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  2. Happy Birthday Ali !
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi, welcome back. It's always nice to see familiar faces visiting.
  5. Hi,,, really good to see you here. another help for adminship. very nice. if u wanna taste my bam bam shots join main 1. with respect and love Ali
  6. hi bro welcome
  7. - What is your in-game name? .Tommythecat - How old are you? 24 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? WC3 (used to play on MAIN, and was an admin and clan member a while back. - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) U.S. , South-West Ohio. - How can we contact you? (STEAM ID) (No steam id? Email: gmail etc) steam, or here. STEAM_0:0:4846926 - Experience in Counter-Strike ( Leagues, etc. ) Played since 1.0, and did some CEVO in CS GO. mostly play for fun. - Do you have experience in scrims? Some, Yes. - Do you have a microphone and headset? Yes. - How much time per week do you spend on Counter-Strike 1.6? Depends. Anywhere from 4-10 depending on school and work. - Are you still active in another community/clan? (if yes what community/clan are you still in? and how do you plan on staying active in this clan? ) Sometimes do Reddit community nights for CS:GO. Sometimes do CEVO PUG in CS:GO, but it is rare. Prefer 1.6.
  8. Hello everybody! I used to play on the Renegade Army servers all the time, and even was an Admin for some time, primarily on the Main server. Wanted to say Hi to everyone, and maybe see some old faces, and hopefully some new ones too. Hope all is well. Cheers, Tommythecat
  10. Happy birthday bam bam!! cheers!
  11. Welcome back to the army. @yellow
  12. BaCk BoY.
  13. Aye my weab buddy
  14. happy birthday
  15. Idk if this is related, but in SW I randomly get logged out of my account. And, I can never get it to auto-login after reconnecting to servers. No offense but I kinda hate this account stuff lol
  16. Last week
  17. gonna pm you @ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=
  18. it doesn't work mate. i have changed my name to test that thing occurred again.
  19. can you use a diffrent name then connect to the server? for example change your name to "Test", you can do it thru console by typing "name test" then join the server. see if it works
  20. yah.. an Error for connecting in UW3 server is : ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=- connected �Will_Smith has left the game �ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=- is joining the Terrorist force Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on For knife server : when its loading suddenly disconnect and an error in console is : only in console written *privilege set what is that?
  21. Welcome back yellow
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