Basic Understanding of Counter-Strike


Basic Understanding of Counter-Strike

A special and my utmost thanks to DanN/Gotchu for contributing this outstanding guide to the community. We all love you!



Weapon understanding & Rates
Will include the following:
-Basic understanding of recoil
-Full description on AK’s recoil
-Full description on M4’s recoil
-Main difference on M4 silenced vs non silenced and when to use which
-Few tricks to increase your recoil control performance (Semi spraying with 0 recoil)
-Different recoil managing depending on situations

-Understanding basic CS settings to increase performance
-Increase in FPS (not 100% guarantee)
-Understanding your Sensitivity

-How to position yourself
-How to predict enemy’s movements
-How to outsmart your opponent
-How to Awp
a. Quick Scope
b. No scope
c. Awp positioning
-Small tricks to increase your game performance

By the end, you will learn (Some require lot of practice):
-Understanding about game in a broader sense, instead of just point and shoot at anything that shows on screen
-Improve your recoil control / management

-Improve your knowledge and map awareness
-Improve and understanding your positioning and situations
-Able to use Awp at a higher level
-Better CS performance and registry (not guaranteed)

cl_bob 0
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
cl_himodels 0
cl_lc 1
cl_lw 1
cl_radartype 1
cl_updaterate 101
cl_weather 0
fps_max 101 (99.5)
gl_fog 0
gl_polyoffset 4 -nvidia (ati 0.1)
gl_vsync 0
hud_centerid 1
hud_fastswitch 1
ex_interp 0.1 / 0.01 (try whichever you prefer)






I forgot to include. Start playing at 4:3 ratio, fullscreen, even if its stretched.
They’re better than widescreens. Trust me. Check the screenshots below. Look at the Leet Krew Terrorist by bomb train.
And no, you do NOT see more on the side 4:3 vs 16:9.

This is 4:3 ratio. Notice how the scope (circle) dominates most of the screen?

Now, same video, but on 16:9 ratio. (Notice how video already has poor rating)
You dont see the target on that ratio. Small things like this make huge difference. So, start playing 4:3 stretched.

**Video’s audio came out retarded. Lower volume please.**
**ALSO, when watching video, watch in full screen + highest quality. You need to observe the crosshair carefully**

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