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  2. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Oh I thought she was gonna just list any 10 animals and the one with most correct answer wins, so I started listing the most basic animals ever LMFAO. I didnt know she was aware of this event and was playing tricky Pig Pony Panda Panther Platypus Pelican Penguin Pigeon Polar bear Possum
  3. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hi Ryan! a pleasure to know you. Congratulations to you, Dad! That little one will be strong and healthy. Good luck with your family now you will have a new best friend who will share a lot of happiness.
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  5. 8 months into fatherhood

    Yo Six, do you remember them dayz in Mexico surf server x d Im pretty sure you forgot how to surf but anyways nice seeing you're son growing up!
  6. 8 months into fatherhood

    Dude I miss you! Just as soon as his little hand can grip a mouse I expect you both to be in-game again, like old times. You know, scoring headshots and sick mid-surf snipe shots from across the map are good stress relievers, which I'm sure you have a lot of lately... Thanks for the update and don't forget about us bae <3
  7. 8 months into fatherhood

    SIX I MISS YOU T_T I see yall on snapchat all the time, and yall are just too great together! Your son is an absolute cutie. I hope everything continues to go well for you! I love yall <3
  8. Cooki3

    Wait a sec Lasse has 5 letters Renegade Army has 12 letters If you subtract 12-5 you get 7 Seven has 5 letters If you add 1 it equals 6 6 is the father of Renegade Coincident? I think not. 3x2= 6 add another 6 you get 12 - 6 you get 6 666 six has three letters 3x6=18-12=6 remember how Lasse has 5 letters? Subtract 6-5 you get 1 Illuminati has 1 Eye Renegade Army is Illuminati Confirmed!!!?????
  9. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hi Six we dont know each other really because I joined around the time you had your son. But you are a part of this community so Im glad to know that your family is doing fine
  10. Cooki3

  11. 8 months into fatherhood

    congrats thanks for stopping by and giving us all an update good luck in the future
  12. 8 months into fatherhood

    Nice dude ! have a happy life
  13. 8 months into fatherhood

    Congrats Hope you and your wife get enough rest LOL
  14. Latest movie that you watched

    I think rest were all just.. extra, overly done. 1st one was actually pretty damn sick. Now its just redundant. Get rekt @RIS`
  15. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    Holy shit you guys kept the Bored thread still going, nice. Xept its at V3....... @Plato why! I READ THE FIRST POST! lol <3
  16. 8 months into fatherhood

    Heyyo Six, congrats with the 8 months! You still have long way to go but I'm sure you can take care of it. Just dont forget to introduce him to cs when he is old enough . Goodluck with your family, I hope he will grow into a better version of you and your gf! ps: i still have that dank pic of your face stored in my phone
  17. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey @SixSixSix how are you? bam bam. lol. keep telling to your child bam bam and teach him how to play cs. like his father. being bam. lOl
  18. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey Ryan! , Nice to meet you,Congratulation you are father for 8 months and you will be 1 year. what is name your kid?
  19. hi nhuck . did you know my cs WaRzOn delete of my computer . put I download it again . and the favourite servers .

    Now I add the favourite servers again but it doesn't save .

                                       What should I do ?

    1. Seif


      I try save the favourite servers but is doesn't save

  20. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey 6! Wow it's been 8 months? Long time. Your son is adorable! How's life as a father?
  21. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey! Nice to meet you Ryan. Congratulations! If It wasn't @finesse . I probably wouldn't be here. He introduced me to steam lol! At first I was like "What is steam? Is it a virus?" It was awkward haha. Nonetheless, good luck with your gf and kid!
  22. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey everyone. For those who don't know me, my name is Ryan but most people call me Six. It's been quite a few months since I stepped away from my admin duties and just about as long since I stopped playing CS altogether. As long as I've been gone my homepage has always been, but tonight feels like the first time I've really gone through the forum and man oh man the nostalgia is in full effect right now. I stepped away because, as the title suggests, I had a kid! My son is 8 months old now and just the most perfect baby I could have ever asked for. I just wanted to stop in and say hey to all the new(er) people, the old members, and anyone else roaming the forums. I miss every single one of you whom I've ever spoken with and played with, especially @finesse . I was tripping out right now thinking about how almost 2 years ago we were surfing the 1.6 server, way before I ever even wanted to join rS. This community is seriously a gem in the CS community and I appreciate everything the staff does and has done over the years to keep this a float. Yes, that even means you @Lasse. Anyhoo, here's a semi recent picture of my girlfriend and son.
  23. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    bang bang
  24. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Panther Pelican Parakeet Parrot Penguin Porcupine Partridge Pig Pony Peacock
  25. Latest movie that you watched

    For my taste, I prefer to watch ''Transformers 1'' than the last one that came out recently.
  26. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Well, again, no one guess it. I'll give a hint: The animal starts with the letter "P". All the users who already participated, can name 10 animals again with the new hint. I hope this helps a bit, LOL. Again, good luck!
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