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  3. Suggesting again

    We already discussed this multiple times in the past, and with multiple opinions, and we keep getting the same answer over and over again. You can see it here: I, even made a poll 2 years ago about the teamflash plugin, and people decided to keep it on. After @Wrath and I decided to test the teamflash plugin, we saw a flaw that sometimes, it doesn't work. Even enemy's flash can be avoided by the plugin. This happens in every server, since all of them use the same plugin as well. It can't be noticed if you are playing with 10+ players, but it can be seen if you play with 4 or less players. This was mentioned 4 years ago, and barely noticed by people, but it can be annoying for some.
  4. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    dumb and dumber
  5. Suggesting again

    I agree that the auto-balance is busted... doesn't make sense. Sometimes it will be 3 CT vs 4 T and you can't join CT... why? I know that hardly anyone plays and at the end of the day this isn't anything to make a huge deal over, but the auto-balance SHOULD work like Godlike says, where it doesn't give one player all bots when the other team gets all players. I'm not a goldsrc developer but it sounds really easy to implement. The rest is opinion, teamflash and semi-clip. I will say that just because other servers do it doesn't mean we should. We have collectively discussed this before and I don't remember the conclusion but I guess it was to leave teamflash on. Personally I like teamflash, but I don't really care. Regarding clipping, I can't recall a bot ever pushing me out of the way. If you get stuck just press e, I do it all the time if some noob stands blocking a door, and the start of every round just so I can walk thru ppl and don't block them. The e thing is actually nice because at least then, when you or your teammate is shooting, they aren't going to accidentally end up inside you blocking you or just being annoying... because you/they won't be pressing e at that moment to engage semi-clip. Suggestions are always good. It can only help the community get better. Just realize that although you have strong opinions on how it should be, others here do too and your or my opinion is equally important as anyone elses.
  6. Suggesting again

    As I said.. "Suggesting again" . It's the second time I'm suggesting it because playing this way is too bad. This ATB is ridiculous !! 4 players against one and you can not change teams. I left the game and reconnected and did not solve the problem. I already tried, as admin, to transfer players but when the round restarts, what I did is undone. About Teamflash removal .. I play in others servers and ... work well ! Why is it different here? Well... I tried !! :-) Thanks, bro !!!
  7. Suggesting again

    We already have semiclip installed. But not as a default plugin, like the rest of the servers. You have to hold 'E' button to activate semiclip. We did this, because some people likes to get on top of unreachable places, like: boxes, walls, etc. Teamflash removal was once installed, but we found that this plugin, is buggy and can cause random crashes to the server. That's why we removed it. Auto Balance is working like it should be. The thing is, bots weren't meant to exists in 1.6, and of course, this situation can constantly happen, since no one thought on having a serious match with bots. I don't know if @Wrath can do something about it, to avoid having bots Vs humans.
  8. ra clan petisions

    Accepted. Welcome aboard!
  9. Suggesting again

    when I say that the server needs a better ATB, that's the reason ... 4 x 1
  10. ra clan petisions

    What is your in-game name ? evolution How old are you 18 Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Zombie mode . Gun-Game Where do you live? Tucuman -Argentina How can we contac you? @evolution#7233 Are you Active in another community/clan no What is your Key ID? 54118
  11. Suggesting again

    Intall semiclip and remove team flash. Change ATB ( auto balance ) Bots lock and push you, sometimes you can not move. 80% of the servers use these plugins. Why not here?
  12. How can I get coins in the zombie mode?

    The coins are not obtainable for now, however, you can still get some of it by unlocking achievements.
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    1. JamesScumn


      Онлайн автоматы казино

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