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  2. @Ozys Hi bby
  3. Today
  4. Welcome back, you already know me ❤️
  5. As you should have already known, this is not a place for you to argue with each other. This is just an application and there will be just yes or no from the leader according to how the procedure is. I am locking this thread to prevent all of you from posting more. I will post a decision by this weekend
  6. @Drawka Because you say those things? What did @MATANOBATOS do to you, to criticize it that way?
  7. Pretty sure he knows that...
  8. u can post here if you are done Adding Respawn's
  9. Hello all friends

    today i am going to any other place because i have some work so i want to talk with us i cant online and active this 20 days .

    but i will tray to become online ok so Bye :)

  10. We actually had this map in the rotation once before, will be cool to play it again. Thanks everyone!
  11. Thank-you for the promotion boss!!! I am looking forward to serving the community for a long time to come!
  12. Do you even read before you post? There's a whole different topic for that.
  13. @Nhuck @Nour Sahle @YouTubeIItzFaith @dev1n I am unfriendly and unhelpful ? I say what drawka this wrong, why his -1 @Drawka sorry yes you disgust.
  14. is incorrect the from unfriendly why say that ?
  15. GongratS for all New admins
  16. Admin is not for sale at the moment and very likely won't ever be. We will get the in game announcements removed.
  17. I am pretty sure that admin is not for sale dont get me wrong maybe for a million dollars or so I am sure Lase might be interested lol
  18. LOL, Congrats everyone, Welcome new admins
  19. lol aight, glad it's settled
  20. I thought Player's can Buy Admin or are they Applying for it?
  21. Congratz @Scape My friend U deserve it indeed. and too you all Not Just 1 person.
  22. Thanks and congratulations , everyone !!!
  23. Welcome for each new admins... Welcome new Senior Admin aboard.
  24. -2 Corsi 1. Ali (✟) 2. BeaM (✟) 3. CATEGORYRKO (19) 4. Corsi (✟) 5. Enlil (✟) 6. Toxyn (✟) 7. Liquidbullets (✟) congratulations CATEGORYRKO you winer
  25. -2 Corsi 1. Ali (✟) 2. BeaM (✟) 3. CATEGORYRKO (19) 4. Corsi (2) 5. Enlil (✟) 6. Toxyn (✟) 7. Liquidbullets (✟)
  26. Congratulations, everyone!!
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