While this is extremely late, I feel it wrong on my part to not announce one of the biggest announcements out there!

He has been tremendous with all the help around RA, he has pitched in with literally everything possible. He has been an extraordinary role model for me and numerous other admins. His dedication to this community is unparalleled, and he himself is one of a kind.
I am proud to announce Lasse as our new Owner!
He more than deserves to be an Owner, he’s deserved this for a while now but Hatch just didn’t like him so he didn’t promote him. 😉
He is going to come in as someone with years of experience under his belt, dealing with admins, servers, and forums. He will be a perfect fit as an owner.

I am also proud to announce that Cooki3_Monst3r has been promoted to Co-Owner! Cooki3 has been instrumental in helping us with our CS:GO servers. He has spent an amazing amount of time making our CS:GO servers one of a kind, and has succeeded in amazing ways. His dedication to this community is outstanding and he himself is an exceptional admin!

Arash has stepped up to be our Server Manager for Main 1. He will be in charge of making sure the server has active admins and he will communicate any plugins or changes needed for that server. He has been tremondously active in helping maintain Main #1, he will be an amazing Server Manager!

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