead and took over the Server Manager spot for Rats, if you have any suggestions please feel free to reply to this post and add them! I plan on adding a VIP system that gives you different guns + Gear for having VIP - With VIP I'll be leaving it up to the Council + Ownership to decide if VIP will be free to Steam Clan Members or if it will be a monthly, yearly or one time payment to help pay for things (: ********************************* Suggestions should look something like the above post,, Mainly keep it organized
  8. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    that's actually possible but i don't remember why we removed it, it was probably cpu consuming or causing lags. only thing i remember enabling it won't identify hitboxes properly, such as headshot, leftarm shot...etc it'll all identify as a general shot.
  9. Community Rebuild

    Martin! Good to see you on the forums, welcome. For admin please read these instructions and follow the link: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/announcement/4-application-form/ if you need language help, let us know.
  10. Community Rebuild

    hi mate, how are you? mi name is martin and I am always on the gungame server, if you search you will find that every day I am at least 2 hours playing on the server I'm tired of denying with hackers they are always people don't want to go play because of them I would like to become an admin and collaborate in cleaning these types on the server. What do I have to do to be an adm?
  11. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    Make it so that we can have zombie hitboxes cause we cant see the real hitbox clearly . like we shoot a fully charged rail cannon to a boomers head directly it didnt hit. Please add hitboxes thank you
  12. i'm just checking out changes and how's everyone here.. not really quite back from now though

  13. i hate it when some random peeps here i don't know posts non sense or some spams to my profile.. jfc

  14. I was told to wait on response from you about my application

  15. Hey man hmu was interested in joining the clan. You guys got a great server

  16. Unopened Account

    check your pm
  17. The best anime(s)

    Fullmetal Alchemist
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