HelpHow ToServerPerk
1Change Flashlight colors.say /settingsZombie Mode - Zombie EscapeVIP,Ult-VIP
2Perform player animationssay /animation or /anim or bind a button to animationZombie Mode - Zombie EscapeVIP,Ult-VIP
3Buy AWP after a few roundssay /awpDust2 24/7VIP: 1 round, Ult-VIP: Unlimited.
4always reset your money back to 16000$ on each round start.Dust2 24/7Ult-VIP (+4500$ instead for VIP)
5Change chat color to Teamcolorget one of the perks.all serversVIP,Ult-VIP
6Golden weapons shoots rainbow bullets insteadget one of the perks.Zombie ModeVIP,Ult-VIP
7Faster stamina gain and stronger abilities.level up or get one of the required perks.Zombie ModeVIP, Ult-VIP
8Unlock exclusive hats, player models and weapon skins and more.level up or get one of the required perks.all serversVIP,Ult-VIP,Donor,Super Donor,Extreme Donor