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  2. random gfx

    [ updates ] After Effects ~ & Photoshop ~
  3. Game Bundles & Offers V2

    Free permanent game copy (1 and half day left of expiration) https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign Original Price from steam is $29.99 http://store.steampowered.com/app/268870/Satellite_Reign/
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  5. Advances of drawings.

    Really nice!
  6. Advances of drawings.

    The bunny is best. The bunny is always the best. Very nice work!
  7. Hello,im WHX|Mustoo

    Hi Mustoo, welcome, Welcome to the forum. Mustoo reported a hacker while playing. I invite him to come to the forums, be active and give admin a little time.
  8. help

    Hi bayu, we are looking into this and will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  9. Hello,im WHX|Mustoo

    Hi Mustoo! Welcome to the forum, its nice to meet you. We are indeed accepting applications for admin. If you are interested please check out this link here: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/announcement/4-application-form/
  10. Hello there! Yes,i know,you want to know my name and others,but,we will jump over that,let's get to topic. I just played Gun Game,and,i meet one guy,i forgot his name cx. And he said me to go to forum and post that you want to be admin,he said they need admins. So,I came here to be admin on your server,I am 13 years old,i play cs1.6 almost 2 years. So,I don't have time now to type,bye!
  11. help

    i lost my rz,exp,money lost all rank God my keyID 14601 thx
  12. Advances of drawings.

    Just to get an understanding of skill level and age.
  13. Advances of drawings.

    I like the dolphin. It’s not the best drawing but I like it the best.
  14. Advances of drawings.

    18 years @Gotchu. Why?
  15. Advances of drawings.

    I like the bunny because drawing anything with lot of hair is difficult to draw. And you did pretty good job with shading and the details on hairline going with the flow is consistent throughout the drawing. How old are you?
  16. Advances of drawings.

    Nooooo true! I finish drawing a drawing and I start with yours. @Bam Bam, although I do not remember the name of the actor.
  17. Advances of drawings.

    i like an Eagle as an animal.. but the drawing rabbit is the best.. you have forgotten to draw me.. bam bam. @Nhuck
  18. Advances of drawings.

    They like? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which of all the drawings do you like the most?
  19. Lost Progress

    i lost my rz,exp,money lost all rank God my keyID 14601 thx
  20. HELP

    Some players have been removed from their membership due to inactivity. The tags '' rZ, rA, rS '' have been removed to form a single tag '' rA ''. I talked with @Wrath, about your problem. Or you can post your problem here: Luck.
  21. HELP

    The ranks are reset every so often so everybody gets a fair chance at being on the Top 10 board.
  22. HELP

    im loong time not play,why my rank new?? and why im not rz member ?? thx
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