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  3. ok i agree with you dust2 server its just belong to that map..but at least we can have public server with different maps that we can change every 1 hour , 30 mins or whatever time is not important...but maps with rescuing and bomb planting like those nice maps is my goal..if you and others think about it...its good idea most of my friends like inferno , nuke , italy , office , westwood , train.. i can add them here,,,not because of my friends and my members its just a suggestion... Thanks @Honeybunny @klaathax @Wrath .
  4. Hello; If possible, add de_westwood on servers it is nice map. add on death match and main1(dust2) please. thanks with regards , mositosi @Honeybunny and @klaathax and @Wrath
  5. the server you say was the *classic* one, it had all the classic maps like de_inferno , de_nuke , de_aztec , de_train , cs_office , cs_italy
  6. @Bam Bam We could do that, but it would be fundamentally changing that server. The few regulars that the server does have come there because it is dust 2 24/7, so changing that up risks losing the regulars, and it's very unlikely in my mind that new players will find the server afterwards because there are not very many players left. The players that are still around have probably played on every populated server that is still running. So, I don't think it's a good idea, but we could always convert a server to be normal defuse gameplay but maps other than dust 2. I believe we used to have a server like that.
  7. Hi there, how`s it going ? Would you please add some challenging big maps in the first server ,, dust2 main1 24/7. playing all day long in dust2 is boring at least admins can change the server by making a vote between players for 2-3 maps then change to dust2 again. add maps like : specially de_inferno , de_nuke , de_aztec , de_train , cs_office , cs_italy. both plant- defuse and Hostage- Rescue maps. what`s your opinion?! we will be have more players to play. with regards , Bam Bam @Honeybunny @klaathax @Wrath @finesse . @Cooki3_Monst3r @AnnaLee @RIS` @shmola
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  9. Hi baby,,,you can put our discord channel...or invitation link here on the clubs...other part ? that would be good .

  10. Lost Progress

    KeyID : 55 I lost 86 million money lvl : 82 I lost all unlocked models and hats , and the rA and VIP tag ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dust2 : I lost 63,527 money I had all the models, hats and skins unlocked Edit: I also had 545,000 rP in dust2
  11. Lost Progress

    Not only did it happen to him, but it also happened to me. This is my KeyID: 52288
  12. Lost Progress

    good i would like to recover my exp which is 22.1 million money 100m approximately keyid: 16286 also recover my Ra clan please from now thank you very much
  13. Lost Progress

  14. petition clan rA

  15. petition clan rA

    -What is your in-game name? KILLERS -How old are you? 25 -Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Gun Game -Where do you live? State(Country,Province,Terority,City) Argentina -How can we contact you? (Steam ID/ Discord) Discord - I Dont Have Does I Have Email doe -Are you active in another community/clan? no What is your Key ID? 54099
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