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  3. The best anime(s)

    Dragon Ball Z forever!
  4. Staff Update #15

    Congratulations all!
  5. Staff Update #15

    Nice! Congrats everyone!
  6. Staff Update #15

    Congratulations everyone!
  7. Staff Update #15

    I've been slacking, but here is a long overdue staff update. New Admins: (Several admins have been added since the last update, but I'm just going to put the most recent here. Please see http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/staff/ for a list of all current admins). @SouLy has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Dust2 24/7) Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @FireBlazeS has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Godlike has been promoted to Global Admin (all servers) Demotions: @Empty has been removed for inactivity. @fat4cat has been removed for inactivity. @FriedPotato has been removed for inactivity. @Kash has been removed for inactivity. @sfreedom has been removed for inactivity.
  8. About time I did this

    Well I have a windows & linux Dedi that have game panels installed on them to make setting up many servers fairly easy. obviously the work loads have to be spread out to optimize the dedis. I am currently working out some bugs with the linux panel DayZ is possible.
  9. About time I did this

    DayZ would be insane But even without, that's a pretty sick lineup!
  10. About time I did this

    Minecraft server is 100% done, We sill do many updates to it but it is out of beta phase. FiveM - In Development Mostly because I am privately coding it Arma3 - Pre-Beta Phase CSGO - In Planning Phase Killing Floor 2 - In Planning Phase SA-MP - Beta Phase Rust - In Planning Phase SuperPower 2 - Beta Phase Ark - Pre-Planning Phase / Pre-Beta Phase More servers can also be suggested by rA members! All rA Admins will get basic admin in all Shock Servers (Excluding MC) Many more benefits+ So essentially A lot of them were already up before but we wanted to change a lot of how our servers run to improve performance and overall gameplay. I am crafting what a "Partnership" / "Light-Merge" would look like. Essentially Name Doesn't Change, rA would just be under Shock Networks Faming of Communities'. Kind of like how it was when rA was under CskeC (but quite different) I will Post this in the discord for everyone to check out once it's done I leave rA Management of CS 1.6 to rA Staff obviously. Essentially I am trying to give rA members more games, and servers to play on and bring rA into a multi-community family.
  11. About time I did this

    I only speak for myself. Any comments made by me only reflects my opinion. My questions, comments, and/or opinions do not reflect the questions, comments and/or opinions of the other admin members, council members or the ownership of this community. So is everything stated above “in the works” ? Is the website up and running? If it is can you post a link to it. Also what is the daily/weekly/monthly traffic numbers for it if it is up? I can’t find it thru any searches. I am not opposed to “partnering” with another community/group. Although for me there would have to be very strict guidelines for how that partnership would be structured. The other community/group would have to have a long history of qualities that reflect those we strive for in this community at a minimum. I would not support being a part of a startup. Even tho the numbers of active members we have are dramatically less then previous years one thing I am very proud of is the fact this community has never “sold out” to gain numbers. Thru the last few years the other council members and owners have become people I highly respect. Their countless hours of work, thoughts and time input in general are what make me proud to still be a part of this community. Not our numbers. I would and always will be against joining/partnering with any other community that would jeopardize our reputation.
  12. About time I did this

    Some benefits include; rA Servers being on our custom made Master Server list (In the works) rA Adverts on all Shock Networks Websites, Includes a redirect tab Becoming an exclusive community within Shock Networks We are putting up many different servers which all of rA will have access to at all times this includes MineCraft - 75% complete currently running FiveM - In Development (25%) Arma3 - In Planning Phase CSGO - In Planning Phase Killing Floor 2 - In Planning Phase SA-MP - In Planning Phase Rust - In Planning Phase SuperPower 2 - In Planning Phase Ark - Pre-Planning Phase More servers can also be suggested by rA members! All rA Admins will get basic admin in all Shock Servers (Excluding MC) Many more benefits+ Those are just some of the benefits, We will also help boost the servers rA hosts as part of the agreements of joining Shock Networks Nothing at rA really changes besides I would get a seat on the council but all rA Council+ Members would get a seat on Shock Networks Board of Directors. rA would control the CS 1.6 servers, with minimal oversight if any. Really everything in the agreement is fully customizable to how you all would like it.\ - Kind Regards.
  13. About time I did this

    Can you define what is shock networks and more importantly how any involvement in shock networks would benefit this community? I would like to hear more about it
  14. About time I did this

    Shock Networks?? this looks interesting!
  15. About time I did this

    Hello rA members! My name is Broduer40; I've had many names in the past I was the highest ranking member other then the owner before I bought SKe aka CskeC outright as I did not like the leaderships decisions when it came down to business. (I was in SKe, AoG, among many others in the past) Always was in leadership ranks mostly due to my experience and willingness to wade the waters of uncertainty when it comes to how members act out / admin situations etc. Throughout my "career" in online gaming since 1998 a little bit before cs actually came out I ran the "European Gaming Community", FAME and Ambrosia I ended up selling those shortly before September 2001 before the trade towers were attacked. I remember the day it all happened actually, I was sitting at the table drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette and out of nowhere I look at the TV and I see one of the towers smoking I didn't even know what to think at that point, still to this day I'm not to sure about what truly happened that day. Anywho,, I went ahead and got everything squared away with Shock Networks and rA joining out network of gaming communities. At this point we are sitting at around 12-14 different communities under Shock Networks We are currently re-doing our websites,, adding different pages and rA will have a page that will redirect right to the website from Shock Networks. I will be rolling out guidelines for all Communities under Shock Networks; Just general things, The biggest thing will be fixing ssl and the website itself (It going down etc) I have a paid reseller account through Namecheap that only costed me about $30-$40 for a year comes with ssl and all
  16. Could be done at some point sure, might even give the option for it. How much Exp does it need? i'm pretty sure it gets enough? done, i have added more damage to it.
  17. @Wrath Could you change the sky? red sky, red color environment or red mist (That would be more scary when playing) Thunder Bolt needs more exp Milkor M32 Mgl needs more damage
  18. Drawing

    ayy lookin neet! i think you mean "Toyota Supra" lol tho great job! keep it up!
  19. Drawing

    What do you think of my drawing? Nissan supra fast and furious (brian o'conner)
  20. Request gun game maps here!

    thanks mate!!!!
  21. Request gun game maps here!

    capture, skyscraper and labyrinth are now added to the server.
  22. Request gun game maps here!

    Posted Sunday at 05:55 PM hi guys, how are u well, im on the gg sv every day, and i think that we need to put some new maps for example dustworld2010, gg_skyscraper_roof, gg_labyrinth, gg_capture, etc what do you think?
  23. Laming explained

    BOS is Ban On Sight. It is used for a known ban evader and no demo of that player is needed. The player being in the server after being banned is proof enough. Just make sure the player is an actual evader by comparing their Steam ID, keyid, and/or they have a similar IP (use a IP location tool, if same name and different IP but IP shows same region as the banned IP, that is sufficient; also, frequently the first 2 sets of numbers will be the same) before banning. Having an identical name, particularly on less unique names, does not mean they are the same player. Example: I ban a player named “warrior player”, then a few minutes later a player named “warrior player” joins the server. I can not just ban that player based on their name. I need to make sure it’s the same “warrior player” I banned before. This method requires a bit of investigation and a certain level of assumption, so if you aren't absolutely certain, don't use it. Many times they will still be breaking the rules or hacking as they were previously, and it can be easier to record a demo and ban for that than going through the trouble of verifying that they are an evader.
  24. Laming explained

    And BOS .. What is ? what definition and when to use?
  25. rA Application

    You're still in the clan
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