Surfing Tutorial #1 [Beginners] Part – 1


Surfing Tutorial #1 [Beginners] Part – 1

Surfing Tutorial – Beginners What is surfing? In brief, it is a player gliding/sliding on surf ramps or platforms, as some call them, to either eliminate the opposite team as some maps require them to do so, or perform speed […]


Bullets Skipping Lag [FIX]

Hey, this is a fix for the random bullet-skip-lag that happens to steam players. Your M4 / AK when you spray will not skip bullets. Its just animation that glitches. You wont hear the gun, but you see your gun […]


Basic Understanding of Counter-Strike

A special and my utmost thanks to DanN/Gotchu for contributing this outstanding guide to the community. We all love you!     Weapon understanding & Rates Will include the following: -Basic understanding of recoil -Full description on AK’s recoil […]


Complete Mouse Guide for Counter-Strike

Credits to Gotchu`/DanN`   Complete Mouse Guide Do this only if you desire to play with mouse acceleration OFF. 1. Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Tab – Uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision. 2. Graphic Card Control Panel (May vary on […]


GUIDE to Bind/Confg/Cmds

Credit goes to Gotchu/Dan.   >>Binds and commands should go in your ‘userconfig’ file located on C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsSTEAMACCcounter-strikecstrike IF you dont have userconfig. file, follow these instructions: 1. Duplicate your config. file. 2. Rename the copied file to ‘userconfig’ 3. […]


Team Speak 3 – Getting Started

As all of you know, we have started using TeamSpeak 3. Here’s a short guide for those of you who do not know how to use TeamSpeak!Downloading the client Go over to and select the suitable download for your PC/LaptopAgree to […]