CS:GO Pub!


CS:GO Pub!

Hi Everyone. We’ve got some exciting news for you! We have just introduced a brand new CSGO server. This is a casual PUB style server just like our main 1 in CS1.6. We have been extensively testing it to make […]


CS:GO Surf Tier #1 Server Moved

Hello everyone! We have moved our CSGO surf tier 1 server to a dedicated machine, no more vps. its now running off a machine with a lot better connection with ddos protection and dedicated resources. It has 16 gb of […]


Basic Understanding of Counter-Strike

A special and my utmost thanks to DanN/Gotchu for contributing this outstanding guide to the community. We all love you! http://renegadearmy.org/forums/showthread.php?14236-Basic-Understanding-of-CS-1-6     Weapon understanding & Rates Will include the following: -Basic understanding of recoil -Full description on AK’s recoil […]