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  2. random gfx

    pretty cool, wish I could do something of that caliber.
  3. random gfx

    Random update
  4. Hb boy i miss you

  5. Staff Update #14

    chillax, we're doing a cleanup. there were admins who haven't been active for a very long time. let alone we're likely starting over from ground zero. and speaking of players there were +20 players in gungame the past months and we've seen no activity in there from any admin. even tho we have a report caller in discord and nobody actually pays attention to it. and it's full of reports. we didn't see any playtime in those admins not even 1 second. so yeah it's just that some admins doesn't care about keeping the server clean.
  6. Staff Update #14

    lol pal.... theres no cheaters at all in the servers .. most of them are bots and servers are empty...and the last server that is belongs to LGK which is always full is not our server that we can moderate or observer the cheaters. @finesse .
  7. Staff Update #14

    Sadly many admins have become inactive, so we have some demotions. If you are listed here and become active again please let me know and we will add you back. Demotions (all due to inactivity): @Alcayde @AnnaLee @Arash @Bam Bam @BeaM.26 @BLaCK-D3V!L @GirinoS @Gotchu @Hatch @JonnyFoxer @Kash @Klassig @LittleLost @MatMag @Mustoo @RIS` @Scape @sfreedom @shmola @Toxyn @yellow @Zer0virusx
  8. Staff Update #14

    thanks I promise to be more active
  9. random gfx

    Update of this month
  10. Yikeeeeeees

    hello doctor long time no see!
  11. Yikeeeeeees

  12. Yikeeeeeees

    It's great to see that rA is still working and with new people joining the team, haha amazing. I'm studying like zombie, im also at the last month before graduation, rofl finely. Checking the rZ server rank I realized that there are players who call themselves professionals (deluded) @Wrath i found this print from a few years ago ps: check your pm.
  13. lost

    sorry for the late response, quite hard to keep up with the forums lately. @THE LiTTlE HERO send me your information on pm or message me on discord edit: I have sent you your new account information.
  14. Staff Update #14

    Congratulations !
  15. WRATH,it s me cxreless,we haven t seen each other in mf months,istg i lost my level 62 antiThxse and i can t get it back smh.

    1. Wrath


      hey man been awhile!

      did you use the same account? cause the levels got updated since you were gone

  16. lost

  17. lost

    i have lost all my exp bank money and vip i dont know my keyid can u please help me
  18. Staff Update #14

    Congratulations everyone!
  19. Staff Update #14

    Thanks and congratulations to the new admins! my old friends ... Congratulations on your promotions !!
  20. Staff Update #14

    @finesse .
  21. Staff Update #14

    Since Lasse has somewhat left the team, I will be making posts regarding to this from now on. There have been many changes to the admin team: New Admins: @Gyroney has joined the team as a Trial Admin (Zombie Mode) Promotions: @Bam Bam has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @BRAN will now be an Admin in all servers @CATEGORYRKO has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @Empty has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @evolution92 has been promoted to Admin (Zombie Mode/Zombie Escape/Gun-Game) @fat4cat has been promoted to Admin (Gun-Game) @Godlike has been promoted to Senior Admin (all servers) @iSUCK cs1.6 has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) @JiveTalkinRobot has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Nhuck has been promoted to Admin (all servers) @Samwise1 has been promoted to Admin (Zombie Mode/Zombie Escape) @shmola has been promoted to Head Admin (all servers) Demotions: @sakula has been removed as a Senior Admin due to inactivity Resignations: @Honeybunny has resigned from his Owner position.
  22. Hello

    Sms payment isnt supported but, Are you able to boost?
  23. Hello

    I want to buy for vip on server for zombie - SMS
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