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    • [rA Account] Your key ID is: 54837. Also answer about the last post I posted about models skins of players ?. I do have acces now since i just saw in dm nd main 1 but y is it like for limited time for about 2 weeks ? so for perm u gotta buy each skin for 2$  nice way of earning money nd on other hand wasting money + none skin is working after changing or selecting any skin of any weapon, it doesn't switch to any other skin just showing the default so the plugin or something is bugged in it in main 1 nd DM server idk about other servers.
    • Like as Wachi said " be active" (didn't see you on server last few weeks   ) +1 Total: 7  
    • Well, since this guy barely knows english, I'm going to give my explanation in Spanish, so... Don't bother in replying. Ya discutimos esto hace unas horas atrás, veo que no captaste.  Tienes 3 requerimientos faltantes, que son: La última, por si no lo sabías, está en el reglamento del servidor, que dice: Justamente estas dos, las quebrantaste. Y yo sé que no es la primera vez que lo haces. En resumen: Se puede "perdonar" el abuso de la vulnerabilidad del juego, pero no sabes Inglés y es un requisito, ya que los otros miembros del clan, no saben Español. Toma un curso, mejora tu Inglés, y tal vez podrás ser parte del clan, nuevamente. Application Rejected.
    • what's your keyID?
    • oh aight new stats system, will check that later but wat about weapons skins , donor perk nd models skins ? I went to dm nd i checked /perk nd it says "donor perk [inactive]" by selecting it says either boost server more than 2$ which means 2 times depending on boosting site or 168 hrs of time played or $200000 cash in game which I guess it's specifically for zm server ? I have 2 questions to ask, first one is y is "donor perk" inactive for me? since i boosted main 1 more than 5 times, boosted surf more than 4 times, boosted dm server 2 times, knife several times & zm 2 -3 times nd second one is  if player models skin is only for zm server ? or is it for any server ?.
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