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  4. Hello for all, I hope to return Future my activities in zombie server 

  5. Suggesntion Main 1

    It is better !! Thanks !! Campimeter is working all map. Activate it only on the terror base.
  6. Suggesntion Main 1

    Did small changes, see if its better. Whats wrong with campin meter?
  7. 1-The new bots mess up the game too much. Change the program. 2 - Remove or change the campimeter 3- Install an auto balance. The other day there was only 1 CT player, with 2 bots, playing against 4 players and 1 bot for several rounds !! 4- Install a system when there are more than 4 players the bots are disabled.
  8. Hi !!! How are you ?  What are you doing ? Happy New Year !!

  9. what is the old music you had on your profile

    1. Wrath


      fortune days - drink the sea

      i think

    2. Empty


      oooh I found it 

      Animus Vox - The Glitch Mob

  10. Updated first post for the accounts new update + reuploaded pictures.
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