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    • @Wrath I dont think you r missing anything since I only said to cover the basic and thats like the complete guide lmao "Resetting score to get money", Do we have this kind of thing in zm? Is not this only for the main server? If we do have this in zm, wont people abuse this thing to get fast money?
    • I'm currently trying to write down list of tutorial titles and still thinking about what's missing and yeah it would be complicated so for now ill do it simple new const Tutorials[][] = { "Rules", "Getting CS weapons", "Buying extra item", "Resetting score to get money", "Choosing Human class", "Choosing Zombie class", "Using Class's skill", "Create a crew", "Registeration", "Logging in", "Using Bank account", "Auto login", "Buying perks", "Ranking up", "Using skills/abilities", "Increasing EXP incomes", "Checking your progress", "Fixing FPS lags", "Ignoring player chat", "Muting player", "Using Sandbags", "Using animations", "Using hats", "Changing models", "Changing hud", "Using ZM settings", "Symboles and letter meanings", "Changing your chat color", "Changing camera", }  
    • That sounds cool... and complicated at the same time. Why not make it simple? Make a pop out window that pops upon typing '/help' or '/tutorial' (just like the window that pop out when you type /top15) then insert some pictures to make it easier for the player to follow the guide, dont need to be a detailed guide, just cover the basic then tell them to go to the forum for a detailed guide. Ive seen this kind of thing used in some zombie/superhero mod server
    • he is my friend.  +1 total: 3
    • Thank you for the suggestions Gunz! the tutorial idea has been going around my mind lately and I wanna do a smart tutorial where it would ask the player to go thru a tutorial, for example it asks it to choose a class and show them how to, once done it goes for second tutorial for example registering, then asks them to rank up then asks them to check /skills then use an ability and so on.. I'm sure this kind of tutorial could give a better idea how our zm server works. as for second suggestion I don't get it, what do you mean by "handicap"? and about removing useless weapons, these weapons are for low ranked users who recently unlocked a new weapon, offcourse. a high ranked user would never use them which they'd become useless to them, but if you guys want them hidden from your extra items menu then i could do something about it.
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      Here's the random steam convo, since on that thread it didn't work by copy / pasting, I guess limited characters.
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    • [OG] Slayer5150  »  Lasse

      Trying to get ahold of someone about admin on RA CS1.6 room, i never see any and there needs to be some. hacks and BS kids coming in. i just got back into playing after 15yrs away, could you hit me up about maybe applying for it or whatever can be done to help the game out... THX
      Dennis 760-792-9398
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