Team Speak 3 – Getting Started


Team Speak 3 – Getting Started

As all of you know, we have started using TeamSpeak 3. Here’s a short guide for those of you who do not know how to use TeamSpeak!

Downloading the client

Go over to and select the suitable download for your PC/Laptop

Agree to the terms and conditions and move on. You will start downloading an installation file named TeamSpeak3-xxxxx.exe.
Open it.

Installing TeamSpeak 3

Open the installation file and it will bring this window up:

Click “Next” and set the way you want you want it to install, after it’s done installing, open up Team Speak 3.

Setting Up Team Speak 3

After you open up Team Speak 3, you’ll get a window opened which looks this:

On the top of the window, you can see a few drop downs such as Connections, Bookmarks, Self, Permissions, Tools, Settings and Help.

The one we need to focus on right now is “Connections”,
Click on connections, and click on “Connect”. A small dialog box will show having Server Adress, Nickname and Server password.

Server address is where you enter the IP of the server.

Renegade Army’s Team Speak 3 IP:

Enter the IP, enter the nickname you want to use, leave server password blank because RA’s teamspeak has no password.

Click Connect! Congratulations, you are not connected to a server!

Now, setting up the controls.

On the top of the window again, where we found “Connections”, the second last dropdown you will see is Settings. Click on Settings and then click on Setup Wizard. It will bring on a window like this one:

Click next.

Set your nickname to w/e you want to.

Set the way you would like to activate your microphone.

Test to see if your microphone is working.

Set a speak mute hotkey if you would like to.

Set which voice TS will use when some action takes place.

Click next, and click finish!

Now you are ready to use Team Speak 3 and chat along with your friends!

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